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While it must have done wonders for his stats, Bernie Goldberg probably tired of his 7/21 column remaining at the top of his “Most Popular” widget after three weeks. It appears that the “Devilish Questions” Obots vs WTP (we the people) debate has been terminated, after spawning 2165 comments. One wonders how much attention Bernie paid to the debate; but he must feel at least a little uncomfortable for not following up on his “experiment,” as he had implied that he would after readers answered his survey questions. A good many have expressed their disappointment that he has yet to do so.

An initially reluctant, yet eventually enthusiastic participant in the spirited debate, while I was trying (and failing) to get Bernie’s attention for the plan of action described in my “Support and Defend” essay, I learned much and my thinking evolved considerably. I have abandoned all hope that any Federal judges or politicians will ever honor their oaths to our Constitution, and honestly address the issue of Obama’s ineligibility for the office he usurped. Thus, I now recommend that WTP focus our efforts primarily at discrediting Obama for posterity, and openly showing our contempt for him at every opportunity, rather than buy into the notion that we need to “show respect for the office” he occupies. Rubbish.

Bernie’s server had burped the day before, and suddenly the spirited debate we had been enjoying was pushed off the current page, leaving only a few new inanities, which did not reflect at all the level of serious discourse we had been having. I decided to recap my position for new readers and get away from the new racism taunts. My final post there was:

August 13, 2011 | 5:39 am

The credulous and/or mercenary so-called Obots, who take turns monitoring this forum 24/7, trying to defend their client with lawyerly obfuscation, try to dismiss the mountain of evidence condemning Obama as a total fraud as being inadmissible in court. One, calling himself “bob,” is so brainwashed in his myopic authoritarian and academic worldview, that he would deny us even the use of the word ‘evidence,’ unless referring to something that he would regard as irrefutable proof of an assertion in court. To him, it doesn’t matter how many years of real world experience one may have in a field of endeavor, unless one has a stack of credentials and academic honorifics behind one’s name, and is recognized by his vaunted ‘authorities’ as competent to testify as an ‘expert’ witness in a court of law, one’s opinions are of no consequence, and may be dismissed out of hand as undoubtedly partisan lies.

I think it is safe to say that after three years, and dozens of attempts dismissed on procedural grounds, at all levels of our judicial system, the merits of the question of Obama’s ineligibility on the grounds that he is not a NBC, will never be addressed in a court of law. Out of fear and/or partisan bias, our judges have refused to honor their oaths to support and defend our Constitution, declaring it a political issue rather than a legal one. Yet, out of fear and/or partisan bias, our politicians likewise refuse to honor their own oaths to defend our Constitution.

This leaves the onus on us, we the people (WTP), to do everything in our power to discredit this fraudulent, anti-American, usurper, who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama, as the utterly corrupt, phony, lying, bastard that he is. Given the reported fear those whom WTP have hired to defend our Constitution have, of the riots it would cause among what Attorney General Eric Holder calls “my people,” we may never see him deservedly frog-marched to prison for his crime spree. For the sake of the future,
WTP cannot allow that to stop us from continuing to discredit his legitimacy in every way possible.

As embarrassing as it is, it is important for our posterity that history records what fools we were, for ever allowing this affirmative-action wannabe to usurp the office to begin with, so that such a mistake never happens again. The more evidence WTP amass for historians to review, the more likely that this sorry episode in our history is not forgotten, and the phony little con man gets the legacy he so richly deserves. Let’s redouble our efforts and not shirk our own duty, by refusing to pay Obama the slightest respect one might normally afford one seated in our Oval Office, and continuing to inform our fellow citizens of just how phony he is.

The beauty is that we do not need lawyers, judges, or politicians for this task, and feckless lawyerly obfuscation cannot stop us from doing so. To hell with case law, precedents, and restrictive rules of evidence; they are utterly meaningless in the court of public opinion. WTP already have all the circumstantial evidence needed, to declare loudly and publicly to the entire world, that this usurper is a total fraud and consummate lier, who cannot be trusted, does not have our confidence, does not speak for us, does not act in our behalf, and we refuse to even acknowledge him as our President.

All of the evidence dug up so far regarding his phony nativity narrative, is fascinating and will be useful to historians. The obviously forged BCs have been very useful in finally getting some citizens to pay attention to what others have been trying to say, as they bravely withstood the charges of racist and conspiracy nuts to do so. Yet, the effort to fit the pieces into a preconceived theory of where he was actually born, working from assumptions gleaned from his own phony memoir, “Dreams From My Father,” have caused the so-called ‘Birther’ movement to make tactical errors, easily exploited by the Obots and their fellow propagandists, to discredit anyone even remotely associated with their efforts.

Using my own experience as a guide, since I was never much concerned with the place of his birth (because I knew anyone born a subject of the British Empire could not be a NBC, by definition), the conjectured solo trip by a pregnant teenaged girl to Africa, leaving her husband in Hawaii, simply defied common sense to me. I assumed he was hiding his BC to avoid embarrassment for some other reason, which he probably could be forgiven his vanity for. I could even understand his trying to skate on the definition of NBC, and blamed the media and white-guilt impaired politicians on both sides for allowing him to do so.

Not so, the discovery that his memoir (upon which his entire reputation as a brilliant intellectual was based, because he arrogantly claims to have written it by himself, without the assistance of a ghost writer), is almost entirely a fable written by his good friend, the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers (who he also claims was just a casual acquaintance living in his neighborhood). Combined with the the revelations that his mother never lived with Obama Sr. as husband and wife, etc. caused me to find this deliberate premeditated deceit, to be an outrageous and unforgivable fraud on our political process.

