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This mashup isn’t from conspiracy theorists; it’s from the NYT:

Listen carefully to the audio. Notice how much of the time the shooter is firing single shots, or not at all. Note: they counted a couple of short consecutive bursts individually, which I had counted together when I found only ten episodes of automatic fire, approximately once a minute.

Their count of 900 rounds fired at the crowd comports with my own estimate of 1000 rounds or less. In any case, 900/12=75. The only way to fire an average of 75 rounds per burst with an AR-15, would be with drum type magazines. I have heard nothing regarding such magazines being at the crime scene, and the leaked photos do not show any.

I still think that many of the sustained ~100 round bursts were probably from belt-fed weapons, such as the M-249. This would also make a lot more sense out of the time and effort expended to set up tripod tables. Although designated a ‘light machine gun,’ which can be shoulder or hip fired, the M-249 still weighs over twice that of a M-16. Then again, I suppose firing 1100 rounds (counting the 200 fired through the door) offhand with either weapon, would be a bit daunting for a pudgy 61-year-old besotted gambler.  â—„Daveâ–º


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  • Chris says:

    I haven’t actually heard any verification of magazine types or capacities at all but check this out. Seems a drum magazine isn’t necessary.
    I’m really not that familiar with the AR’s. Never owned one and thanks to our commie governor probably never will. What I do know I have either learned from reading or videos. From everything I have seen they won’t hold up very well under rapid fire of 75 rounds. Each volley may have been a fire until it burns down then grab another. They just aren’t made for that. Possibly the reason for having so many of them. Assuming it was actually AR’s used.

    You mentioned individual shots. What I have also seen about the “bump stock” might account for some of that. Particularly if the shooter wasn’t well practiced using one. From what I have seen the bump stock relies on some precise trigger pressure and stock pressure to set up a recoil rhythm. Without that proper balance the recoil won’t trigger the second shot. It doesn’t make it a “machine gun”. Every round fired is subject to human error. It’s possible that the individual shots were failed attempts at starting what I’ll call a volley rhythm. It may have taken him a few tries to get it right.

    At any rate the speculation is fun. It’s causing me to investigate a firearm I’ve paid little attention to. The who and why is the real unending mystery.

    • There are stacks of what appear to be 30 round clips in the crime scene photos, which are just referred to as ‘high capacity magazines.’

      No there were definite individual single shots at times between the bursts, like he was aiming at something. I would surmise that he was using a different weapon for them.

      Yes, a couple of the shorter volleys sounded like he was getting a bump stock rhythm started, and never quite perfected it; but the 100 round volleys began and ended in perfect full-auto rhythm, just like a belt-fed, heavy barreled, weapon designed to sustain that many rounds or more without letting up. A typical AR-15 would likely jam before one could cycle 100 continuous rounds through it on full auto. If not, the barrel would be ruined for sure. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    hmmmm. Don’t know why my link didn’t post but we’ll try it this way.

  • Does the loud gunfire recorded by the taxi at the Mandalay, sound like it was at least 100 yd. away? Not to me… One floor = 10′ so 32 floors = 320′! Then, the sound of distant fire she noted, seems way too attenuated to just be the same shooter firing his weapon down the hall, instead of out of the window. No? â—„Daveâ–º

  • It seems crazy to me if there isn’t software that could take the audio from the thousands of microphones/cell phones that caught this, sync up the audio, extrapolate the locations of literally every sound they have in common, remove the background noise, count the shots, etc.

    They know what happened, and at this point, I’m shocked if some reddit forum isn’t most of the way there by now.

  • Chris says:

    What’s coming down the pike is going to make us forget all about the Vegas massacre. It’s about to blow. I’ve watched Trump on numerous addresses and interviews over the past couple days. His demeanor tells me he’s literally dancing inside. It’s coming, and it’s gonna be YUUGE.

    • Most have already moved on, Chris. It has even nearly disappeared on Drudge.

      Yes, the Russia narrative has sure flipped, and even has me watching Fox News to learn what is new on it, which is remarkably unavailable from MSM. Funny, only a few days ago, ‘Russia’ was their favorite word. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

    • …he’s literally dancing inside.

      LOL… speaking of happy feet, have you seen the Hannity show the last couple of nights? He will need to change his shorts. 😆

      We need a new post for this topic… â—„Daveâ–º

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