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As much as I have enjoyed participation in these conversations in the past, it has taken a turn that I do not enjoy in the least. Perhaps, as Jim suggests, that is because I cannot effectively respond to his arguments. So what? You either spend your hours doing what you like or you are a fool.

I leave you all with one parting comment… insult intended:

It is possible to be blinded by your own brilliance.


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  • I cannot effectively respond to his arguments.

    It is unusual to “effectively” respond to someone entrenched in their own argument.
    Especially a vested argument lasting 20+ years.

    Moving forward doing what you enjoy is the wise choice 😉

    • jim says:

      Actually, it SHOULD be quite easy for you to respond to my AP essay: After all, there has been 23 years since I first posted it. A simple Google-search,

      google ‘ “jim bell” “assassination politics” ‘

      ought to show you nearly any criticism that has been expressed over at least the last 15 years, or even more.

      More recently, in the last few weeks, you could search for:

      google ‘ethereum augur assassination’ to find hundreds of references.
      (although, with a lot of duplications.)

      Probably tens of thousands of people have read it. Anyone who finds it sufficiently wrong, has the opportunity to respond and criticize it.

  • Troy, it has been six years since you posted the provocative revolutionary screed, “Obligations Of Obedience.” I just reread it and our subsequent discussion in the comment section. A few points:

    • Considering my longtime posture as a contumacious sovereign individualist, and all of the studying on the topic I have done since, it should not be at all surprising that my own thinking has continued to evolve toward outright anarchism, rather than revolution.
    • Despite your valiant efforts, and those of thousands of like-minded patriots, there has been negative progress toward awakening the sheeple to the ever encroaching tyranny, or wresting the levers of government from the oligarchs through political processes.
    • Now the Left/Right divide is even deeper, with zero chance that this will change. Moreover, it is the radical Left that now is the most outraged, prone to violence, and rejecting of majority rule. It appears that bloody revolution is now inevitable, likely sooner than later.
    • If so, I fail to see why the AP concept would not be preferable, or at least worth trying, instead. I have no personal appetite for slaughtering the poor brainwashed and/or disillusioned sheeple by the thousands, if there is an alternative that only sacrifices some of the oligarchs, their puppet politicians, and a few of their more detestable functionaries.

    That said, I certainly understand your disinterest in discussing the subject. Just as I am beyond interest in exhortations regarding a duty to vote and/or try to save the tyrannical government from its inevitable collapse. Pursuing only subjects that I find enjoyable, is why I no longer watch cable news, or bother to participate in partisan political discussions.

    If this is really goodbye, thanks for eleven good years of debate and friendship. Please give J9 my best. Be well, my friend. â—„Daveâ–º

    • jim says:

      I think it’s amazing that people admit there is a major problem, admit that they don’t have a clue how to fix it, and yet presented with a system (AP) which at least claims to solve it, cannot acknowledge they should at least agree that something has to be done.

  • Chris says:

    This seems to be an appropriate place to drop this. I have moved the web location of my sandbox to my secure domain. is no more. It’s now just Tspeak with a web address All the content and functions are still there. I just haven’t done much with it lately so I let the domain expire and moved it to a secure domain to keep it locked down. All are still always welcome.

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