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I used to pity Canadian conservatives their plight, stuck living under the rule of a Progressive majority. It just occurred to me that we have now allowed the bastards to overwhelm us too, and the Canadians have it better than we do. More importantly, their prognosis for the future far exceeds ours. They are energy independent, better educated, and are starting to scale back on failed social programs. We have a long hard row to hoe, before we have experienced enough pain to catch up to their reality. Here is another view from the outside looking in, found in a WTP comment section of six-month-old article I stumbled across. Somebody should send it to the RNC:

Cameron D. MacKay
February 16, 2011 | 9:18 pm

Paul: Thank you for the courtesy of responding to my comments. Allow me to express a few of my frustrations with what appears to be the Republican’s temerity to confront fundamental issues which are eroding America (and hence detrimentally affecting my country)

1. Aside from Senator Inhofe and a few others, Republican politicians refuse to call out this entire global warming/now climate change/cap & trade scam. There is no causal connection between global temperature and CO2 and there is no shortage of petroleum from “reliable allies” of the United States. Aside from America’s own proven reserves (e.g. Alaska etc.) Canada is an energy superpower with humoungous deposits of oil in the Oil Sands and conventional oil reserves. Yet the Republicans allow the Dems to fear monger about global warming and the shortage of petroleum and the dependency on unreliable allies in the middle east. In fact, Canadian Oil reserves have historically been developed in joint ventures between American and Canadian companies and (2) under the NAFTA agreement the U.S.A. has first option on 75% of all petroleum produced in Canada. Currently, TransCanada Pipeline Company (originally incorporated by Americans who still own about 50% of this public company) has applied to the American Federal Government to build a pipeline from Edmonton Canada to the refineries in Texas. This would produce hundreds of high paying jobs for Americans in the construction of the pipeline and hundreds of permanent jobs at the Texas refineries. However, this is all being held up by the American environment lobbyists who are promoting this B.S. about the Oil Sands being “dirty oil”. In fact, Alberta has some of the highest environmental reclaimation requirements in the world and the Oil Companies have now developed “in situ” extraction methods which obviates surface mining. (Read “Ethical Oil by Levant) Since the very same people who invest in Wall Street also hold shares in these Canadian Petroleum Companies, it logically follows that a portion of the profits therefrom would be flowing back into American hands theregy reducing the trade deficit. This refusal to confront these enviro freaks negates the ability of American companies to “do business” and needlessly inflates the cost of gasoline for Americans and plays into the hands of OPEC. From a macro economic point of view, the costs to Americans, I suggest, is in the billions. Why then do Republicans not get on this issue and expose the global warming mythology??? I’m confident that a plurality of Americans would agree with the Republicans that this huge petroleum reserve should be developed as it not only does not threaten American national security it puts Americans back to work on high paying jobs.

2. Why do the Republicans allow Obama to pretend that somehow he is at the forefront of intellectual political thought. We have had left wing socialist parties in Canada since before the second war. Since their entire “theology” is based on Marx (who wrote about the industrial revolution) and Keynes (who published in 1934 about the problems of the Great Depression) the Left has been incapable of developing new ideas to cope with a global economy fueled by technology. Socialized medicine may be a novelty for the American Left ….. but let me tell you ….. we have had it since 1963 and its continuously escalating costs have now reached the point where our politicians are looking for ways to reduce costs by some sort of public/private hybrid. I am at a loss to understand why prominent Republicans have not branded Obamacare as an old fashioned idea which has proven to produce second class health care.

3. I do not understand why Republicans keep stating that “if they do not get the debt and deficit undercontrol it will detrimentally affect the next generation.” B.S. If they do not get the debt and deficit under control it is going to detrimentally affect the PRESENT generation. (and the rest of the free world)

4. I do not understand why Republicans fail to recognize that one of the top priorities is to bring the American public school system back to normalcy. Currently, it seems to be a hot bed for indoctrinating American children with Left wing ideology and the expenditure of moneys has not produced the highest standard of educated students according to recent surveys. How can American continue to lead in innovation and enterprise when the Province of Alberta, Canada (of which you have probably never heard of) ranks much much higher in public education surveys than does any State in America? (I’m not bragging …… I worried)

Sorry for the rant Paul …. but since I don’t hold an American citizenship … its all I can do.

I do hold an American citizenship, and that is about all I can do either, with roughly the same effect. As Troy keeps saying, “We are so screwed.” Too bad I have an allergy to shoveling snow… â—„Daveâ–º

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