The following may strike some as provocative. Good. It is meant to inspire Patriots and government officials alike to think, discuss it with their friends, and be prepared for the momentous decision they will be required to make rather quickly, if an attempt to disarm Americans is ever tried again. For, no matter how it might be couched, spun, and rationalized, it will signal the end of America, as we have known it. With the current mood among the electorate, and big-government oriented Progressives now at the top of the ticket for both major political parties, the Progressives are about to take over our government lock, stock, and barrel. These folks have a radically different view of the proper role of government than common folk in the heartland, and actually think the majority has the right to violate the Liberty and natural rights of the minority by legislative or judicial fiat. Liberty loving Patriots will need to remain vigilant and prepared to defend those rights, or accept the status of serf or slave in a glorious sounding Progressive utopia, organized on the repugnant principle of mob rule.

Remember Katrina – Gun Collecting Can Be Treason

Since our schools won’t teach genuine American history anymore, many can be forgiven for not recalling the provocation that caused proud Englishmen to take up arms against the forces of their king at Lexington and Concord Massachusetts in 1775. These are now considered the opening battles of the American Revolution, even though they occurred over a year before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

When the Minutemen started shooting the Redcoats, who were on a mission to confiscate and destroy their arsenal at Concord, they would have been considered by most as engaging in insurrection against their lawful government. From the perspective of the King, his loyal troops, and the majority of loyal British subjects then residing in the colonies, the king’s troops were just following lawful orders to disarm the colonists. The Loyalists undoubtedly viewed the Patriots as a lunatic fringe of disgruntled ‘tax protesters,’ and supported the Redcoats.

The Patriots learned a couple of valuable lessons that day. One was to disperse and conceal their arms so they didn’t make a convenient target for the forces of tyranny. The other was that they could easily rout an overwhelming force of ‘Regulars’ with guerrilla tactics. The lesson for the Loyalists was that vigilant free men on these shores – American Patriots – would never passively allow themselves to be disarmed by their government.

To true Patriots, the meaning and intent of the Second Amendment to our Constitution is not in question. It is no less than the reset button on our Republic – in case the First Amendment doesn’t work, the Second one will. It protects a sovereign right of all free men that is not negotiable, alterable, or subject to judicial interpretation. Frankly, all those officials forever tinkering with ways to get around it are wasting their time, on an endeavor that is bordering on treason. Please understand that this inalienable natural right existed long before the Constitution was drafted, and will exist long after these United States disintegrate. The only reason it was enumerated in the Bill of Rights, was to make it clear to our public servants that it was taboo for them even to try repeating King George’s mistake.

Ninety percent of Americans could vote to repeal the Second Amendment, and the right of free men to own and carry weapons would still exist; for our Constitution does not, and could not, grant or deny our natural rights. It can only help us defend them from those who wish it could. If you do not understand this truth, please do some studying, discussing, and pondering until you do. Free men in this world are born with their natural rights, they are not a mere privilege to be bestowed or withdrawn at the whim of a capricious government, popularly elected or not.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting, target practice, or fowling pieces. Arms are weapons, and it would be irresponsible of Americans ever to permit errant public servants to disarm us. The disarming of honest citizens during the civil unrest (when they were arguably most needed) in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, was an embarrassment to law enforcement everywhere, and a wakeup call to the rest of us. The citizens of New Orleans were so caught off guard by the audacity of the move that the police got away with it. We simply cannot ever permit such a travesty to happen again.


To all elected officials, sheriffs, deputies, marshals, constables, sundry law enforcement officers, and military personnel. As a Vietnam era veteran and former peace officer myself, I respect your service and understand that most of you value our Liberty as much as any citizen. For the few who may not fully comprehend what that means, this is a reminder that as a condition of your employment as one of our public servants, you were required to swear an oath to defend the Constitution of these United States of America. We the people who employ you, take this oath seriously and regard any breach of same treasonous.

Be advised that hereafter your sovereign employers will consider any order to disarm private citizens, in any jurisdiction within these United States, a brazen act of treason. Further, any officer who obeys such a treasonous order, and attempts to confiscate our arms, is himself engaged in an act of treason. Keep in mind, “I was just following orders…” never has been, and never will be, considered a valid defense for treason. Anyone receiving such an order has the solemn duty to arrest immediately the traitorous fool who made it; and, most regrettably, any fellow officers inclined to execute it. Failing that, it would be advisable to resign and get out of a conspicuous uniform immediately.

For those arrogant enough to think government has the overwhelming force and would prevail, think again. We take our Liberty seriously. Unlike the unprepared and baffled citizens of New Orleans, do not expect us to cower in our homes awaiting your arrival. You will be ambushed in the field in the spirit of North Bridge at Concord, by a serious force of well-armed citizens, intent on summarily eradicating with extreme prejudice, any traitors who are intent on disarming us. Then, we will track down and hang the supercilious ass who gave the treasonous order.

Don’t even think about violating the Posse Comitatus Act and trying to field our military forces against us. It is unclear how many would violate their oath and fire on American Patriots defending their right to keep and bear arms, but we would prevail in the end anyway. We would win the same way our forefathers defeated the British occupation; the Vietnamese defeated the American occupation; the Afghans defeated the Soviet occupation; and the Taliban now seem to be in the process of defeating ours. These victories came about, not by brilliance on the battlefield; but by simply refusing to lose, and wearing down the occupiers until they eventually just gave up and went home, weary of the grind, the cost, and the frustrating inability ever to achieve final victory.

Ponder this carefully, you Sons of Liberty, and be well prepared for the fateful decision you are likely to eventually have to make. Respect for authority is deeply ingrained in many; but there frequently comes a time in a man’s life when honor and self respect demand that we stand up on our hind legs and bellow in rage at injustice and the forces of tyranny. We are fast approaching such a time and our birthright as freemen will be seriously tested. Freeman, serf, or slave… the choice will be yours to make. Choose wisely.

Note: Please feel free to copy and disseminate any or all of this essay, with or without attribution, as far and wide as possible. I really do think that our nation would be well served by thoughtful and open discussions on this subject ahead of time; particularly in cop shops and military barracks. â—„Daveâ–º