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If so, all you need to do is watch the movie Chappaquiddick. I always suspected that the whole Kennedy clan was rotten to the core but this, even with attempts to clean it up, was revolting in every way. (Would you believe my Mother was a Kennedy? Best I can tell, from the Scottish branch, not the Irish. Be thankful for small things.)

Then there is the ongoing farce with Facebook. Just read on Drudge that Zuckerberg will not be placed under oath and that his company is a large contributor to the committees that will be questioning him. Hillary all over again.

Then there is the Donald. It seems the hounds very nearly have him at bay. What should he do in response? I’m sure he is guilty of something – our legal code has become so convoluted that each and every one of us commits several felonies per week, without even knowing it. I have a radical suggestion for Donald. Declare himself dictator, hang as many of the traitors as he can round up, then start the country from scratch again.

I know this is an odd suggestion coming from one who reveres the Constitution as I do but – every indication I can judge suggests we are already on our way to dictatorship and, fool that I may be, I prefer it be Trump rather than a Clinton or a Kennedy.


Troy L Robinson

OK Dave – have at me.

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  • OK Dave – have at me.

    Give me a little time to think about it. At first read, if I cared a whit about the state of the state, I don’t see anything I would disagree with. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Jim Bell says:

    At 60 years old, I’m just a bit too young to have paid attention to this when it occurred. But I want to see the movie.
    I think it’s amazing that it has taken nearly 50 years for a movie like this to be made.

    • At 72, I still well remember the outrage. I am more amazed that they are allowing anything critical of Ted Kennedy and his clan to be aired even now. Compare MSM coverage of Trump’s peccadilloes to that of the Kennedy brothers… 🙄 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Ted Kennedy was the worst of the Kennedy boys … IMO
    The length of time he was tolerated in office by those who voted for him was an indication of the moral/ethical decay setting into society. No wonder we are here today.

    John was a philanderer and Bobby seemed to be the mop up crew. Neither blatantly killed anyone as far as I know. Neither lasted long after entering the Political arena.

    Family chickens coming home to roost perhaps.

    On the day John F. was shot I remember telling my step-mother “The only good thing John F. Kennedy did for the nation was get shot”.

    That pissed her off since she loved the guy because he was Catholic.
    What can I say but I was young and did whatever I could to piss off the BITCH … lol

    I have regretted thinking that (not what I did) because with time we have had worse … the worst being Barack Obama. Still that is just my opinion.

    The moral of the story is there can always be worse. 🙂

    • I have regretted thinking that…

      Me too… At the time, I was in the Army stationed at Ft. Monmouth, N.J. I was in the middle of a ping-pong game in the dayroom, when somebody ran in with the news the president had just been shot. I just said “good” and kept on playing. 😉

      None of the Kennedy boys of the ’60s could get elected by today’s Democrats. â—„Daveâ–º

      • None of the Kennedy boys of the ’60s could get elected by today’s Democrats.

        You might be right. They would be considered too far right or not corrupt enough? … lol

        Funny I was not ever much of a fan of Jackie O either. Not managing her cheating husband was a blight on all women … again IMO.

        Watching the video I was amazed at how quickly she tried to escape the car when the shots were fired. I had to give her credit for quick reaction time. Could never get over thinking somehow the government was totally behind the whole thing. My guess then was Lyndon B and still is today.

        Then why the powerful Kennedy Clan just seemed to let it go. Maybe Bobby was not going to … that is why he was next to go?

        Somehow it never rang as a mob hit for some reason.

        • Troy says:

          My guess then was Lyndon B and still is today.

          I agree RE the government (assisted by the Mob) being behind it but my guess as to the ringleader was J Edgar Hoover.

          I think that at that time, perhaps even today, the line dividing the FBI and the Mob was very poorly defined. Plus, good old J Edgar had a bone to pick with all the major assignation victims in that time period (both Kennedys, MLK and even Marilyn Monroe, assuming the K brothers did not get to her first). The confused old pervert (J Edgar) actually saw himself as guardian of the national virtue.


        • Troy says:

          Funny I was not ever much of a fan of Jackie O either.

          I will try to be a gentleman and not tell you what I think Jackie O was… but I will tell you that she was probably the highest paid one in her era.


          • The confused old pervert (J Edgar) actually saw himself as guardian of the national virtue.

            ROFL … holy smoke hate to be paying his karmic debt moving forward wherever he may be.

          • the highest paid one in her era.

            All of that high priced whatever did not seem to make her a happy woman. Honestly it is just my opinion but I can see why John F. cheated on her.

            She had about as much sex appeal as a dried up prune.

            The world use to swoon over her outfits and I thought a self respecting “GRANNY CLAMPETT” would not be caught dead in that crappy garb.

        • Chris says:

          There’s a reason Trump is not releasing much of the info on the JFK killing. My thinking is that folks weren’t supposed to live as long as they do now. There are still some just barely hanging on.

    • Troy says:

      Neither blatantly killed anyone as far as I know.

      With the possible exception of Marilyn Monroe who was getting it on with John and Bobby and had, perhaps, heard the wrong “pillow talk”.


  • Troy says:

    Then there is the ongoing farce with Facebook.

    I watched quite a bit of the Zuckerberg interviews. The politicians asking him questions were about as qualified for the task a I would be to quiz Ben Carson about brain surgery. They totally let him off the hook. I doubt he lied in the legal sense but, in the parts I saw, he used “the truth” in such a way as to totally mislead the questioners. Plus most of them did not ask the questions that really needed to be asked.

    IMHO, Facebook (like Google and several others) is a dishonest organization with a greed-based business model and which cares not one whit about the welfare of their “customers” or the nation that allows them to amass so much wealth and power.

    Consider this — to Facebook, Diamond and Silk, who are actually a comedy act that uses politics as a vehicle for their wit, are “dangerous” while those who use the platform to rig elections and/or promote jihad, seem not to matter.


    • I saw Ted Cruz question Zukerberg. Cruz led him down the monopoly path to which made Zukerberg look fairly uncomfortable.

      Yes the Diamond and Silk issue could be the start of problems for Facebook.

      I would have liked to see someone really press Zukerberg on exactly how Diamond and Silk were a menace to society and what he PERSONALLY WAS GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

      I personally believe Youtube is demonetizing so many of their channels because they want to keep the ad revenue for themselves.
      If everyone pulled their videos off youtube they would go belly up in a week.

      If the public started using Bing instead of Google they too would hit the skids shortly.

    • Chris says:

      Be careful not to confuse Facebook’s “customers” with their “product”. Grandma posting pics of her petulant grand kids is “product”. Facebook “customers” are those that pay Facebook (government being one of the biggest) for that product not only with cash but nifty apps that are the basis of 75% of Facebook’s platform. Facebook allowed developers to take whatever they wanted in exchange for building the platform. Otherwise they would have to pay developers. They did it. Zuckerface knows it. It’s their business model.

  • Chris says:

    On a more general not it seems like the swamp is winning. Just today had some disturbing developments. What I see is a good lesson on how they operate. Hopefully that’s a game plan and sooner or later the hammer will drop. If not all the time was wasted trying to avoid a dictatorship. It’s devolved into something worse. An oligarchy. You can hang a dictator. What I see coming out is so expansive we can’t build enough gallows. The rash of senators choosing to not seek reelection concerns me. We don’t hear a lot about that. Is it draining the swamp or the swamp taking down the blocks.

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