Any red-blooded American Patriot paying attention, can’t help noticing the breathtaking pace with which our once great nation is self-destructing. More accurately, it is being systematically dismantled by determined domestic enemies of Liberty. Anyone unfamiliar with the “Cloward and Piven” strategy to implement a Marxist revolution in America, by first deliberately collapsing our economy, should look it up. Committed Marxists, calling themselves “Progressives,” have been diligently about the task of dumbing us down, promoting collectivism, and subverting our Constitution for over one hundred years.


The blue-blooded Progressives’ agenda went into overdrive with the remarkable election of the virtually unknown (and largely unknowable) glib pandering demagogue, who calls himself Barak Obama. While they represent less than one quarter of our population, and the hardcore subversives are only a fraction of that, for a variety of reasons, circumstances conspired to give them full control of both the Executive and Legislative branches of our Federal government for the first time in a generation. With the international banking crisis for cover, these Saul Alinsky inspired radicals have been debauching our currency and flagrantly ignoring the restraints of the Constitution and wishes of the general public to, in Obama’s own words, “fundamentally transform America” into the utopian dream he inherited from his committed Marxist father.


Newly awakened and alarmed TEA Party folk retook control of the House of Representatives in 2010, and are keeping pressure on the Progressive (Lite) Republican establishment, so Obama no longer has a compliant legislature. Now, he is simply ignoring acts (or inactions) of Congress and governs by dictatorial executive fiat. Almost daily now, we hear of ever more onerous departmental regulations and/or executive orders implementing policies the Progressives are unable to get passed by the legislature. I think we are at an existential tipping point. It may already be too late to stop them; but we have to try. We certainly need a more expeditious plan to rein in our out-of-control Federal government, than hoping for change after the 2012 elections.


“I, Dave Hunter, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”


I first swore that oath as a seventeen-year-old Army recruit during the Vietnam war. The several times I renewed it as a peace officer were redundant. In my mind, the first one never expired, and never will. I may just be a retired old man, armed now only with a keyboard; but my passion for individual Liberty and reverence for our cherished Constitution, burns as bright as ever. I have lived the American dream of my own patriotic, industrious, and fiercely independent father; and I want my heirs to have the same opportunity to live their lives as they choose to live them.


If Obama prefers the collectivist nanny-state of his own father’s dreams, I suggest he pick another country. We must not allow him to overthrow this one. I beseech all Patriots to assist me with a simple action plan for vanquishing the treasonous domestic enemies overrunning our White House. At the same time, we will be putting all politicians on notice that we the people demand they respect our Constitution in its minutest detail, and require them to honor the oath they take to support and defend it.


Uncommon History:


The essential difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy is that a republic enshrines protection for the rights of individuals and minorities in its constitution, protecting them from the whim of the majority; while a democracy is essentially mob rule, where the collective can utilize the coercive power of government to impose their will on individuals and minorities. Republics employ “representatives” to defend citizens’ interests from the natural inclination of government functionaries to overreach limited authority; the rights of the individual are paramount. Democracies select “leaders” with grandiose “visions” to utilize the coercive power of government to impose their model of an ideal society on others, the welfare of the collective is paramount.


Those of us old enough to have studied American History back before the Progressives invented “Social Studies,” understand that our Founders formed a constitutional republic, not a democracy. The notion that it would ever be empowered to violate the property rights of a minority, at the whim of the majority, and confiscate the earnings of industrious citizens for redistribution among the indolent, would have been anathema to them. These proud representatives of our self-sufficient pioneering stock considered charity, and such “social engineering” by nosey busybodies as they might have tolerated, to be within the purview of the church, not a coercive Federal government.


