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Tucker has some really good ones, and more are arising daily. Don’t we deserve at least a few answers?

Mexico? I still think Campos looks suspicious with that Jihadist styled beard. Most important questions are: what are they hiding… and why? â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Chris says:

    It gets weirder by the day. I’m sticking with the gun running angle. Why it wound up in the shooting I could never say.

  • Perhaps the missing hard disk is a significant clue:

    He is not the first mass shooter to destroy or hide digital clues.

    In 2007, Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung Hui removed the hard drive of his computer and disposed of his cell phone shortly before the massacre. Authorities even searched a pond for the missing digital media, but the devices were never recovered.

    The 2008 Northern Illinois shooter, Steven Kazmierczak, removed the SIM card from his phone and the hard drive from his laptop, and neither was recovered.

    In 2012, Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza had removed the hard drive from his computer and smashed it with a hammer or screwdriver.

    Hmmm… am I seeing a pattern here? Perhaps all these zombies were ordered to dispose of their digital evidence before carrying out their MK Ultra type mission?? 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Chris says:

      And a most interesting development. The arrest of his brother for child porn? A large FBI investigation that started long before the shooting. Is it possible that he was involved as well and knew they were going down? Could that be why the hard drive was gone and he just thought he couldn’t go to prison as a pedophile so he went out with a bang? This is some weird stuff. When is a coincidence not a coincidence? Here’s another thought. Was he being black mailed into doing it by someone who knew about the porn? Did he get rid of the hard drive or did someone else remove the evidence that there could be black mail? Questions, questions, and more questions.

  • Interesting comment from elsewhere:

    Maybe there wasn’t a hard disk in the first place. Your notebook can run without a disk.
    For instance: get a 128GB fast USB3 thumb drive, use Rufus to load Ubuntu Desktop bootable from the thumb drive, then set the notebook BIOS to boot from USB.

    Now, as long as the thumb drive is plugged in, you have a notebook that runs without any internal drive. And if trouble come, flush the thumb drive. Did anyone check the sewer coming frome the hotel?

    This trick is often used by “kids” to take over “library computers” that otherwise have very tightly controlled software.

    Why not? â—„Daveâ–º

    • Chris says:

      I keep a bootable thumb drive with DOS on it just in case windows crashes. Used to happen to me a lot. I liked to play back in the early days. That said it will still boot my newest pc and give me file access.

  • More new and incongruous data from the NYT:

    Additionally, housekeepers visited Mr. Paddock’s room, where he had fired on the crowd below, more than once in the days before the shooting, but did not notice any sign of his large stockpile of weapons. He also ordered room service at least once, according to people with knowledge of the security response inside the hotel.

    Separately on Wednesday, Mr. Paddock’s brother was arrested at an assisted living facility in Los Angeles on charges of possessing child pornography.

    Mr. Paddock’s activities at the hotel have been carefully tracked. Mr. Paddock was a “lifetime winner” at MGM Resorts properties, which include the Mandalay Bay. The term refers to gamblers who have won more money than they have lost over the years, raising doubts about whether Mr. Paddock had any grievance against the hotel. He also gambled during his stay the weekend of the shooting.

    Over the last year, Mr. Paddock traveled widely to buy his large cache of guns — more than two dozen were discovered in his room and more were at his home in nearby Henderson, Nevada. Investigators have said that they were purchased legally and gun store owners said they saw no warning signs from Mr. Paddock.

    “Housekeepers… carefully tracked… lifetime winner… Traveled widely…” Hmmm… somewhere I read that he had legally purchased 33 of his guns in just the past year. That equals 33 Federal background checks. I guess nobody bothers to notice how many guns somebody is purchasing…

  • Wait… WTF? We have been told that the first 200 rounds were fired through the door down the hall, hitting Campos in the thigh. Now, the Mandalay has released an audio clip of Campos reporting the shots fired:

    LA Times story – – Sound Clip

    How does the sound of the gunfire, supposedly coming down the hall right at him, compare with the volume we heard from from other recordings made 100 – 500 yd. away? Why was it louder outside?

    Listen to his surprisingly calm voice. Does it sound like he just got hit, or was even experiencing 200 rounds being fired directly at him? I don’t think so! 🙄 â—„Daveâ–º

  • The longer this goes on the more weird that seems. I am beginning to believe Paddock was set up.

    Either the investigators are STUPID AS CRAP or it is a total cover up of some kind.

    Clearly nothing being told to the public makes one bit of sense at all.

    • I am beginning to believe Paddock was set up.

      Bingo! Now, by whom and why? â—„Daveâ–º

      • The why? … no clue other than it was an astounding FLOP!
        The whom is bat crap stupid and my prediction is they are about to be caught red handed. When that occurs it will not be pumping iron for life in sing sing it will be hanging in the public square … LOL

      • Step one is to realize that there are elements of our government going all the way to the top that have nearly no ethics or accountability as we would recognize them, and who consider their goals to be more important than the lives of a city full of people. These are the people who are telling us what happens.

        What do we know about this event? A whole lot of bullets rained down into a crowd of country music fans in Vegas.

        I find the police scanner to be mostly credible. Things like the security guard, the hard drive, the suspect(s), and the contents of the room, we’re pretty much taking on faith in authorities being truthful.

  • Honestly this youtube video not available is getting a bit old. Youtube is cutting its own throat here.

    I can not keep up with this who is allowed and who is not anymore. No sooner do I post and share and it is gone in hours.

  • The granddaddy of pertinent questions:

    Why Has The Las Vegas Massacre Disappeared From The News Cycle?

    …over at ZeroHedge. â—„Daveâ–º

    • That is the same recording I referenced above a few days ago, Chris.

      BTW, have you noticed the beard on the Texas shooter? I know they have all manner of domestic dispute motives; but I can’t get past the Jihadi beard. A scraggly neck beard with a trimmed mustache screams Jihadi. I don’t care how pissed one is at his mother-in-law, how could he shoot their neighbors’ children in the head, just to spite them? I suspect there is more there than they are telling us, or perhaps even know yet… â—„Daveâ–º

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