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Jim Geraghty, over at National Review, makes a powerful argument in a piece entitled, “The Demonization of the Iraq War Ensures No Syria Intervention,” which deserves international attention:

No, World, We’re Never Going to Militarily Intervene in Syria.

Everybody knows we’re not going to intervene in Syria, right?

Part of this is because we have Obama as president, part of this is because Americans consumed with our own domestic issues right now — a consistently floundering economy, immigration — but mostly it’s because of Iraq.

Dear world . . . do you remember how you greeted the invasion of Iraq?

The invasion of Iraq was treated as the greatest crime against humanity in the history of the world, denounced far more frequently and loudly than any act by Saddam Hussein, Bashir Assad, the Iranian regime, or North Korea.

Giant protests in lots of American cities. Giant protests in every foreign capital. The 2004 Guinness Book of Records described the anti-war movement around the globe as the largest mass protest movement in history — eclipsing any popular opposition to any act of the Soviet Union or any other totalitarian regime around the globe, ever. Among the elites in Paris, Berlin, and most corners of London, the Iraq War was the single-most important issue, and denouncing the evil of George W. Bush was the most important goal, not building a stable and peaceful Iraq. You recall Kofi Annan denouncing it, and the United Nations delegates scoffing when Hugo Chavez called our president the devil.

You recall the cries of “Bushitler,” the ubiquitous Code Pink interrupting every event in Washington, as if some ninny shouting during a press conference ever spurred sudden reversals in U.S. national security policy. You recall Hollywood’s relentless cavalcade of movies demonizing the war and those fighting it: “In the Valley of Elah,” “Stop Loss”, “Green Zone,” “Redacted,” “Grace is Gone,” “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

Hey, my Turkish friends so upset by a bloody civil war across the border and a flood of refugees, remember “Valley of the Wolves: Iraq”? Remember when that film suggested that Jewish U.S. army doctors in Iraq were harvesting organs from Iraqi civilians to be sold in Israeli, and that U.S. soldiers use Iraqi children as human shields? Yeah, remember that? Well, go solve your #*%&^ border problems yourself.

The Davos set is horrified to learn that after spending the better part of a decade screaming at the top of their lungs that an American intervention to topple a bloodthirsty Arab dictator is the absolute worst thing imaginable, suddenly Americans are no longer interested in toppling bloodthirsty Arab dictators.

(Slap, slap) Wake up, anti-war movement! You’ve got what you wanted! The United States is out of the armed intervention business, besides the occasional “leading from behind” in Libya, or the occasional covert mission in Pakistan.

Hate our quasi-isolationist policy, world elites, but don’t be surprised by it. We’re just giving you what you demanded. Maybe in a generation, we’ll be interested in intervening abroad again.

Besides, we can't afford it, and it is becoming increasingly obvious to rational minds that we should never interfere with Muslims killing each other. Supplying them small arms for the process is fine; but getting between them makes about as much sense, as it would to intervene in a border clash between China and North Korea. Whichever side wins, will still despise America and plot our demise.

If we could somehow install some rational minds in charge of dismantling our Federal bureaucracy, America could be energy independent in just a few years. Then, our next generation could ignore the plight of the perpetual combatants inhabiting Arabia, even easier that we can. It is time to reserve our humanitarian concern for civilized bipeds, who can demonstrate that they are capable of at least trying to act human. â—„Daveâ–º

2 Responses to “Syria Is Not America’s Problem”

  • Troy says:

    They cling to a religious belief that puts a premium on killing, dying and death in general — what other result could be expected? So long as they are killing each other though, what business is it of mine?

    Besides, we will likely have our own civil war to worry about soon enough.


  • Chris says:

    Exactly right. Whatever the outcome of any intervention the results will be more US hatred. Iraq being a perfect example. Maybe they haven’t come right out and proclaimed their hatred yet but actions and associations are a good predictor of future sentiment. So in light of that why bother? If they’re fighting with each other they’re leaving us alone. It’s even difficult to give “humanitarian support” to those who don’t recognize humanity. Give them what they want. Left to their own devices.

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