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PostHeaderIcon A New Mantra

The old mantra was “see something, say something.”

After the Broward massacre, the new mantra evidently is “see something, say something, be ignored”.

Seems that even the FBI (Federal Bureau of Incompetence) was warned about this kook Cruz still no one did anything. That is, until the kook did something.

Of course, guns are the problem just like automobiles are the reason for the carnage on our highways. So, no cars, no car wrecks – no guns, no shooting. Seems simple enough but what about knives, bombs or just plain tree limbs?

Just to muddy the waters a bit with some abnormal thinking —— might it be that the tools are almost beside the point and the real issue is why so many among us, especially the young, want to kill indiscriminately. Might this not indicate a very severe problem in modern culture that we conveniently ignore? Might we be building a brave new world that is virtually without values or self-responsibility? Has actual life been reduced to some ultra-real game, little different from a virtual game except the blood actually stains your clothes?

Folks, it is way past time to rise up and discard this ridiculous fiasco that passes itself off for government at all levels. In fact, they are just giant manipulation machines meant to herd us about while having us produce for their benefit. So there is a massacre now and then – in the final analysis, don’t these serve only to give the manipulators more power over us? Yes, the word for public consumption is that these “heroes” are going to make whatever it is better but, when have they ever?

As some pundit said while reporting from Broward yesterday, “this is the new normal, get used to it” to which I reply, “there is nothing normal about this and I am damned if I will get used to it”.

Think about it,

Troy L Robinson

PostHeaderIcon Random Comments On The Election Process

It is no secret that my participation in the very active discussions here RE the current election have been minimal. This is for the simple reason that I do not think the current sham process is worthy of much serious consideration. Having said that, I do have several comments to share, some of them repeats from previous blogs:

→ While I seriously question whether Donald Trump would make an effective president, I do thank him for making the “establishment” begin to show its true intentions. And those intentions are NOT pro-democracy, pro-republic or pro anything other than the absolute control of the nation by a small elite cabal of the wealthy, mostly in the financial sector, and not nearly all American. (The are the same people who pretty much “own” the FED.).

→ Speaking of the “establishment”, I have heard several pundits opine that the “GOP establishment” would prefer a president Hillary to a president Donald. To refer to a “GOP establishment” or a “Democrat establishment” is simply incorrect. While they both seem to exist, the fact is that there is so much overlap that it is more accurate to refer instead to “THE establishment”.

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PostHeaderIcon Brainless In Baltimore

In my 72 years on this earth, I have never before seen such a demonstration of total incompetence and utter stupidity as what has transpired in Baltimore these last few days.

Evidently, the latest outbreak of brainlessness in Baltimore was triggered by the arrest of a young black man for the obviously egregious crime of making eye contact with police officers then attempting to ride away on his bike. These brave officers responded by shackling the young man, tossing him into a police van without seat belt or harness to keep him in place then, apparently, taking him on what is called a “rough ride”. Said ride must have earned its name because the young man emerged with a broken spine and sufficient spinal cord damage that he died of his injuries.

The geniuses that administer Baltimore reacted by suspending several police officers – with pay – then offering nothing by way of explanation, excuse or what have you. Exactly what did they think the reaction of the black community would be? Especially in light of several other well publicized incidents between police and young black men.

Even though there had already been some troublesome demonstrations in Baltimore with threats of more to come, the funeral of the victim, an obvious time for unleashing resentment, is held with there having been almost no preparation by city authorities for handling what was surely about to happen.

Then, at the end of the funeral, when the trouble is starting for real, local city transportation (subway and buses) are made unavailable to thousands of young blacks trying to get home from school, leaving them little else to do than join the demonstrations.

Next, the head genius (the mayor) tells her police force, in effect, to let them loot and riot, presumably to depressurize the situation. Of course, this has the opposite effect and the riots get even worse. Yet, the head genius waits until nearly dark, when the rioting is bound to go ballistic, to ask the governor to deploy the national guard.

It is now the next day and portions of Baltimore are still burning. Who’d a thunk it?

One might easily assume that Baltimore is run by a bunch of redneck whites who intentionally let all this happen – right? Not exactly. The mayor, chief of police and several other high administrators of the city are all black. We do not yet know the racial makeup of the police officers who started all this with an apparent illegal arrest and mistreatment of the victim but racism does not seem to suffice as an explanation for all that has happened.

