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Complaints crop up in Ohio of early voting machines marking Romney votes for Obama

Early voting problems in the key battleground state of Ohio are fueling concerns in the final days until Election Day, with the national race essentially tied in the latest Fox News poll.

After several early voters in North Carolina said last week they cast ballots for Mitt Romney but the electronic ballot machine logged their pick as President Obama, similar problems have popped up this week in Ohio.

Voters said they selected Romney on the touch screen but an Obama vote was logged instead.

“You want to vote for who you want to vote for, and when you can’t it’s irritating,” Ohio voter Joan Steven told the Marion Star.

As with the North Carolina cases, election officials had the machine inspected and re-calibrated.

Ohio is widely said to the be the most sought-after state in the two campaign’s electoral pathway to the White House because of its 18 electoral votes and nearly even split between Obama and Romney, though Obama has held onto a slight lead in recent polls.

The Fox News poll released Wednesday showed the national matchup tied at 46 percent.

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  • This was to be expected, of course. Chances are they may not be as well prepared for stealing WI, MI, & CO though. It is starting to look like it is going to be a blowout! If he did manage to steal it, I suspect he would soon be impeached over the Libya fiasco. I reckon we ought to give Biden a Christmas gift of being President for a month in any case… The phony bastard deserves to leave office in shame, if not imprisoned. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy says:

    I suspect he would soon be impeached over the Libya

    Impeached? Did we get a new Congress when I was not looking??


    • Good point, Troy; but I have been digging into this pretty deeply and if all I am learning is true, I’m not sure how they could avoid it. â—„Daveâ–º

      • Troy says:

        I fear any attempt to impeach or otherwise remove Obama from office could result in massive rioting. I think that may even happen as a result of a Romney win, even if it is not close. This is by no means over and done with as of today.

        As much as I admire our Constitution, I must admit that the Founders should have devised a better way to select the President. The present method has degenerated into a corrupt circus that all Americans should be ashamed of. How about a system where votes are apportioned to each State’s members of the federal legislature along with an equal number apportioned to each State’s state legislature, wherein the combined state and federal allocation for each State votes to select that State’s electors? Perhaps you folk out there have suggestions of your own??

        Having the rabble select the person to fill the most powerful position on Earth, using a primitive, easily corrupted polling system, just doesn’t cut it.


        • Actually, that is what the Electoral College was all about, Troy. Each State was to send one elector for each Senator and Representative, to choose the next POTUS and VP. How each State went about selecting those Electors was none of the Federal government’s business. There is no requirement that they be chosen by popular election. They could be selected by the State legislature, just as their Senators were before the 17th Amendment. There is not even a ‘right to vote’ in the Constitution.

          More importantly, there is no provision for a ‘two-party system’ in the Constitution. Our Founders eschewed ‘factions,’ and would be horrified by our partisan politics. If we could just break the cabal of the Incumbrepublocrats, and do away with the ‘winner take all’ rules, we could get back to electing an individual Elector for each Congressional district to attend the College and make the best deal he could, for an acceptable coalition candidate. This would be similar to a parliamentary system, would eliminate the ‘battleground State’ nonsense, and the beauty contest aspect of our elections. I can see all manner of ills this would cure… â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy says:

    While you are correct in all the points you raise, there still remains that one BIG problem. Indeed, it is a principle that pertains to most ALL of our problems… those who have the power and authority to “fix” things actually like things just the way they are.

    The “democratic” approach has failed. It is now time for key States to either assert their 10th amendment powers or secede from the broken “union”. The first option has the disadvantage of the States having let the federal monster maneuver them into such a position that, if they don’t do what the feds want, the feds punish them by withholding their own money from them.

    However it is to be done (IF it is to be done), it will require the States and/or groups and/or individuals to start refusing to obey federal statutes on the grounds that they no longer consent to being governed by the existing government. The longer we wait to take action, the less likely that action is to succeed. Can there be any doubt that, given their re-election, the Obama regime will start to tighten the noose on all of us.

    I stated some months ago that, IMHO, Obama would be re-elected and also that this would most likely be the last presidential election held in what was once the United States. I believe that more now than when I first said it.

    Meanwhile, have you noticed that the socialist republics of New Jersey and New York are have the devil’s own time restoring basic services. Yet, they (NJ) turned away offers of service from some outside power companies because the volunteers in question were non-union workers from right-to-work states. Then, Nanny Bloombutt has outlawed food contributions from outside sources because he does not have sufficient food inspectors to insure the donated food meets Bloombutt’s nutrition standards. While I feel sorry for the suffering individuals, another part of me says fine, let them starve in the dark if they are that stupid.


  • Troy says:

    There are numerous reports of suspected election fraud from several states, most of them East of the Mississippi and most not being sufficiently investigated. At this point, however, I doubt the fraud in question was of enough magnitude to have moved any states from one candidate to another, especially sufficient to have changed the outcome of the election.

    So far, it seems most likely that media malfeasance, “takers” who are willing to trade freedom for handouts and outright stupidity are the primary factors that drove the outcome.

    Of course, it would really help if we had a true opposition party that offered us some real choices.

    Speaking of fraud East of the Mississippi, perhaps two new federations, split along that river would be a good beginning for breaking the currently ungovernable United States into more manageable chunks. True, the Western side, the one obviously more likely to succeed long term, would be burdened with California, Oregon and Washington but I think that would be an acceptable price for being well rid of Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, the bulk of thug-based unionization and much of the bible belt.


    • I disagree, Troy. I would bet good money, if there was a way to prove it, that OH, VA, FL, and probably PA were stolen by election fraud. Most of the focus has been on extra votes for Obama. What I find curious, given the enthusiasm for ousting the usurper, is how Romney could have gotten so many million fewer votes than McCain, and Obama’s total was down too. If one thinks about it, it would take far less effort to make ballots disappear in heavy Republican districts, than to manufacture extra votes in the ghettos. But, you are right… the Republican wing of the Incumbrepublocrat duopoly isn’t going to contest it. If we want a real opposition party, we are going to have to start one. Any interest?

      Yes, an initial break at the Mississippi would be a good start. I am amazed at how much press the secession petitions are getting… â—„Daveâ–º

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