Our Constitution was not designed as a plaything for pandering demagogues to act out their altruistic Robin Hood fantasies. Government functionaries at all levels were meant to be servants of the people, with their activities closely monitored and regulated by the people – not the other way around. It only established a federation of thirteen individual sovereign states, as a combination free trade agreement (think European Union) and mutual defense pact (think NATO). Unrestrained commerce, sound money, and international relations were what was foremost on our Founders’ minds as they debated how best to govern themselves as a nation – not regulating the activities of individual citizens, whom they regarded as the true sovereigns in their classical liberal view of Natural Law. By design, the power of the Federal government to interfere in the affairs of its constituent states was extremely limited. Its ability to interfere in the routine daily lives of their citizens was virtually nonexistent.


As inspired as the Constitutional Convention’s work product was, Patriots freshly shed of the tyranny of a monarch routinely violating their Natural Rights as freemen, were mistrustful of surrendering any of their hard-won sovereignty to another distant and powerful central government (just as Patriots today balk at the Progressive NWO agenda for surrendering our sovereignty to a global government). Thus, several of the states refused to ratify the Constitution until the Bill of Rights was included. This was to make damn sure the Federal government they were agreeing to join understood that its powers were strictly limited to only those specifically enumerated, and the Natural Rights of its citizens would remain forever inalienable.


The resultant federation of individually sovereign states worked splendidly for nearly 100 years, as unfettered and productive sovereign citizens were empowered to flourish in a relatively safe free-trade zone with sound money. Admittedly, the basic nature of our government began unraveling with the Civil War, and was effectively eviscerated by the Progressive atrocities committed in 1913, our darkest year (Amendments 16 & 17, and the Federal Reserve Act). Still, thoughtful students of our true history cannot be faulted for pining for a return of the halcyon days of our nation’s youth, when individual opportunity trumped collective victimhood for industrious citizens. Only the numbed minds of the easily deluded could consider the pernicious slide back into serfdom offered by the collectivists, as anything even approaching “progress.”


I reckon our Constitution, if it has any meaning at all as the supreme law of the land, must mean precisely what our Founders intended it to mean at the time they penned it, except as duly amended. Since the process for amending it is clearly prescribed, I utterly reject the notion of a “Living Constitution” that can be capriciously modified by creative “interpretations” of partisan judicial activists, to give the government powers to meddle in our daily lives they clearly were never meant to have.


They are our employees, dammit, not our rulers. As a sovereign citizen, I owe no respect or allegiance to judicial fiat, and no duty to obey any statutes, rules, or regulations common sense alone would deem unconstitutional with regard to original intent. Born a freeman in the land of the free and the home of the brave, color me an unchained and incurably contumacious Patriot, who has had quite enough of such tomfoolery. If we somehow survive the looming Constitutional crisis, resolving this issue should be paramount in the aftermath.


Present Peril:


America, unbelievably, finds itself dazed and on the ropes. Yet, the propaganda industry (aka news media) and political parties are already gleefully gearing up to marginalize or destroy popular candidates and promote their preferred choices for 2012. One would think that the only import of the multitude of looming existential crises angling for our knockout blow, is the potential effect they might have on an election that is still a year and a half away. Once again, the sheeple are being suckered with a message of hope for change, by the Incumbrepublocrats who will say and do anything to keep their cushy jobs.


Supposedly, we can cure what ails us by promoting more self-serving professional politicians with the proper “experience,” “leadership,” and “vision” from the minors (thus opening apprenticeship positions in State governments for a new crop of ambitious young lawyers from all the best Progressive schools); as if a hundred years of steady erosion of our Constitution, with entrenched bureaucracies regulating our every move, could ever be reversed by just electing a few more moderately Progressive R’s than dogmatically Progressive D’s. Wake-up Patriots; the “lessor of two evils” is a rigged game, where hope for change is an illusion, and the evil of Progressivism cannot lose.


