This essay is adapted from a response I made in a freethinker’s forum in early 2007 to a challenge to my earlier assertion that being an activist atheist was ultimately a waste of time, because the religious fundamentalists (fundies) would win in the end, and we are inescapably headed for a new “Dark Ages.”

It disturbed me so much when I came to that conclusion, that I abandoned politics and current events as a hobby and decided it was time to get on with enjoying what is left of my life, rather than worrying about posterity.  It is the kid’s problem now, not mine; I did my best when I had my turn at the bat, but the pitchers are becoming ever more adept at throwing heat.

I indulge my penchant for discovering truth and using my critical thinking skills for more than pondering the existence of a deity.  Many disciplines of science fascinate me, and the raging debates between scientists offer myriad opportunities to use one’s own mind rationally to try to sort fact from hypotheses, etc.

Nor do I accept political spin as truth, no matter how often it is repeated by its purveyors and their mindless parrots among the sheeple.  Some have been hankering for a political discussion, so permit me to gore a few more sacred cows of the “selfless fundies” (Marxists & mystics) in the process.  My disdain for the political agenda of the Left is at least as great as theirs is for the Right.  My advantage from my perch in the political Center is that I can remain clear-headed and don’t have to defend an incongruent position taken by “my guy(s)” for political expediency.

First, let me define what I mean by “Marxist.”  It can be a loaded word that many it describes would not choose as a label.  Unfortunately, “liberal” is now a much corrupted word that has become even more loaded, and much less precise, since most now equate it to “progressive,” rather than to its original pre-Orwellian meaning that stressed individualism and rejected outright all forms of authoritarianism.

By “Marxist,” I mean anyone accepting the premise that society should be egalitarian and structured, however subtly, under the precept “from each according to his ability – to each according to his needs.”  (e.g. progressive income tax; welfare “entitlements;” universal healthcare; “free” tuition; etc. – any “wealth transfer” scheme, however disguised.)

Many on the Right have now carelessly accepted many of these abominations as the natural order of things too, but that doesn’t negate their source in Marxism; it is only a testament to the efficiency of the Marxists in promoting their agenda.  It is insidious, and they are relentless in the pursuit of our inevitable decline into a European style welfare state, regardless of the mounting evidence of its abject failure everywhere it has been tried.

If anyone has a suggestion for a less abrasive word, I would appreciate hearing it.  Ayn Rand used alternatively “moochers,” “destroyers,” and “looters,” and I agree with her disdain, yet these certainly wouldn’t do.  I just cannot think of a less insulting word than simply “Marxist” to describe such an odious creed.

Now, for a dose of reality:

We have already lost WWIV (I regard the Cold War as WWIII).  The Marxists among us have inadvertently set the stage such that the Muslim fundies cannot possibly lose in the end.  The fact is, if we could convert every Christian in the West to atheists tomorrow, we would still lose.  Here is how I got there:

We may have “defeated” the Soviet Union, and thereby routed Communism worldwide, by the simple expedient of bankrupting their inefficient collectivist economic system with the arms race; but our own Marxists in academia never capitulated and they are feverishly undermining our culture to this day.

They are deliberately crippling our children intellectually and emotionally, stifling free speech and legitimate debate, and destroying our renowned “melting pot” with their “diversity” worship. They are so righteous in their demand for conformity to their own variety of fundamentalism; they would make an Ayatollah blush.

Yet, they have already succeeded in destroying our culture, and even they don’t know it yet.  It should be amusing when they awaken and realize they have sealed their own fate in the process, for they will be among the first to suffer the purge.  When the barbarous fanatics their claptrap has empowered eventually take over the world, and begin systematically incinerating their libraries, their severed heads will be rolling down the hallowed halls of their ivory towers.

It was the Marxists who invented the “Environmentalist Movement” which has already destroyed Western civilization – way back in the ‘70s; all that is now needed is the inexorable passage of time.  The profound failures of the junk science / environmental alarmists’ abilities to predict the future would be amusing, if their impact were not so tragic:

Why should we take their “global warming” alarms seriously, when these eminent “environmental scientists” were trumpeting the looming “Ice Age” on the cover of “Time” only back in ‘74?

Multitudes of respectable climatologists and renowned scientists in other disciplines, assert that there is no evidence that man is having any appreciable impact on the inevitable climate change cycles we are now noticing, and much evidence to the contrary.  It seems all the planets are warming up from a natural solar cycle resulting in a slightly hotter sun.  You won’t often see this dissent reported straight up in the media though; it doesn’t fit the Marxist agenda.

We would all be heating our homes with almost free electricity by now, if they hadn’t stopped all construction of nuclear power plants thirty years ago.  Compare the few human lives lost in the Chernobyl accident, with the numbers that have been maimed or lost in keeping the alternative oil flowing out of the Middle East.  On a macro scale, which energy source is the more hazardous to humanity?

