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We are just arrived in Manchester, NH, home town of saint J9. One of the reasons we came at this particular time is that my son-in-law ran in the Boston marathon today — with my daughter and two granddaughters in the stands cheering him on (and we planned to hook up with them in Boston tomorrow). Thankfully, they left the bomb site about 30 minutes before the explosions. Still, we had a tense time of it while flying in, disconnected from any media after having seen early reports of the blasts on monitors in the Philadelphia airport.

While all the pertinent data is not in yet, we can all make a fairly accurate guess as to the underlying cause of this crap. To that end, I have a suggestion that I am certain would have some level of effectiveness. The government of the US should instruct our ambassador to the UN to make a very simple statement to the entire world that says — as of the next terrorist attack on the US, that can be reliably linked to Islam — the city of Mecca, holiest site in Islam, will be promptly turned into a sheet of glass, by a nuclear blast that will render the entire area uninhabitable for centuries to come. Then, follow through and actually do it. If, like Japan in WWII, they do not learn after the first strike, then Medina should be next. Etc. with other Islamic sites until the message gets through to them — that we are not weak, we are not decadent and we have had enough.

I honestly believe that such a bold response would get fewer people (on both sides) killed and injured in the long run. You have to communicate with people in whatever language they understand. Sadly, some only understand the language of destruction.


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  • It is puzzling that they waited until three hours after the finish; but for your sake, thank providence that they did, Troy.

    I concur with your advocacy of the ‘Patton Doctrine’:

    …but the Muslim in our White House would never do it. We need to think of something we American men ourselves can communicate outside diplomatic channels. It is past time to stop being ‘nice’ to these despicable religious fanatics. â—„Daveâ–º

    • Chris says:

      The Muslim in the White House says “those responsible will be brought to justice”. Like they were in Benghazi?

    • Troy says:

      My son-in-law is not among the elite runners. Fact is, he finished much later than they… however, he DID finish.


      • Yeah, I bvtter understand the timeline now. A quarter of the field still had not finished when it happened. Your son-in-law is to be commended for finishing as early as he did, so they would be gone by then. â—„Daveâ–º

        • Troy says:

          Actually s-i-l finished the race 1.5 hours before the explosions. Evidently, they hung around a while to watch others finish. Thankfully, they left the area .5 hours before the big bangs.

          We did meetup in Boston and enjoyed a fine day together. Several things were closed (among them the USS Constitution which we had planned to visit) and, a several block area around the blast site was still cordoned off. Otherwise, Boston was fairly normal and the weather was outstanding.

          Odd that nobody has claimed responsibility for this yet. What point is a terrorist act when the perps do not take credit then associate the act with whatever they are po’ed about? However, I must admit that the terror content is higher when we have no idea who or why because this also means that we also have no idea what to expect next.

          That said, I still think it appropriate to blame the Islamofacists. If they did not do the deed directly, for sure they inspired it.


        • Your last paragraph is profound, Troy, and right on. I am ready to start a Jihad against the religious fanatics, especially the Saudis. This article ruined my morning:

          … and I am still fuming. It is long; but read it all. Especially the part about the convicted rapist in Colorado, and his statement to the court. If you happen to be in a good mood, you might want to wait awhile before spoiling it. Color me pissed off… The Patton Doctrine is sounding better all the time. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    Yes Troy. Too close. Stay safe.

  • Troy says:

    I am getting paranoid now — West, Texas is about 25 miles from our home.


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