It has been my experience, that folks without much interest in the BC issues, get very interested when informed of the actual pedigree of Obama’s memoir, and exhibit total disgust when convinced of it. Thus, I would suggest that those wishing to actually influence other’s opinion of the resident Prevaricator in Chief, start with that factoid, before trying to convince them of the more debatable BC issues. As I have demonstrated, the only defense the Obots have to the evidence Jack Cashill has amassed in his book, “Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves, and Letters of America’s First Postmodern President,” is to sputter at the audacity of it, call the author names and paint him with the same “conspiracy nutter” brush.

Those charges are easily dismissed with the video of a delightful talk he gave, recorded by C-Span at:

…where he comes across as a very likable, scholarly, professorial type, who has written several books, and ghost written others. He explains how he stumbled upon the project, buying a copy of Dreams in an airport, and noticed upon reading it that most of it had been written in an unusual postmodern style, with quite some skill; yet other sections were more pedestrian. It was obvious to him that more than one person worked on the book, because of this pronounced change in voice.

He was thus surprised to learn that Obama claimed to be the sole author, and went looking for other examples of his writings. What little he found published, was so pitiful in its sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation that a grade schooler could have done better. He knew then that Obama could not have written it, but had no idea who had, and penned articles for The American Thinker and WND back in 2007 explaining why not.

Then, in a fluke, for a completely separate project, he read Bill Ayers book, “Fugitive Days,” and found the mystery ghost writer. The similarities in the postmodern writing style, with very unique sentence structure, were unmistakable, and the prolific use of maritime terms and metaphors in both, were a dead giveaway (Ayers was once a merchant seaman – Obama has no such background that might prompt him to use maritime laced language, much less obscure words like bilge and ballast).

As I have often said, it is impossible for anyone to read Cashill’s book, with a fair and open mind, and then honestly say they did not themselves conclude that the real author was, in fact, Bill Ayers. I recommend it highly. Most, in fact, will be persuaded by the logic and details revealed by Cashill, in the above video alone. Enjoy it, pass it on to your acquaintances, keep up the good fight to discredit this fraud, and take note of all the politicians, who neglected their oath to our Constitution during the next election, if the wannabe dictator ever again allows us to have one. ◄Dave►

To which the ever diligent Obot ‘bob’ immediately replied:

August 13, 2011 | 5:48 am

You hate President Obama so much you will gladly toss the Constitution and rule of law, while citing a bunch of lies, to justify your desire to remove of the duly elected president of the United States.

Upon my return this morning, I discovered that the debate might be over. There had been no new comments after that, and the server, without explanation, would not accept my reply. There have been no other updates all day, and it still won’t post my response, which was to be:

Hate is such a mild term, Bob. My enmity for your phony Obamessiah is unbounded. I detest and loath this miscreant Chicago street thug, who has conned his way into the White House, by inveigling naive sheeple like you into voting for amorphous hope and undefined change. But, what you miss, is that it isn’t just who he is or isn’t, but what he is doing to our country that has awakened and animated we Liberty loving Patriots. We utterly reject your Progressive vision of utopia, which you think this wannabe tyrant is ushering in. Not on our watch, Bobby.

There is no such thing as the rule of law. If there was, the Justice Department, headed by inveterate racist “my people” Eric Holder, couldn’t choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore, now could he? Even plea bargains, the prime lubricant of our lawyerly criminal justice system, subvert the rule of law. It has become the rule of lawyers, who make these arbitrary decisions not to enforce the laws as written and intended, by the legislative representatives of we the people (WTP).

Your Progressive forefathers destroyed our Constitution over a hundred years ago. If it were ever to become the law of the land again, DC would become a ghost town. 95% of the activities of the Federal government, which you “living document” proponents have deliberately misinterpreted the Commerce Clause to achieve, would have to be shut down. And, of course, that miserable, ever-lying, low-life, SOB you fools call “The One,” wouldn’t be jet setting all over the world, with an entourage of sycophants like a rap star, apologizing for America’s successful and exceptional culture, and bowing servilely to Muslim potentates. â—„Daveâ–º

I would have liked to have gotten that last lick in; but I’ll take satisfaction in the chagrin the wily Obots must experience, in noticing that the first comment any newcomer to the article will encounter is my final post above. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

5 Responses to “WTP-04 Obot vs WTP Debate Over”

  • Troy says:

    Show “respect for the office”? Obama and his 2 immediate predecessors have done so much to tarnish that office that I see nothing left worthy of respect. I will respect that person who restores the dignity of the office of POTUS but, until that happens, piss on it.


    • Trial says:

      Whenever I think of Obama and his administration, these lyrics come to mind:

      “What if I say I’m not like the others?
      What if I say I’m not just another one of your plays?
      You’re the pretender
      What if I say I will never surrender?”

      “So who are you?
      Yeah, who are you?
      Yeah, who are you?
      Yeah, who are you?

      Keep you in the dark
      You know they all pretend”

  • Trial says:

    Hmmm, I think comments have been blocked all together at Bernie’s site. I’m guessing after he writes his next article, they’ll be allowed again.

    Still, if Bernie does make an article about his “findings,” my guess is that Paul Courtney was correct in his assertion that Bernie likes seeing the passion, but he doesn’t think anything will come out of it.
    Personally, I’m sick and tired of this reasoning. All it takes is ONE JOURNALIST/ONE POPULAR CELEBRITY/ONE POPULAR POLITICIAN to stand up and recognize the legitimacy of some of the “birther” claims. The flood gates can easily be opened again just like when Donald Trump brought up the issue. It’s too bad all of Fox is too scared that they might not be invited to White House parties if they go “too far” with anti-Obama rhetoric.

  • Trial says:


    I just confirmed comments have been re-enabled. Feel free to post your comment. Hey, the article still may have a chance of being revived too ;D

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