How then is it to be explained?

With no other evidence to go on, I will offer my explanation: The same deadly mix of incompetence and corruption that is ruining government at every level in our once proud republic.

BTW, doesn’t a governor outrank a mayor? Why then did the governor of MD not take it upon himself to deploy the national guard early enough to have gotten the situation under control well before dark?

Why did the mayor not immediately invoke a curfew in an attempt to clear the streets instead of appearing to give the rioters freedom to riot and loot?

In a word, why do we have so many “leaders” who are quick to point fingers and place blame rather than step up to the responsibility they pledged to take when assuming power?

Again, I presume to answer my own question: We tolerate irresponsibility in our leaders because we-the sheeple are ourselves generally irresponsible.

My friends, we are letting, even helping, all this to happen over and over. It is not ISIS/ISIL, the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians or whoever else we like to blame for our woes. To again quote the great philosopher Pogo the Possum, “we have met the enemy and he is US”.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

PostHeaderIcon Scared Safe

There is no doubt that the recent spate of irrational shootings has scared many Americans. Some of them to the point where they are willing to forfeit their Second Amendment rights to an administration dedicated to the disarming (and subjugation) of our citizens.

I have written other articles in support of the Second Amendment, why the Founders included it in our Constitution (as a safeguard against a government that turns on its citizens) and why gun ownership, in and of itself, is not the cause of the irrational conduct we see around us. All I said then is still true.

However, there is another dimension to all this that needs also to be discussed. That is “how safe can we really be?”

At one level we all realize that all life carries with it an inevitable death sentence (whether or not we want to think about it). Naturally, most of us want to delay the inevitable as long as possible. Equally naturally, none of us wishes to be injured or disabled. That said, I ask again, how safe can we really be? It does not take much thinking to realize that life is actually quite precarious. Indeed, it amazes me that I have lived as long as I have, considering the way I have conducted my life – and, I will guess that many of you feel much the same.

It is also only natural that we wish to live in a circumstance where we can go about the daily activities of our lives without constantly looking over our shoulders – with a feeling of relative safety and security. And, for most of of the time, that is true. The odds that any one of us (or our families) will be the victims of violence are actually quite small, are slowly growing smaller, and, for the most part, have nothing whatsoever to do with firearms misuse. Indeed, if you are killed or maimed in an act of violence in America, the odds are much greater that the weapon used was an automobile rather than a firearm.
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PostHeaderIcon Got To Get Those Guns

President Obama on Sunday said he would make gun control a priority in his new term, pledging to put his “full weight” behind passing new restrictions on firearms in 2013. “I’m going to be putting forward a package and I’m going to be putting my full weight behind it,” said Obama in an interview aired on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I’m going to be making an argument to the American people about why this is important and why we have to do everything we can to make sure that something like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary does not happen again.”

More at:

So – the move toward total dictatorship is about to begin, just as we knew it would if the Obamanation got re-elected.

Of course, the proposed actions have nothing whatever to do with Sandy Hook. Instead, it is about voiding the 2nd amendment, the only real barrier between the progressives and the one-world dictatorship they have lusted after for so long.

If you can put aside the tragic parts, some of what would happen under the dictatorship would actually be amusing. For instance, do the traitors in academia and in the main-stream-media really think their new masters will reward them for their “service”? Not a chance. All prior history tells us that the traitors will be the first to go. After all, if they sold out their own nation and their own people, how could they possibly be trusted by the new regime? Yet, traitors, being actually idiots disguised as ideologues, never seem to figure that part out.

Back to the coming push for gun control. Might it be wise to stock up on the totally legal, easily accessible parts for constructing IEDs then (seemingly) willingly give up all of our registered/traceable guns when the goon squads drop by? I figure a realistic resistance would be far more effective if focused on the crippling of infrastructure rather than shooting a few goons, goons being far easier to replace than infrastructure. Besides, infrastructure does not usually shoot back.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

PostHeaderIcon Gonzo Journalism

Well, well, well… welcome to my world. How many remember the name Tim Adams? The election clerk from Hawaii, who revealed that it is an open secret among Hawaii election officials that there is no record of Obama being born in a hospital there? It turns out he is bent libertarian, is as cynical of the system as I am, is an English major working on his Masters, and his initial revelation was made during an undercover experiment in ‘gonzo journalism,’ to investigate what he considered to be a racist organization. LMAO 🙂

Here is his Master’s theses, which I reckon is a must read for anyone seriously interested in this controversy:

Adams, Timothy Lee, “Discourse and Conflict: The President Barak H. Obama Birth Certificate Controversy and the New Media” (2011). Masters Theses & Specialist Projects. Paper 1071.