If polls continue to indicate he might lose it, what gives anyone confidence Chairman Obama will even permit another election? He continuously demonstrates his contempt for our Constitution, and is already issuing dictatorial edicts to overrule the will of Congress. It would be child’s play for his Alinsky-schooled revolutionary cohorts and Marxist led union thugs, to instigate some sort of false-flag civil upheaval, to justify martial law and the postponement of the election. If you think this impossible in America, you haven’t been paying close enough attention lately. Who would stop them? How? Remember the public’s reaction to the OKC bombing (a classic false-flag operation that shut down a burgeoning Patriot/Militia movement overnight)? With their control of the media, propaganda could have the sheeple demanding that all those dastardly TEA Party “subversives” be rounded up. The feckless Republican establishment would run for cover and disavow us in a heartbeat.


I submit that even without such shenanigans, and conservative capitalists were able to pull off a game-changing electoral sweep in 2012, we do not have that much time. The Progressives are deliberately spending us into oblivion, with borrowed money our grandkids will never be able to repay. If we do not shut down the destructive revolutionary agenda of the present administration immediately, and put Americans back to work rebuilding our failing economy, it could be too far gone to save by Inauguration Day 2013. If we do not stop abusing the Treasury printing presses at the current rate, our currency could be well on its way to becoming as worthless as Zimbabwe’s by then, and foreigners won’t be interested in loaning us any more real money without real collateral.


If we do not reverse our foolish course of meddling with the balance of power in the Middle East, we may even spark a nuclear conflagration there before 2013, which would likely ignite another world war with devastating consequences. Whatever one thinks of the Israel vs Palestine issue, if one doesn’t think Israel will use their nukes to defend their very existence, one doesn’t understand the Jews. If we were about to be overrun, slaughtered, and driven into the sea by suicidal barbarians who teach their children that we are subhuman, would we use ours? Like it or not, we need to vociferously vow to immediately defend Israel against any aggressor (and somehow convince the world that we actually mean it), just to try to deter the Islamic countries from foolishly invading them again.


This risk only fortifies my assessment that we must begin immediately, on a massive scale, to develop our own domestic energy supplies, or our economy might never recover from a loss of access to Arabian oil. I am weary of the environmentalists’ argument that it takes to long to bring new wells into production, so drilling is never considered a viable solution to the recurring energy crisis. Had we started back when they first began saying this, we could easily be self-sufficient by now.


We need to rein in this runaway Marxist-spawned environmental movement and reassert the supremacy of human welfare over 2″ fish, 3″ lizards, and frozen tundra, which 99% of mankind will never personally see. Even pristine vistas are of little value to those who cannot afford the fuel to visit them. Just turning loose our own domestic energy industries to tap our own massive resources, would instigate an unbelievable jobs boom that could turn our economy around overnight. Drill, baby, drill – drill NOW!


Then, there is the issue of the security of our southern border. Since our native population thoughtlessly bought into the Malthusian ZPG nonsense of the ’70s and has stopped breeding enough to even maintain our population, much less grow it, I recognize our need for new immigrants. How else could we keep the SSI and Medicare Ponzi schemes afloat? But they should come through the front door as invited guests, learn to speak our language, and assimilate into our culture. The opportunity we offer an immigrant is golden, and we should demand no less of those desiring to share the prosperous paradise our forefathers expended their sweat and blood to create and defend for us.


It is not xenophobic to lament the outsourcing of our reproductive chores to Mexico, and be unwilling to tolerate those who illegally sneak into our country uninvited, refuse to adopt our way of life, and refuse to learn and speak our language. It is not racist to be offended by those angrily waving foreign flags in our streets, while demanding supposed rights to our infrastructure and welfare largess, and illegally voting in our elections for pandering Progressives, who promise them amnesty and citizenship.


All over the world well-educated and highly skilled people, who already speak good english, would gladly pay dearly for a chance to legally immigrate here. Rather than become a burden on us, they would bring cash to invest and thrive in our free-market economy. Why in the world do we reject these middle-class entrepreneurs, in favor of the underworld of uneducated and undocumented peasants now spreading welfare-funded, third-world like, ethnic ghettos all across our country? Could it simply be that they are easier to exploit?


