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What would it take to convert a virtual POTUS into the real thing?



…that was not a rhetorical question. I have been a fan of Bill Whittle for years, and he is on to something with this 'virtual president' venture this year. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy says:

    Excellent speech! As the camera caught real people listening to the real SOTU speech, I could help thinking what a lot of bums we have sent to run our government. I do not often agree with Bill O’Reilly but, the past two evenings, he has been talking about how the mess we are in is our own fault.

    Seems to me that if we are set on selling our freedom, we could at least ask for a better price.

    Alas, the dictatorship is now upon us. The tyrant who pretends to be president has now used an executive order to establish an act that was specifically voted down by the legislature. And they sit there and whine like puppies who have just been taken from their mother.

    It is past time to select people fit to serve as militia officers and get them up to speed on their upcoming duties so that they are ready to organize those who are willing to defend what is left of our freedom.


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