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What if the economy wasn’t the most important issue in our coming election after all?



What if the underlying motive for the deliberate destruction of our economy, was to convince Americans that we can no longer afford to shoulder the burden of defending Western civilization, from the global forces of tyranny?

I have been impressed with Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog since Glenn Beck first mentioned it on the radio, back before he even got his gig with FOX News. Insiders knew that it was the source of much of the research, which Beck used to expose the ubiquity of the Marxist connections in Obama’s past and present, including the outing of Van Jones as an avowed communist.

Loudon’s plea here is the the most compelling argument I have seen yet, for perhaps once again abandoning one’s principles, and voting for the lessor of two evils. While I remain unconvinced that voting for Romney would accomplish a damn thing toward returning this country to Constitutional government, I have to admit that allowing the Obamunist to retain his perch, is tantamount to turning off the lights for good in the first American Republic.

It is all well and good to say that we need to crash and burn, so we can rebuild a second Republic from the ashes; but Loudon makes a very good argument that once we lose our power, the tyrannical forces that take over the world will never permit us to regain it. As a budding anarchist, even that wouldn’t bother me; but the pragmatist in me is constrained to acknowledge that we have become a nation primarily composed of authoritarian sheeple, who require an authority to follow. They would bow to a new global government in a heartbeat, if it promised to restore the bread and circuses.

There are no good options. If Romney is the answer, we are asking the wrong questions; but at this late date, any alternative (including Johnson, who polls less than 2% anywhere) would be naively pissing into the wind. Perhaps the best course would be to help elect Romney to stanch the bleeding, and immediately begin to work in earnest to create a viable third party for rational individualists, to extirpate the Incumbrepublocrat duopoly in ’14 and ’16. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy says:

    Interesting. I will start following his blog.

    I violated one of my own principles Monday and actually watched the “debate” in its entirety. It was worse than I had imagined. Indeed, I heard not one peep about restoring this Republic. Instead, I heard two people who are alike in that they are both totally unqualified to lead a great Republic. Whether Gov. Johnson would be any better is beside the point.

    Despite his lack of a coherent message, it appears that Robamaney might squeak out an Electoral College majority. If he does, that still does not mean he would ever be inaugurated President. Between the general election and the inauguration, there are over 2 1/2 months for all manner of mischief to occur, including riots, assassination attempts, wars, and myriad other excuses for the declaration of martial law — which, I fear, would lead to retention of the Obamanation “to preserve the nation”.

    Whatever happens in the short run, we (and the rest of the world) are in major trouble. And, I see no easy answer for even starting a turning of the tide. The simple fact is that too much of the world is ruled by the deadly trio of Ignorance, Greed and Corruption. And, not just in the halls of power but throughout the “system” from the least to the most significant.

    However, as I have said before, those who will inherit this mess seem, to a large extent, unconcerned with the prospects for the future.

    Perhaps those of our generation should simply shut up, enjoy whatever freedom and prosperity remain for the duration of our own lives, and let the inheritors have this new world that I neither fully understand nor have any wish to be a part of.


    • Perhaps those of our generation should simply shut up, enjoy whatever freedom and prosperity remain for the duration of our own lives, and let the inheritors have this new world that I neither fully understand nor have any wish to be a part of.

      Bingo! Welcome to my brave new world, Troy. I am weary of being frustrated by mindless sheeple, while trying to save them from their folly. As I recall, you have read my all-time favorite book, “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World,” by Harry Browne. I have tried to read it at least once a year since I stumbled across it in 1979, to keep me centered, living a life of maximum personal freedom, and out of the burning issue, group, and despair traps. A few weeks ago, I realized I badly needed a tune up, and since I now prefer to do my reading on the Kindle app on my iPad, I decided to check Amazon to see if an e-book version was now available.

      To my delight, it was recently released on Kindle, and a few minutes later I was rereading an old friend with relish (only $8 at link above). The truth is that now that I am retired and living the life of a hermit, I have ridiculously little contact with the governnment, and couldn’t get much freer than I am. I have all the toys I need, a 30mb internet connection, a year’s worth of grub, coffee, and tobacco on hand, an inflation-proof poke, and owe nobody a dime. What is the point of riling the vipers, if the kids I am trying to save from serfdom, don’t even want to acknowledge their servitude?

      This explains why I have not been active here or elsewhere for awhile. I need to find something more interesting to think and write about than partisan politics. Such as I might do so in the future, will be purely for the intellectual exercise and my personal amusement. For now, at least, I am plum tuckered out trying to save the country from the Marxists and Fundamentalists. Let them drag each other over the cliff with their irresponsible, irrational, petty squabbling for power, to impose their model of the world on the rest of us. I’m immune to their nonsense, and pretty much have stopped caring… â—„Daveâ–º

      • Dave,
        You, Troy and others have contributed a very good web portfolio of writings on liberty and what it means to live free. It’s a thought provoking composition to encourage the resurgent liberty movement. I found it, and share it, and hopefully others will do so into the future. If you were to never post another word here, the thoughts previously espoused are timeless.

        If your words and others the same disappear, “deemed subversive” by the tyranny of an expansive and controlling government apparatus… they will lie smoldering to aflame once again. The struggle for freedom and the debate has always been there, and always will be till the end of human existence.

        Best Regards,

  • daedalus says:

    Dave, if Romney loses I don’t think there is much hope that there will ever be third party to do anything. If Romney wins then there is still a chance, small that it may be, that our Republic can start to detour from the Marxist/Kantian path it has taken over the last hundred years.

    Note: this is tping in bold type, I know not why.

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