The Indictment:


Maybe the rules have changed, but I doubt that one in ten of all the radical “czars,” special advisors, et al, whom Obama has managed to install in the top echelons of government without Senate confirmation, could have passed the rigorous FBI background check for a Top-Secret security clearance that I had to go through back in the ’60′s. Least of all, Obama himself (just read his own memoirs). Think about that. Those old enough to remember “Duck & Cover” drills in school, and/or investing time in their prime youth overseas trying to save the Free World from the advance of Communism, should be chilled by this inescapable truth. My mind boggles (and shudders) at the thought that a man, whose shadowy radical Marxist background should disqualify him for even a Confidential level security clearance, is now acting as CinC.


With no time left to spare, I think we must immediately consider the nuclear option to rid ourselves of this Marxist pretender and all of his revolutionary associates from our White House. There is a way to do this expeditiously that is infinitely simpler than an election, with the added advantage of immediately reversing much of the damage he has already done. It is recognized by far more politicos and judges than will admit so publicly, that Obama is a patent fraud who, by definition, is ineligible for the office of POTUS. All we have to do is stand up on our hind legs, ignore the taunts of “racist” or “birther” by mindless Obots, and demand in every forum available to us that he either resign immediately, or be arrested for fraud (if not treason) and bodily removed from the office he has usurped.


Much has been made of his obviously phony birth certificate(s) (the “long form” version he recently released is such a provably and amateurishly forged document it is laughable), and needless speculation regarding the place of his birth. Jerome Corsi’s new book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate, The Case That Barak Obama is Not Eligible to be President” is very compelling on many important issues beyond such speculation. He does a masterful job of documenting how fraudulent his nativity and early life narrative really is. The man is a complete phony, regardless of where he happened to be born, which I have always viewed as misdirection to obscure more salient details of his past.


Almost more compelling and egregious, is Jack Cashill’s new book, “Deconstructing Obama, The Life, Loves, and Letters of Americas’s First Postmodern President.” It makes an essentially irrefutable case that Obama’s famed literary masterpiece, “Dreams from my Father” (on which his reputation as a brilliant intellectual is solely based), was actually written almost entirely by, of all people, his terrorist pal Bill Ayers. This was a premeditated and calculated effort to manufacture a phony narrative for Obama’s life, and he continues to tell the baldfaced lie that he wrote it by himself, to mock ghost-written books of political opponents.


Both books convince any open-minded rational reader that Obama’s nativity story is mostly fiction. (E.g. Obama’s parents never lived together as man and wife. They provably weren’t even living in the same State after his birth, much less the same house.) For those confused about what actually makes Obama tick, another recent book that elegantly explains his disdain for Western Civilization, is Dinesh D’Souza’s, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.” While these three carefully researched and heavily documented books are fascinating reading, resoundingly impeaching his veracity, motives, and loyalty to our American culture, these are really only side issues swirling about this carefully scripted phony, which need not be proven one way or the other to oust him.


The Remedy:


All the Sturm und Drang over the inability to legitimately document Obama’s past was, and is, completely unnecessary to the cause of removing him from office. He has himself repeatedly claimed that his father was a Kenyan, visiting here on a temporary student visa, and has acknowledged that this means he was born a British Subject. In fact, he claims to have been born in Hawaii as a “dual-citizen.” By definition, regardless of the place of birth, one cannot be born at the same time a British Subject and a Natural Born Citizen of the U.S.A. That fact alone is all that is needed to summarily evict him from our White House as an ineligible usurper, guilty of the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon America. This is what we need to focus on, to the exclusion of all other distracting details of his fraudulent past. I suspect that if all the effort that has gone into trying to prove he was born in Kenya, had instead been put into educating the American public on the original definition of “Natural Born” citizen, he would have never been elected in the first place, or allowed to be sworn in if he had.


