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As I have made clear in several past articles, I have no doubt whatever that we are headed directly into a socialist dictatorship. Sadly, a majority of those of us who bother to vote do not seem very bothered by the prospect. In fact, many, including academia and the mainstream media seem to welcome it. As to how allegedly intelligent people could welcome such a thing, I haven’t a sure answer. My guess is that they suppose that THEY will be among the chosen elite who are allowed to make decisions for the rest of us. I further guess that the less intelligent see dictatorship as some manner of extended childhood where they are forever relieved from taking responsibility for anything other than the pursuit of pleasure.

I have also opined in those past articles that the declaration of martial law will be our signal that the dictatorship in firmly in place.

Lately, as a result of numerous conversations, articles and books read, etc., it occurs to me that many people think that the declaration of martial law will signal the beginning of the implementation of dictatorship rather than signaling its completion. Therefore, that the declaration of martial law will be their signal to start defensive actions.

My friends, I wish there were adequate words to express to you have tragic a mistake such thinking is. The signal to start defensive actions has long since come. Indeed, at this point in the process, it may well be far too late to do anything effective to prevent total dictatorship.

Look around you if you will:

→ For four years we have had a “president” who governs more and more by “executive orders” (that is, rules by decree), and totally ignores the legislative and judicial branches of our federal government. This, by itself, is the beginning of dictatorship.

→ For four years our “president” has done all in his power to destroy the United States economy. Has it occurred to any of you that prosperity never produces or tolerates dictatorship? Dictatorship is the choice of the desperate – of people who think they have run out of choices.

→ For the last couple of years, domestic federal agencies, especially FEMA, have been stockpiling weapons and ammunition. What can this be for other than to use against our own citizens, within our own borders? This is supported by our “president” saying on several occasions that he wants a domestic force that is the equivalent of our legitimate military forces. What purpose could such a force have other than the imposition of martial law?

→ For four years, our “president” and his State Department (in the person of Hillary Clinton) have embraced every opportunity to surrender United States sovereignty to the United Nations (a move toward goal of a world-wide dictatorship).

→ For four years, our “president” has complained that our Constitution is a bother and a restriction of his ability to accomplish what he wants. What could he possibly want that is forbidden by the Constitution? Indeed, he actually ignores the Constitution with increasing frequency – and will do this more and more as the legislature and the judiciary behave like craven cowards toward him.

→ No doubt each of you could add to this list and I invite you to do so via your comments.

The net of all this is that our “president” is already a pseudo dictator. All that remains is to either disarm the majority of our citizens and/or to face us with an internal military force so strong – and so far beyond our influence – that we have little or no ability to resist.

The horror if it all is that by the time the truth becomes clear to the majority, most of whom don’t really want to know so they don’t have to deal with it, then it will be far to late to save America. For my part, I am partly ashamed to admit that, most days, I think it is already too late. When the time comes, I will do what I must but I fear it will be little more than a useless sacrifice.

While this is a bad outcome for me personally, what is it for those millions who have not been privileged to enjoy 70 years of freedom?

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Historian says:

    The socialist totalitarianism envisioned by those presently in authoriteh is indeed ripening, but the fruit will be indigestible by many. When one considers that the UK was stymied for decades by fewer than 300 active IRA members, and ultimately lost their war to the IRA, a nation where there would be tens of millions of guerillas actively opposed would be a dictator’s worst nightmare.

    Whether Soetero kicks off the civil war now by overt attempts at further infringement of our rights, or waits until the economy collapses first, he loses. America will be free once again.

    • I wholeheartedly agree, and have tried to warn them; but that will not make the needful process of re-founding America any less painful. Yet, as bad as things will become, it almost seems preferable to this mindless culture war between opposing camps of altruists, bent on imposing their model of utopia on the rest of us. The sooner we abandon the Politically Correct vs. Piously Correct paradigm, and get back to Liberty vs. tyranny, the better. â—„Daveâ–º

      • Historian says:

        The closest parallel I think history offers to what is coming to these presently united States is the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, yet as horrific as the siege of Sarejevo proved to be I think what is coming here will be much worse if it lasts very long. On top of the horrors of a civil war will be the spectre of 104 Fukushima meltdowns contaminating the countryside for generations to come.

        • Say what? How so? I have to admit that the reference to nuclear power plant melt downs sailed right over my head; but it sure caught my attention! I currently live within the evacuation zone of one of them. Please elaborate! â—„Daveâ–º

        • Historian says:

          Nuke plants require constant grid power to cool their rod storage pools. After a couple of days with no grid power they start to boil. Keep on mind that a number of US plants have 40 years worth of spent rods, vs 4 to 8 years at fukushima.

          • Good grief… This puts the lie to the notion of ‘remnants’ someday reconstructing civilization after the looming Dark Ages II. We should be making fortified camps, with adequate living quarters and supplies for all the workers, guards, and their families inside, so they can keep the plants running at a minimum level, to keep the pumps working. It might also be a reasonable idea to load a ship with all the spent fuel rods, and scuttle it over the Marianas Trench. How depressing… â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy says:

    I fear the fate of Leningrad in WWII is more akin to what is about to happen here. Far too much of our population is crammed into cities and far too many of them have no survival skills whatever. When the trucks, trains and planes full of supplies stop coming, when the power grid is down, when the flow of potable water stops, pure hell will soon ensue. Cannibalism will soon follow. Those of us in the hinterlands may have some chance given the availability of land, water and animals. But only if we exercise some foresight — such as having the means to render surface water drinkable and the tools to defend ourselves and harvest food.

    The nearest nuke plant is about 40 miles away. Probably far enough that we will not perish directly from a meltdown. The downside is that it is by one of the rivers that feeds the nearby lake — our presumed source of water.

    In theory, the nuke plants in the USA have sufficient auxiliary power on site to handle an orderly shutdown when the power grid fails. But then, so did Fukushima but this was destroyed by the tsunami before it could be used. BTW, the auxiliary power is needed to circulate the coolant until the core has cooled down. Many people do not realize that a typical steam-driven power plant consumes as much as 5% of its own output – whether nuke or fossil fueled.


  • daedalus says:

    A very depressing collection of e-mails!
    I think we came closer to a dictatorship under F. Roosevelt. Enough people saw the danger to pass the 22nd amendment. Agreed there are some depraved individuals in congress who would like to see it gone, but I don’t think there is much chance of that. We have another three plus years of this closet fascist, and he can do more damage to the Republic, but his ignorance will likely backfire in his face long before then. Note, he is pushing for extending the indoctrination of the pre-schooled children. This means to me that his ilk is not satisfied with the results of the present indoctrination program. Please keep up the virtual education, it is our best hope to minimize future cultural deterioration.

    • Troy says:

      Dae, how can the death throes of a once great nation be anything but depressing?

      As for the 22nd amendment, I can’t see that preventing an actual dictatorship. General ignorance, a sense of desperation, and a well-armed bunch of thugs are the best recipe for dictatorship. We have the first (in excess), Obama’s economic policies are generating the second and the Department of Homeland Security is quickly morphing into the third.


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