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After a 45 minute wait in the security line at the Miami airport, I once again realized that the terrorists in the so-called “war on terror” have won this phoney war.

Our “leaders” seem to have no idea what terrorism is really all about. They act as though this is a traditional form of war with pitched battles and conquest of territory rather than a technique intended to cause the targeted society to lose faith in its institutions, in its culture, indeed, in every aspect of its existence.

Clearly, this has worked. Why else would a once free people willingly surrender a major part of its traditional and constitutional liberty in exchange for a phoney “security” system that treats them like a bunch of criminals who simply have not yet been caught in the act?

Or, could it be that our government has itself become the primary threat to our liberty rather than the so-called “terrorists”? Do you consider this an irresponsible or misleading question?

Merely consider the inescapable fact that our government seizes on every opportunity, every pretext, to demonstrate its authority and its naked power over virtually every aspect of our lives.

Consider further the ongoing seizure of unconstitutional powers by the executive branch versus the obvious helplessness of the legislative branch coupled with the politicization of the judicial branch. This can only lead to an outright dictatorship just as it has in every other nation foolish enough to follow the course we are now on.

Perpetual wars – both the shooting kind and the phoney kind – are nothing more or less that a technique to concentrate ever more power in hands of the corrupt – that unholy combination of the government, the financial cartel and the crony capitalists. Tyrants learned long ago that, during a “war”, people will give up liberties that, under other circumstances, they would fight like demons to preserve.

Many people wonder how a relative handful of tyrants can control a large population – especially an armed population such as we have in America. The answer is simple. They get by with it simply because we allow them to.

As I have noted in past articles, it is impossible to wage war against a technique (terrorism) just as it is impossible to wage war against a substance (narcotics). Wars can only be waged against people. Since I see no war being waged against the people primarily responsible for Islamic terrorism (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan) while I do see constant attacks against freedom and liberty here at home, I can only assume the current “war on terrorism” is actually directed at US. Not at the United States per se but and YOU and ME.

I close with my usual question — what will it take to wake up America?

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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