There are three ways one may acquire U.S. citizenship, one of which is the “naturalization” process, whereby a foreigner renounces previous allegiances to become an American. For “birthright” natives, we recognize both “jus soli” (right of soil) or “jus sanguinis” (right of blood) citizenship; but the only way to be considered a “Natural Born” citizen is to qualify as both. Please read the following paragraph carefully… at least twice:


We regard those born on our soil as “birthright” natives (jus soli), regardless of parentage; but they may also be regarded as citizens (jus sanguinis) of a foreign parent’s country. We also regard children born to American citizen parents as “birthright” natives (jus sanguinis), regardless of the place of their birth; but if born overseas, they may also be considered citizens (jus soli) by the country wherein they were born. (e.g. “anchor babies” are born citizens of both the U.S. and Mexico). By definition, “Natural Born” citizens are free of such potential divided loyalties, which means they must have been born on our sovereign territory (jus soli), to parents who were both already legal U.S. citizens (jus sanguinis). This legal term specifically means precisely that; it is not a synonym for “native born,” or “birthright,” or just the opposite of “naturalized.” It defines a citizen with no legal ties whatever to any foreign country, who thus could never be conflicted by divided loyalty.


The recurring issue of divided loyalties during wartime, from the common intermarriage of European royalty, caused John Jay to suggest that we could avoid such international intrigue by Constitutionally requiring our CinC to be a “Natural Born Citizen,” an unambiguous legal term our Founders plucked from Vattel’s, “The Law of Nations.” Thus, it was purposefully inserted as an eligibility requirement in Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of our Constitution, without objection or debate. No amount of lawyerly obfuscation, derision, or name calling by Obama supporters can change the plain meaning of this legal term at the time our Founders employed it.


That’s all we require. If we really want to rid ourselves of this usurper, all we need do is get enough citizens to understand the proper definition of “Natural Born” and speak up – or at least support those of us unafraid to do so. With the backing of enough American people, a single celebrity could blow him out of the saddle, almost overnight. Imagine if a Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, et al were to call a news conference, succinctly make the case, and demand he resign immediately, or face arrest for fraud and treason. It might take a few days, but like Rep. Weiner, the chorus would only grow. We could be magnanimous and give him a couple of days to flee the country back to one of the lands of his two foreign fathers (or any other Marxist paradise of his choosing), rather than arrest him for his crimes, if he cooperates expeditiously without a fuss.


Please understand that this could be accomplished very quickly. There would be no impeachment required, as only a legal President need (or even could) be impeached. Once it is clearly understood and sufficiently acknowledged that he was never eligible, were he to resist, the only due process available to him would be arrest, a perp walk to jail, and a trial as a common criminal in a court of law. Those politicos who already understand this (and they are legion) would fold quickly and jump aboard, because their own oath to defend the Constitution would require no less, and they know it.


The same is true for all sworn peace officers (including his Secret Service detail), officers of the courts, and military personnel, all of whom have taken that same oath, which supersedes any obligation to follow his orders or protect him. Once this supposed Constitutional law professor is publicly condemned as knowingly having defrauded us, beyond the Black Caucus and a few openly fellow Marxists, he would have almost no defenders in Washington. Even the arguably complicit media elites would soon turn on him like a wounded beast.


The Aftermath:


Frankly, there are a few reasons this hasn’t already happened, perhaps even before he was erroneously sworn into office. Beyond the crippling component of “White Guilt,” brilliantly articulated by Shelby Steele, there is a palpable and not unreasonable fear among politicos of a violent backlash from the ghettos and college campuses. This concern rose abruptly once Obama overtook Hilary in the primary, and attained rock star status as the “Chosen One.” This explains why her PUMA opposition researchers (who started the “Birther” movement), failed to get any traction for their revelations regarding his secretive past and inconsistencies in his phony narrative.


