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You are right, of course, Troy; but I am not so sure a war on 'us' is such a bad idea. 'I' for one, am sick and tired of 'us' and all of the perpetual wars, real and phony, used to keep American sheeple bunched up in collective herds, bleating for wise and kindly shepherds to protect them from rumored wolves.

Without an external enemy, there would be no need of a Federal government. Without natural enemies, they have to create them to justify their existence. Without a Federal government, there would be very little use for competing State governments.

The only reason folks in Texas give a damn about how the folks in New York organize their lives, and visa versa, is our predisposition to consider each other fellow Americans. That, and the propensity of each, to desire the establishment of their own societal preferences, as universal for all Americans.

Ironically, every faction of American society thinks they are playing defense, against a pernicious offense. Without the coercive power of government to enforce the will of the winners upon the losers, the 'culture war' would evaporate, and the oligarchs would have to find honest employment.

When one comes right down to it, without a 'them' there would be no need of an 'us.' Just think how much simpler and pleasant life would be, if we dealt with each other as 'he,' 'she,' 'you,' and 'me.' Imagine how much more productive every individual 'I' would be, it they didn't have to waste so much time organizing and battling over 'we.'

The more I delve into the anarchist wing of libertarianism, the more disposed I am to joining them. I am rethinking my knee-jerk support of our military and their missions. I am rethinking my strong opposition to the notion of open borders. Shockingly, I am even rethinking my staunch patriotism!

Given the inescapable conclusion that the Constitutional republic of our forefathers no longer exists, and the chances of getting back to it are nil, flag waving patriotism may be counterproductive. I will love the fatherland and 'idea' of America to my dying day; but I detest the un-American government that has taken control of it, and owe it no allegiance whatever.

As to what it would take to awaken the sheeple, it can't be done:

…they are oblivious. Abandon all hope; I have. 🙁 â—„Daveâ–º


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