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After the 2008 election, an editor in the Czech Republic opined that the real tragedy in America was not that Barack Obama was president but, rather, that he could be elected president in a nation like ours.

Clearly, he did not fully appreciate what our nation had become.

What does this imply four years later when, despite all the crimes and misdemeanors he has committed against our Constitution, that Obama could be re-elected?

It implies that we have reached that point where a majority of the voters prefer a Marxist dictatorship. That being the case, then the Covenant joined by the several States at the end of the 18th century is truly rendered null and void.

As I see it, the only possible (peaceful) remedy left to us is for those States (a majority actually) who still cling to the old principles enshrined in our Constitution to withdraw from the broken Covenant and seek a new beginning as independent sovereign States, or, by forming new federations with other States as they think best for their future freedom and prosperity.

For my part, I have no wish to force, or even persuade, my fellow citizens to change their minds. I ask only that they do not impose their shortsightedness on those of us who prefer a different course.

However, if those mistaken souls control our central government, that is what MUST happen.

I am privileged to have enjoyed America during her best days and I am totally saddened that I did not do more to prevent the tragedy that has befallen her and her people.

Goodbye America. You will be missed by all those who cherish liberty, free markets and individualism.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Troy says:

    There is a growing grassroots call for secession in several States.

    My own State of Texas has registered over 97,000 petition signatures at

    BTW, Texas is now the 15th largest economy in the world. With the addition of LA, OK and AR, we would move closer to 10th, with almost no long-term debt and very significant energy resources.

    If only.


    • Don't mess with Texas!

      Works for me, Troy. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Troy says:

        Does not work for me. Far too many questionable areas are included (i.e. Michigan, Minnesota, Florida, Pennsylvania, etc.). I am actually coming to realize that a nation can easily become too large and too diverse to effectively govern. I think the Founders understood this and that is why they opted for a weak yet unifying federation of powerful autonomous states. Let the diversity occur between the states more than within them.

        The Founders also understood that, if the people task government with inappropriate roles, all it can do is fail.


        • With the labels, I took it as a somewhat tongue in cheek concept map, not a serious suggestion for future boundaries, Troy. I would concur with your observations regarding size. â—„Daveâ–º

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