Speaking of oil, the environmental alarmists are absolutely obsessed with the stuff.  They won’t let us drill for more of it anywhere.  There are huge reserves in the ANWR, but we aren’t allowed to get at it; even though the small patch where the drilling would take place in this vast Arctic wasteland is comparable to a postage stamp on a football field, and a very long way from the pretty mountains and greenery seen in the idyllic TV pictures always shown during discussions of this debate.

They won’t let our drillers tap the huge reserves off the coast of Florida, so the Chinese are now doing it in collusion with Cuba.  Vast offshore reserves lie useless under the continental shelf off California only because of environmental politics.  They haven’t allowed a refinery to be built in America for thirty years, so we now have to import more than just the raw product.  It is madness.

They whined about sulfur dioxide until we invented catalytic converters and cleaned up engine exhausts.  I happen to think that was a good thing, and I am proud of Americans for our accomplishments in cleaning up our air.  So, now it is the carbon dioxide emissions they moan about.

Carbon dioxide is plant food for Pete’s sake; shouldn’t we be feeding their precious rain forests?  There is infinitely more CO2 suspended in the oceans than man could ever produce with combustion, and every warm day untold megatons of it evaporate into the atmosphere.

These quantities dwarf man’s tiny contribution, including those belched out by all the combustion in China, India, and third world countries that were exempted from the Kyoto treaty.  Those blaming the Bush administration for our failure to ratify what is essentially an international wealth transfer, need to ask themselves why the Senate rejected it 97 to zero during Clinton’s presidency.  It was manifestly against our best interests then, as it is now, and the hypocrites ought to shut up about it.

They promised us the world would run almost completely out of oil by 1990.  Seventeen years later, the world’s proven oil reserves dwarf those we had identified by the ‘70s, even as we now consume it like drunken sailors and have run out of places to store the excess production, yet the environmentalists still prattle on about “Peak Oil.”  The truth is their vaunted scientists got the very nature of petroleum wrong, much less its availability.

We were all taught that oil is a “fossil” fuel and a finite resource, which we were destined to eventually completely consume.  They whined that the only hope for humanity was to exploit “renewable” sources of energy, regardless of how much precious oil must be consumed in the process of manufacturing all of the necessary paraphernalia to collect, store, and utilize solar or wind energy.

I was once in the solar business, but I won’t bother to explain how inefficient and utterly unviable this technology ultimately is as a replacement for oil.  Just realize that if it were viable, with oil prices this high, industry would already be making piles of money producing it.  The politicians claim that we need yet another government program to develop it.  Bunk; it didn’t take government to create Microsoft, et al.  If buyers want something, there is an entrepreneur someplace who will notice the opportunity and quickly produce and sell it.

Surprise!  Now it is known to science that petroleum is itself a renewable resource, because it is created by abiotic processes in the mantle of the earth, not melted dinosaurs.   The centrifugal force from the spinning of the Earth causes this oil to rise up through the crust.  It even bubbles out of the surface in some places, ala the Beverly Hillbillies old farm, and as evidenced by fossilized tar pits that already existed in the days of the dinosaurs.

When I was a sea captain it was not unusual to find perpetual oil slicks in the ocean and on a calm day actually see the bubbles rising from the seafloor.  Most of it is trapped in cavernous puddles deep in the ground, under sandstone domes, etc., which begat the earlier faulty hypothesis that it had been formed from decaying biological debris eon’s ago.  More and more they are finding old wells, which were previously presumed depleted, with production quantities of oil in them again if they don’t pump them too fast.

If you have never heard of “Abiotic Oil,” don’t be surprised.  Even though there have been many books written about it, and raging debates between legitimate geologists and environmental scientists over it, the agenda of the media elites would not be served by public awareness of the subject.

Were Americans to discover that there was an inexhaustible supply of oil, they might insist that we drill for our own, rather than expend so much blood and treasure securing the ability to buy it from barbarous religious fanatics who use the profits to fund the very terrorists we have to fight to secure it.  That could unravel the whole junk science / environmental alarmists industry, and that just wouldn’t do.

Look at DDT.  Environmentalist managed to get a worldwide ban on this insecticide in 1974; after junk science researchers rigged a study with a low calcium diet for birds to make it look like residual DDT was causing their thin fragile eggshells, and threatening the catastrophe of a bird free “Silent Spring.”

Even though it was incredibly effective against malaria bearing mosquitoes and its inventor used to eat a spoonful every day to show how harmless it was, and even won hands down a court case brought against it; the EPA banned it for political reasons anyway.  Now, oops… thirty years, and at least 30,000,000 lives lost to malaria in Africa alone later, the WHO has reauthorized its use to try to stop the widespread scourge of aids, malaria, and other mosquito borne illnesses on that continent.  Why aren’t some environmental zealots being brought up on charges of genocide?

The hubris of our Marxists knows no bounds.  The art of modern liberalism is to stand on your head and tell the rest of the world they are upside down.  It is as if millions of years of human experience count for nothing now that they have arrived on the scene to tell us how we should live.  Their environmental zealots are the worst of the lot.

