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According to a recent poll, the Obamanation enjoys a job approval rating of about 54%. How on earth can this be so? This is especially amazing given all the recent noise concerning the so-called sequestration.

Consider the obvious facts:

→ The idea of a sequester came originally from the administration, probably from the Obamanation himself.

→ Until just a few weeks ago, the Obamanation publicly and vocally argued in favor of the sequester.

→ Suddenly, and inexplicably, the Obamanation began to publicly and vocally argue against the sequester.

→ Even more inexplicably, the Obamanation now tries to place the blame for the sequester (or, at least, for letting it take effect) on the GOP.

→ Then, the Obamanation promises to implement the sequester in a manner calculated to cause the maximum pain to the very citizens he claims to want to help.

Add to this the obvious power grabs, the rule by edict (aka executive orders), the insane spending, the constant lying, the outlandish costs associated with unnecessary travel and entertainment while the citizenry suffer economically, etc., etc.

And We-The-Sheeple respond with a positive job approval rating for this egomaniac? It simply makes no sense.

Yes, I realize that the Lame-Stream Media provide cover for him. Yes, I realize that we have been quite effectively “dumbed down”. Even so, a clueless idiot should be able to see this for what it is. Leaving me to conclude that it is not a matter of not knowing – it must, instead, be a matter of simply not caring.

Sadly (for those who do still care), if not caring is the prevailing attitude in this nation, then it matters very little who gets elected to whatever office.

Even more sadly (for those who do still care), a majority of the citizens of this once-great nation actually deserve what they are about to get. Indeed, they have asked for it – over and over.

So, here we are – with a corrupt, bloated government that damages everything it touches, an indebtedness that cannot possibly be repaid, a dysfunctional legislature, a dictatorial president, a financial cartel that is sucking the lifeblood out of our economy and a majority of citizens who seem to care only about themselves and nothing whatever about the fate of their country or of their fellow citizens. And, in the near term, it can only get worse. And, in my analysis, it can only lead to another world war.

The “good news” (tongue firmly in cheek) is that the survivors of major wars usually get the opportunity for new beginnings. Perhaps they will resurrect a new and better America?

For my own part, I find myself almost inert, probably from a sense of hopelessness regarding our national predicament. This is why I contribute so little to this blog lately. I get ideas for an article then I think “why bother? our fate is now inevitable”. In other words, I have gone from offering solutions, however impossible they may have been, to becoming part of the problem. I guess I have let the bastards finally wear me down.

I’m sorry.

Troy L Robinson

5 Responses to “How Can This Be?”

  • Your depression is understandable and shared, Troy. I fear there is no hope, now. I saw a report of a poor fellow, who was so depressed with the condition of our country that he called the suicide prevention hotline. Then, he had to dial one for English. That transfered him to their newly outsourced operation center in Pakistan. When he told them he was feeling suicidal, they got very excited and asked if he could drive a truck! I think we are screwed… â—„Daveâ–º

    • Chris says:

      On the up side the sun shine coming thru the window today brought up the first sprouts in the starter trays of my screw them garden. (formerly known as victory garden when we had a country)I feel a good crop coming this year. Too bad I may have to protect it with an AR-15. Oops! I mean shotgun.

      • LOL… Great! We need a resident optimist hereabouts. You are hired, Chris. 🙂

        I used to really love gardening, and starting the seeds inside like that. It is already time to plant here. Perhaps I should go buy some tomato plants at least, although they don’t do so well in they typical coastal fog we have here in the summer. Keep us posted on the ‘screw you’ salads. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Troy says:

          Our tomatoes are growing well, radishes, watermelons and potatoes have sprouted and broken ground, green beans, okra, squash and cukes are planted. Meanwhile, the strawberries are blooming but this usually benefits the birds more than the humans (they keep closer watch).

          While occasionally depressed, I am actually an optimist. Pessimists don’t plant gardens.


        • Chris says:

          Sounds like your supply lines (as mentioned in another post) won’t be interrupted. Save the birds with your strawberries. That to me is intolerable. I like strawberries too much. I feed the little feathered friends all winter. I’ll be darned if I’ll let them steal my food in the summer. What do they think I am? An American tax payer or something?

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