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Not that it matters much anymore…



… but, that these two guys were reciprocal best men at their weddings was news to me. That is a lot tighter than just having an obscure genuine “Black Muslim” half-brother on another continent. I suspect that Joel’s evidence that Frank Marshal Davis was most likely Barack’s real father may have come as a surprise and shock to both of them. The way Malik and the rest of his supposed Kenya family was simply discarded when no longer potentially useful, and probably more of an embarrassment, rather reminds me of what happened to Rev. Wright. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Chris says:

    Only more evidence of what we already know. Barak Obama is not who he says he is. Whether genetically or not is somewhat unimportant. Ideology and intellectual honesty is.
    Some of Mr. Obamas resentment could very well be justified on a personal family level but I also feel that Kenya as a whole feels slighted. I think they imagined back in 2008 that they would be the recipient of a great windfall of American largess. What they didn’t count on is that American largess is predicated on some sort of gain for those that dole out that largess. Kenya has nothing to offer.

  • Troy says:

    Great interview. Thanks for posting it.


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