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PostHeaderIcon WTP-04 Obot vs WTP Debate Over

While it must have done wonders for his stats, Bernie Goldberg probably tired of his 7/21 column remaining at the top of his “Most Popular” widget after three weeks. It appears that the “Devilish Questions” Obots vs WTP (we the people) debate has been terminated, after spawning 2165 comments. One wonders how much attention Bernie paid to the debate; but he must feel at least a little uncomfortable for not following up on his “experiment,” as he had implied that he would after readers answered his survey questions. A good many have expressed their disappointment that he has yet to do so.

An initially reluctant, yet eventually enthusiastic participant in the spirited debate, while I was trying (and failing) to get Bernie’s attention for the plan of action described in my “Support and Defend” essay, I learned much and my thinking evolved considerably. I have abandoned all hope that any Federal judges or politicians will ever honor their oaths to our Constitution, and honestly address the issue of Obama’s ineligibility for the office he usurped. Thus, I now recommend that WTP focus our efforts primarily at discrediting Obama for posterity, and openly showing our contempt for him at every opportunity, rather than buy into the notion that we need to “show respect for the office” he occupies. Rubbish.

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PostHeaderIcon WTP-03 Deconstructing Obama

The Obot vs. Birther debate continues apace on Bernie Goldberg’s site, where newcomers are always welcome to help the Obots to earn their paychecks. Interestingly, there aren’t any real traditional birthers among the currently active protagonists. None of us much cares where he was born; it is the frauds he is perpetrating trying to conceal his ineligibility that has most folks upset. For me, of course, the issue remains, “Born a Brit – Not Legit,” wherever that may have occurred. I reckon that to be an outrage against our Constitution that we must not let stand.

I received a lame response to the post I shared in WTP-01, where we were discussing Jack Cashill‘s devastating book, “Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves, and Letters of the First Postmodern President (Which I highly recommend). I refer to it as the ‘prosecutor’s case file’ in the analogy I was using to try to get through to this Obot legal beagle wannabe, whereby Cashill is the prosecutor, ‘bob’ is the defense lawyer, and we the readers (WTP) are the jury. Don’t miss the last block quoted book review. He describes Obama as well as I have ever seen it done. The case continues:

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PostHeaderIcon WTP-02 Lucky Canada

I used to pity Canadian conservatives their plight, stuck living under the rule of a Progressive majority. It just occurred to me that we have now allowed the bastards to overwhelm us too, and the Canadians have it better than we do. More importantly, their prognosis for the future far exceeds ours. They are energy independent, better educated, and are starting to scale back on failed social programs. We have a long hard row to hoe, before we have experienced enough pain to catch up to their reality. Here is another view from the outside looking in, found in a WTP comment section of six-month-old article I stumbled across. Somebody should send it to the RNC:

Cameron D. MacKay
February 16, 2011 | 9:18 pm

Paul: Thank you for the courtesy of responding to my comments. Allow me to express a few of my frustrations with what appears to be the Republican’s temerity to confront fundamental issues which are eroding America (and hence detrimentally affecting my country)

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PostHeaderIcon WTP-01 Devilish Questions

WTP = ‘We The People,’ which strikes me as a perfect achronym for replacing the cumbersome, and oft misconstrued, “TEA Party” construct, for describing the general pro-Constitution, pro-capitalist, anti-Marxist, non-partisan, political activism of late. Please help propagate this meme.

I happen to enjoy spirited debates, and frequently encounter some of the best spontaneously breaking out among total strangers, in the comment section of well read articles. I find I often learn more about the topic from these debates, than from the original article. Thus, I am prone to ‘wasting’ much time perusing comments, and I occasionally will join in the fray, if I think I have something to add, or become agitated by one of the combatants.

I have been doing a lot of this of late, and neglecting my duties here. It occurs to me that I often write significant posts elsewhere, which I should probably memorialize, and might be of interest here. Besides, Troy shouldn’t have to do all the work to keep this place active. So, I am going to start an ongoing ‘WTP’ series, to share some of these discussions as they happen out among the WTP community.

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