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If you are not yet following Scott Adams’ blog, you should be:

How to Make a Little Rocket Man Costume for Halloween


Step 1: Get yourself one of these hats.

Step 2: Spray-paint the tips with black paint.

Step 3: Buy a pant suit wherever-the-hell Hillary Clinton shops.

Step 4: Smile like you just smoked a doobie and executed a close relative.

Step 5: Nailed it!


Wow… I was able to copy and paste Scott’s entire post, pictures and all, over here in one simple operation! WordPress is getting effortless to use!  😀 â—„Daveâ–º

5 Responses to “Halloween Costume”

  • Chris says:

    Well CT can make us the hats. I just have no idea where one would go to find a pants suit like that to fit a 6’4 230 lb. frame. Is there a big and tall for the gender confused? Darn. Now I probably gave them another idea.

    Word press has been good at that for quite a while. In your admin panel under tools there’s an app called “press this”. Give it a try. It’s like magic for quoting other stories. Particularly if it’s another Word Press site.

    • If she can find them that fit over her thunder thighs, I am sure they would fit around your waist. It might be a bit short; but perhaps you could start a new trend in Maoist waistcoats. 😀

      I’ll check out that WP feature. I remember hearing about it; but I don’t usually republish whole articles with pictures, so I never investigated it. â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        The thing about it is that it doesn’t repost the whole article. It auto posts the featured image, title, and an excerpt with a link to continue reading. The only thing I change is the back link. I adjust it to open a new frame instead of leaving my site. If it’s a youtube page it automatically embeds the video too.

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