I could give you anecdote after anecdote from personal experiences in my years in Africa and the Seychelles Islands, or at sea in the Pacific, and as a cattle rancher in the Sierras, where their attempts to rearrange the natural order of nature, or freeze the process of evolution, were environmental disasters.  Yet they never learn and we permit their failures to be quickly forgotten as they charge off blindly on their next apocalyptic cause.

Pardon my rant; but these self-righteous and hopelessly misguided fools have destroyed the greatest civilization this planet ever had, and probably ever will have, and my mind gets up on its hind legs and bellows in rage every time I confront it with the notion.  Let’s get on to the kill shot that most don’t even know they have fired yet.

We don’t hear much about their Zero Population Growth movement any more, but ZPG is alive and well and running on autopilot.  When they were playing Chicken Little in the early ‘70s over our purportedly finite and rapidly diminishing resources, they calculated the theoretical “carrying capacity” of our planet.

They warned in the direst terms they could invoke, that at the rate the world’s population was exploding we would no longer be capable of growing enough food for all its inhabitants by 1985.  The only way we could “save” the planet was to stop indiscriminate breeding, and cut our families down to an average of only 2.1 children per woman, which would establish ZPG.

Like the rest of their “scientific” predictions, this too was bunk; and now that there are six billion people, our food production technology is so efficient even third world countries are producing more than they can eat.  However, the educated members of Western culture bought into ZPG hook, line, and sinker.  Even I chose not to have any children of my own (although I did help raise two).

By now it is conventional wisdom, and just an accepted part of our culture, that large families are a thing of the past in America and Europe.  Except for the ghettos, trailer parks, or immigrant communities, it is rare to see a family with more than two or three kids.  It is far more common to meet childless couples or one child families among educated Westerners.

Europe’s native birth rates are plummeting; with all their countries now well below ZPG.   Even Russia is down to only 1.2 births per woman, and losing half its native population every generation.  The most popular boys name in many major European cities is now “Mohamed.”  The number choosing “Osama” is downright chilling.  Europe, as we knew it, is already history.

Only America is just maintaining ZPG, but only with the government subsidizing prolific breeding in our ghettos, and massive immigration with their higher fertility rates, keeping us even at 2.1.  It is worth noting that these prolific demographic subsets of the American population tend to be either staunchly Christian or easily recruited into Islam.

Meanwhile, the fundie societies are breeding like flies everywhere and overflowing their traditional territories with massive emigration to Europe, Asia, Africa, and to a lesser extent the western hemisphere.  We fret about the “Muslim Nuke;” and France’s not insignificant modern nuclear armed military will be in the hands of a Muslim majority in about fifteen years.  I submit that before the end of this century, America’s probably will be too.

It is the simple math of demographics now folks.  Even if we deprived every atheist couple of breeding age of their diversions, and locked them in their bedrooms, we could never catch up with the fundie breeding program.  We have come to expect results for all endeavors immediately.  These folks think strategically in decades and centuries, and they are way ahead of us.  Al Qaeda is just a noisy cheering section and recruiting tool; the real heavy lifting is being done by their filth column emigrants.

The tipping point has already passed in Europe.  Their Muslim immigrants are out breeding them hands down.  Saudi-financed Wahhabi mosques are springing up all over America along with the madrassas where their children are indoctrinated into hatred for infidels and modernity, and the glories of Jihad.

They are actively recruiting in our prisons, and on our campuses.  If you are one that has bought into the “Religion of Peace” twaddle, I’ve got a few books and a chilling documentary video entitled “Obsession” I could loan you that I guarantee will disabuse you of that notion.  If we had half a brain, we would be encouraging the Christians to think we are in a “Holly War” and get out of the way of the ensuing Crusade.

I am not sure who would win, but I would be rooting for the Christians.  They are benign compared to what we will be ultimately facing, and at least they don’t hide their eye candy behind a veil and beat them for accidentally exposing an ankle.  Where are our rabid feminists when we need them?

You would think they would be outraged at what they are learning about Islam.  But it is the old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” syndrome.  First, they have to destroy American culture, and then they can look up to see if any more dragons need slaying.  I lost all respect for feminists and their stunning hypocrisy when they were swooning over their pet misogynist in the White House.

Like it or not, our future generations will all be down on their knees bowing toward Mecca during the looming new “Dark Ages,” long before any climatic catastrophe, whether by ice or by fire, ever has an appreciable effect on civilization; regardless of whether man had much to do with causing it, or could have done anything to prevent it if we tried.

We are fortunate to have lived in the best of times, and there is little left to do but to enjoy the time we have left.  Thankfully, we won’t live to see what is coming; although I’d pay good money for a ringside seat from which to cheer the barbarians as they scale the ramparts around those lofty ivory towers.

If you would like a jolly good read that explains the above demographics argument, find a copy of the current best seller: “America Alone” by Mark Steyn.  He has created a whole new genre called “Apocalyptic Stand-up.”  His style is laugh-out-loud funny, yet the gravity of his subject matter will want to make you cry for humanity.  ◄Dave►