In the spirit of John Hancock, I wish to make sure the agents of tyranny making a list of contumacious American Patriots do not miss my name. I have carefully studied the Department of Homeland Security’s 4/7/09 Office of Intelligence Analysis Assessment:

Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment

This is a remarkable document. Nothing in my upbringing as a patriotic American could have ever prepared me to read such an official publication from a department of the United States of America. My Junior High civics teacher, who taught us the Constitution clause by clause, would have been scandalized; and had it been published in the 1950’s, it would have undoubtedly earned the authors a starring role before the House Un-American Activities committee.

When I volunteered for the US Army at the age of seventeen in 1963, had anyone suggested that a day would come when my oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States might land me on a watch list for “domestic terrorists,” I would have laughed in their face. All my training and deployments in the Army stressed that we were engaged in an existential battle for freedom, against the very Marxist ideology that has now captured the levers of our own government to publish such bilge.

When I again took that oath in 1966, upon being sworn in as a peace officer in California, had someone suggested that one day my department would be receiving such communiqués from the Federal government, warning that veterans and patriotic Americans who revered the Constitution should be watched closely as dangerous subversives, I would have thought them mad. Yet, here it is in full color on a Federal government website. The hubris behind the indictment is breathtaking.

I had hoped that this was just some overzealous bureaucrat’s handiwork; but I note with interest this morning that the Washington Times is carrying a report that Janet Napolitano stands by her department’s report in the face of mounting outrage, and actually approved it before publishing and disseminating it to local law enforcement agencies. This is simply unacceptable to this veteran. Therefore:

It has been my experience that the Federal government, and particularly those parts of it engaged in intelligence and its analysis, is not very efficient. I am an honest citizen who has always done his civic duty. I’ve never been arrested and haven’t even gotten a speeding ticket since 1979. Therefore, there is a good chance it may have escaped our domestic spies’ notice that, according to this turgid document, I qualify on multiple accounts for a position on their watch list. Allow me to make my case for that honor and distinction; so that these pathetic bureaucrats will waste their resources watching this dangerous old man, and leave some of the brave kids returning from their duty in Iraq alone.

True, I am a committed libertarian at dead center of the political spectrum, rather than out on its right wing; but one shouldn’t expect career bureaucrats, who consider anyone to the Right of Ted Kennedy a radical redneck, to comprehend such distinctions. No, I am not a racist; but it has reached the point that bureaucratically, a racist is defined simply as a white man. Discounting the significant measure of Cherokee DNA in my heritage, I admit that I am guilty of being white.

I could care less what color Barak Obama is; but he is an obvious usurper, who is ineligible to hold the office of POTUS. By his own admission, he was born a subject of the Queen of England, which means by definition that he is not a Natural Born Citizen, regardless where he was born. Since he is so arrogant that he refuses to even address the question, much less submit evidence to the contrary, I document my refusal to acknowledge his legitimacy in the office he has usurped here:

Not My Day

Although I attend no meetings, own no telltale camo gear, and haven’t drilled for about 45 years, I assert my membership in the Citizen’s Militia that has Janet’s knickers in such a twist here:

The Citizen’s Militia

I not only think the individual States have sovereignty over the Federal government, I assert that I have Individual Sovereignty over the States: I rather thoroughly make my case here:

Sovereign Rights

I not only am concerned that the current crop of Progressives riding roughshod in Washington DC have stated their intention to further restrict American’s inalienable right to keep and bear arms, at the breathtaking pace they are dismantling our Constitution, I seriously fear that they will actually try to disarm us over some false flag pretense in the near future. Their Progressive Public Schools have so dumbed down the sheeple who empower them, that I am afraid our young warriors and law enforcement officers might actually follow unconstitutional orders to confiscate civilian weapons.

This is such a volatile issue, that I have taken the trouble to attempt to defuse it before some fool starts another Civil War. Instead of sending out threat assessments demonizing veterans and Patriots, if DHS really wanted to cool the growing tension in America, they would disseminate my essay to all the cop shops and military barracks across America:

Gun Collecting Can Be Treason

Besides the fact that the Second Amendment makes ALL gun control laws patently unconstitutional, I document how utterly stupid the attempt to disarm honest citizens is here:

Urban Varmints

I acknowledge that I am an incorrigible criminal, and make the case that there are so many onerous laws, rules, and regulations that it is impossible for any American to live a normal life for 24 hours without violating one of them here:

Civil Disobedience

I am totally immune to the Progressives’ class warfare strategy, because I understand who really pays all the taxes, and it isn’t the fat cats. It is the average productive private sector citizen, in his role as consumer, who ultimately finances all of the out of control spending by politicians. If all Americans could read and understand just this one essay, the Progressives would lose enough of their constituency that they would never win another election. It is found here:

Who Really Pays Most Taxes

There, that should keep a few domestic spies, analysts, and watch list makers busy for awhile. One caution, Ms. Napolitano, lest I be accused of recruiting from your own shop: When assigning my case, it would be wise to choose agents who are thoroughly drenched in Progressive Kool-Aid. Otherwise, you might lose them to the dark side.

For, unless they are dumb as a box of rocks, if they have even a lick of common sense, a scintilla of respect for our Constitution, and a smidgen of love for America – there is just no way they could absorb these essays without awakening to what is so very wrong with the way you and your ilk are dragging this once great nation into the abyss of totalitarianism.

Color me proud to be on your list, and utterly undaunted by your attempt to intimidate true American Patriots. We surround you, lady; and we will not be cowed into silence by the threat of Brown Shirts watching our every move. This is America – and we the people employ you. The very notion of you referring to us as potential terrorists, when you will no longer apply that term to the Islamic Jihadists who actually are, exposes you as a hopeless partisan fool unworthy of your office. I and millions of other Patriots are sick and tired of partisan games and both wings of the Incumbrepublocrat Party. Go to hell. ◄Dave►