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Many of us have known for years that the Clinton family (mob) is totally and completely corrupt – in every sense of that word. And they have been since Bill was first learning his “craft” in Arkansas. Ergo, the “news” that the Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a front for influence peddling, and for the extreme personal enrichment of the Clinton family, is no surprise.

(According to a report broadcast on the Limbaugh program, only 15% of the money taken in by the Clinton Foundation actually goes to some legitimate charitable purpose. The other 85% goes to “expenses”, about 50% of which are unspecified. Can there be any relationship between these “unspecified” foundation expenses and the fact that the Clinton family fortune has increased somewhere in the neighborhood of ¼ BILLION dollars since Bill left the presidency?)

The part of this disgusting story that strains my credulity is this: despite anything Bill or Hillary may do, about 40% of the American people continue to both love and support them. I honestly believe that were Hillary to pour gasoline on a truck load of live babies then set it afire on live television, that 40% would still hold firm in their support, somehow being made to believe that the energy companies, the truck companies and the manufacturers of matches were the real villains.

I have made no secret, in this space in particular, that I think the so-called “dumbing down” of America has worked beyond any progressive’s wildest dreams. Still, the current outrages must be obvious even to most household pets – possibly excluding goldfish. How could any mentally healthy human being be brought to accept what is so obvious to even the causal observer?

It has gotten so bad that even many in the Lame-Stream-Media are starting to speak out!

Still, Hillary not only remains a viable candidate for president, she is statistically tied with – or leading her probable GOP opponents.

We are currently led by an obvious traitor and pseudo-dictator who may well be replaced by the most corrupt individual in our political history. What hope can the republic have?

Speaking of the current traitor/pseudo-dictator… are any of the rest of you sick and tired of hearing reporters, even on Fox News, constantly express puzzlement with the president’s actions (or lack thereof) in regard to ISIS/ISIL the jihad and Muslim terrorism in general? All one need do is ask the obvious question – might he be supporting the other side? IMHO, the simple answer to this question makes everything suddenly fall into place. I suspect many in the media know this but are too terrified of the possible consequences to say so.

My generation, in particular, should hang our collective heads in shame over what we have allowed to happen. What were we thinking of? Oh, I remember… We were thinking of ourselves, our enjoyment, our possessions, with no thought left for the demands of continued liberty in a vibrant republic. We somehow thought it would all just go on forever with no effort required on our part. After all, was that not our birthright? Anyway, who actually cares what a bunch of rich old white guys did or said nearly 250 years ago. What possible significance could that have for us today?

We are already in the process of finding out, although the harder blows are yet to be felt.

Troy L Robinson

4 Responses to “Beyond Belief”

  • My generation, in particular, should hang our collective heads in shame over what we have allowed to happen.

    Troy, besides my visceral reaction to the word ‘collective,’ I reject the notion that I have any responsibility for the foolish actions and/or inactions of the sheeple in our generation. Short of starting a rebellion, I am not sure what more I could have done to prevent the inexorable decay of our once proud republic. I spent three years in uniform during the Vietnam War; I voted for Reagan; I voted for Perot; I voted for Harry Browne; I worked hard with the Swift-boaters to defeat Kerry; I worked even harder trying to expose Obama for the fraud he is; just look at all the essays and posts here for the past seven years.

    The seeds of our destruction began over a century ago, when the Progressives began taking over the influence centers in our culture, in order to corrupt the minds of the herds of followers and their children. Not only the Incumbrepublocrat Party; but most churches, academia, and public schools are now controlled by these forces of evil. No matter how hard we tried, folks like us never really had much of a chance to make a difference.

    You are right that the worst is yet to come; but nothing now could stop it, much less reverse the damage. America is over… â—„Daveâ–º

    • Chris says:

      Given just the fact that Hillary is still considered in the running for POTUS makes me fear you are right Dave.

    • Troy says:

      The reason I used the word “collective” is that I was apologizing for a generation, not for any particular person. BTW, my voting record is much like yours except that I never voted for Reagan. Even though he turned out to be fairly good in some respects, I simply cannot bring myself to respect or support the political establishment.


  • Chris says:

    I’m appalled at the support Hillary Clinton still garners even in the press. My jaw dropped yesterday listening to Stephanopolis beating up the author of Clinton Cash that he had no real evidence of wrong doing by the Clintons or their foundation. Maybe not but how many buildings do you need to see smoke coming out of in Chicago to figure out that Mrs. Oleary’s cow probably did kick over the lantern? Maybe there is no smoking gun but there is plenty of circumstantial evidence. Even if we are talking about the possibility that this woman is corrupt the possibility is an absolute disqualification for the highest office in the land. At the very least her judgement when it comes to handling her own affairs is seriously flawed. So they want to give her power over all of our affairs? Why don’t people understand this? Nobody is owed the position. Particularly to the point that the possibility of mass corruption should be overlooked. This woman has a lifetime of scandals going all the way back to the Nixon era. The only thing worse than electing Obama with no history is electing this woman with her history.
    Ok enough of my sexist war on women rant. We all know it’s just a “vast right wing conspiracy” anyway.

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