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I notice that there has been no discussion here of the recent Putin conquests and provocations.

May I have the satisfaction of knowing this is because, like me, the rest of you suspect this is nothing more or less than a sideshow meant to deflect international attention away from more significant activities – such as the treasonous activities of supposed “democratic” governments all over the world as well as the cowardice they display in regard to the Muslim threat?

For sure, innocent people are being slaughtered in this “sideshow” but, when did the lives of innocent people ever matter to those who truly wield power in this world? Truth is that we are simply utility objects to them. Sometimes our best use comes from helping increase their wealth or power through our work. Sometimes it comes from shedding our blood in whatever way seems to suit their current purposes.

On a side note, it makes me incredibly sad to realize that I once worked for what I am convinced with the best corporation in the world (IBM). During my tenure there, I saw it degenerate into just another corporation. I was born in what was undoubtedly the best nation in history. During my tenure here, I have seen America degenerate into just another country.

Consenting to become “ordinary” when you have been outstanding is such an insult to any enterprise.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Chris says:

    Exactly Troy. Putin is a sideshow. Do you believe the Russian people actually put him back in office? As you point out innocent people die in the sideshow. They always have and always will. The Islamic terrorists are as well a sideshow. An excuse to strip liberties and funds from the cowering masses. Ask any marine if they are afraid of ISIS. Without limiting rules of engagement they would just laugh. The one truth Obama told was when he said “they are the JV team. Look at the news today. You have to wonder what’s really going on that they are hiding. We have Hillary. We have Obama giving a presser about something that happened in January. We have the navy moving off the coast of Yemen and supposedly turning back the Iranian arms. We have Lorretta Lynch being confirmed. We have Obama laying claim to yet more gov. land. We have the web all abuzz over the military exercises going on. That Jade something or other. All this news going on only makes me wonder one thing. What’s really happening. Actually Putin is in the news. He’s in with the Hillary mess. Hell it’s all a mess.

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