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This exceedingly unequal contest is epic:

Rather good-naturedly, an articulate thinker utterly destroys a femanazi with a serious hearing disability. She spends half the debate experiencing cognitive dissonance. One almost feels compassion for the mental midget the professor is shamelessly toying with. If you are unfamiliar with Jordan Peterson, he is well worth checking out. ◄Dave►


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  • Chris says:

    She’s a bit dense.

    • Beautifully understated. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        I was being kind. I have a weakness for blond women with a foreign accent.

        • You have to be careful about those dumb blonds Chris. Take note that Joe Scarborough lost about 25 IQ points by screwing a “dumb blond”. Unfortunately he did not have 25 to spare. 😉

          • ROFLMAO, CT!!! Spoken like a proper feisty American redhead! 😂 â—„Daveâ–º

          • Chris says:

            I know I delve into dangerous territory. Particularly since to derive anything from a foreign accent said blond also has to talk. That alone keeps exposure to only a necessary minimum. Like all good Catholic boys I can do penance. An hour or so of reading is usually sufficient. IQ points restored.

          • Chris says:

            Don’t get me started on red heads Dave. Particularly intelligent ones. I could really make an ass of myself. Love those ginger girls……. Ah hell. I love them all. 🙂

          • Ah hell. I love them all. 🙂

            I can relate, Chris. I have had three long-term relationships that lasted over 10 years. All had requsite sharp minds. The first was a stunning brunette with a French accent from the Seychelles Islands. The last was an elegant blonde with a British accent from London. In between was the gorgeous redhead from Bakersfield.

            Blessedly, I think I have finally outgrown the affliction… 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Understood, Chris. Please don’t tell CT; but I have often experienced the same weakness. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

        • You guys make me smile. To tell you the truth I have not ever met a red blooded male who did not turn his head over a shapely turned ankle, nice butt or nice boobs … no matter the hair color.

          More power to men.

          This feminist mindset crap that whines when someone says “love your fragrance”, “nice outfit” or whatever the nice complement is beyond stupid.

          What we have raised these snowflake feminists to be is a disgrace. Personally I joined NOW when it organized … it took me a month to realize what a mistake that was going to be and dropped out.

          What I called a feminist cause was actually fighting for equal opportunity in the work place. And we got that by working hard to be as good as we could be … to prove we deserved the position.

          Personally I found it a challenge to beat any guy on the way up … at his own game. Actually it was my experience men were fair in the game and seldom poor losers.
          WOMEN whiners ALWAYS!

          Frankly I have no sympathy for this casting couch bullcrap … if you prostitute yourself for position or opportunity then so be it. SHUT UP and sit in the back of the bus FOREVER MORE.

          Another FRANKLY … I was disappointed if I walked past a construction site and no one whistled from the scaffold above or walked across the cafeteria where linemen were lunching and no one whistled or said something nice. I would have thought all of that primping/dressing daily was a waste.

          Who are these “feminist fools” fooling but themselves?

          Okay that is my rant for the month … LOL

          • Okay that is my rant for the month … LOL

            And it was a good one! Feminazis… I have actually made the error of dating a couple of them who get angry when I hold the door for them! Why a female would give up the advantages of being considered a lady, to insist on being treated like one of the guys, has never computed for me. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

          • Chris says:

            CT you are what the word “feminist” should mean. I’ll leave it right there.

  • How embarrassing!
    He made her look like such a fool I could not watch to the end.

    I have yet to see anyone take on Peterson and not come out deftly sliced, diced and ginsued.

  • I’ll cut her some slack. She’s just some newscaster taking on an intelligent expert in his field and being paid to prove he’s wrong when he isn’t. It’s not her fault that he’s both well prepared and right. She’s probably interviewing some musician next and then doing the weather.

    On another note, one of my favorite political shows is back in business. It’s not back to its old glory, but I retain hope. New episodes every Sunday:

    • Well, she fooled me. I had the distinct impression that her desire to “prove him wrong” was personal, not just an assignment. It really wouldn’t have taken too much effort to have been much better prepared for what she was up against.

      Thanks for the link to the new program. I watched the first episode and subscribed. I always enjoy Pat & Co.’s take on current events. It should do well. â—„Daveâ–º

    • Greg says:

      It is the responsibility of a newscaster to represent the voice and opinion of the people, the common man. If she were nothing but agreeable it would not serve to create a discussion in which he could express his views and refute those commonly expressed by the general populace. Jordan even pointed that out on several occasions. They still have jobs to do in presenting a complex issue to the public. I happen to agree with Jordan so this type of platform is actually nice to see. In general, I have seen people shut him down without being open to listening, or challenging, in an effort to learn.

  • Bill Whittle nails it:

    😎 ◄Dave►

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