Once elected, the issue was elevated to a potential Constitutional crisis, which the Judiciary and Legislature alike are loath to trigger. Then, not insignificantly, Joe Biden would become President, which would be unattractive to R’s and D’s alike. Now, the R’s, liking their chances in 2012, don’t want to give the D’s the opportunity to introduce fresh blood into the primary season, and Hilary would probably run again too. While still a dereliction of their duty to defend the Constitution, tactically this might even make sense, if the untold damage being done to our country in the meantime, was not so devastating.


Next, two of the rising stars in the Republican Party, who are often mentioned as future Presidential hopefuls, are themselves ineligible for the office for the very same reason. Neither Bobby Jindal nor Marco Rubio’s parents were U.S. citizens when these two were born here. Yes, they were both born legal citizens on our soil, but they are not “Natural Born” citizens, by definition. Too bad for these admirable gentlemen; but either the Constitution is the supreme law of the land or it is meaningless. Amend it if that is thought necessary; but we bend or ignore it for transient causes at our nation’s peril.


Since any act of a usurper, illegally acting under the color of law, is null and void, the aftermath of this action will necessarily be messy. It will be the equivalent of repealing every legislative act he has signed, and reversing every appointment he ever made. Congress will need to resurrect those bills it can still pass (and undoubtedly argue again over those they now can’t), so Biden can sign them if he chooses. He will need to appoint his own cabinet and will have a huge backlog of judicial appointments to make (including two SCOTUS justices), and depending how many are new faces, the Senate will be very busy advising and consenting.


More importantly, the fear of the reaction of the ghettos and campuses, to any attempt to oust their beloved Messiah, is all too real. Unfortunately, Obama’s defenders have done such a masterful job of couching all dissent from his revolutionary agenda in terms of racial bigotry and/or supposed redneck ignorance, that many are afraid the cities would burn. This is not an insignificant concern; but at this point the very survival of our way of life and our grandchildren’s future is at stake.


I say, let them burn. If we are destined for another civil war to get our country back, let’s get it over with while there is still something left to save. If the rioters stay in the cities, I’ll watch them destroy their own neighborhoods on TV again. Their grocery stores will be empty in three days and they will have to settle down eventually, if they want our truck drivers to deliver them some more food. Else, if they are foolish enough to try to bring their riots out here in flyover country, I’m betting on us well-armed rednecks.


Enough is enough… to hell with Obama’s Marxist father’s anti-colonial dreams; it is time to take our country back and rebuild it in the image of our own Forefathers’ dreams. As Americans, we deserve the dignity of an honest job to support our families, without being dependent on a socialist welfare state for a make-work job or demeaning handouts. All we need do is loudly, publicly, and resolutely demand that our public servants honor their oath to defend our Constitution and evict the arrogant bastard. It is really that simple. Who among us has the guts to stand up in honor of our Forefathers’ sacrifices and do the same for our own posterity?


Let’s get to work. The biggest hurdle is to educate average Americans that “Natural Born” is not just the opposite of “Naturalized,” or just means born in America. Learn, understand, internalize, and own the above explanation of the issue. Then, teach it to everyone you know. Cut & paste it into every forum you participate in and start discussions. Maybe apply the slogan, “Born a Brit – Not Legit” to the concept (I forget where I once saw that; but it is catchy). Keep it alive.


And, please pass this on any way you can think of; e-mail lists, Facebook, twitter, etc. I intend to publish it on every Patriot/TEA Party social networking site I can find. Please do the same. I will keep a copy of it in the essays section of my blog at: ‎


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You are free to copy any or all of it and publish it anywhere you like, with or without attribution. This is not about who gets credit… it is about trying to save our country, while there might still be time left to do so, with the least complicated, most expeditious, means available. Please, I beg of you sons and daughters of Liberty, and all who have ever taken the oath to support and defend our Constitution – stand up and do your duty. It just may truly be now or never. â—„Daveâ–º