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What we all knew from the beginning seems official now that Dr. Paul has ceased to seek convention delegates. Establishment candidate Mitt Romney has clinched the GOP presidential nomination. Now begins the really hard part. Trying to convince all of you that there is some actual difference between Romney and Obama other than the amount of melanin produced by their skin cells. For my part, I can’t see much difference at all. And, as for the melanin, as we all know, that is no more than skin deep and, thanks to human genome research, we also know that there is absolutely NO genetic difference between the two presumptive candidates. So, it would seem that the only obvious difference is actually no difference at all.

Yet, we will be asked again to believe the patent falsehood that something meaningful (like spending, the size of government or the amount of regulation) will actually be different depending on which of them you elect. (I say YOU because I would not vote for either of them if offered a large sum of money to do so. I am a committed Libertarian and will support Governor Johnson out of principle, irrespective of any realistic chance he has to win the election.)

My friends, I ask you to think back just a few short decades – say to the election of George I. In that election and in every one since, we have been assured that the future of the Republic hinged on our making the “correct” choice between column A and the other column A. And, our choices have swung regularly from A “left” to A “right” in both the presidential and congressional elections.

Yet, NOTHING meaningful has changed in all those years!!

Spending and debt have continued their upward spiral. Government grows like a hog being fattened for slaughter, and government regulations continue to intrude into every aspect of our personal and public lives.

My friends, this has been far too predictable, far too constant to be attributed to mere chance. And, if it cannot be attributed to chance, is there any rational explanation other than it being by design? I respond that there is not.

The simple truth is that we are now ruled by men and women whose addiction to power, prestige and the perquisites of office overrides any sense of ethics or decency they may once have possessed. And, because of this addiction, they are easily manipulated by powerful people behind the scenes who feed that addiction by pulling the strings that get them and keep them in office for protracted periods of time.

What is my point you ask? Simply this. If you continue to let yourselves be tricked by the lie that we have a two party system of government, with parties that are truly opposed to each other in matters of real policy, then things can only continue to get worse. We have already deteriorated to the point where our current president almost rules by decree, like a monarch or dictator, while our elected legislature acts like a bunch children who are afraid to make a decision for fear “daddy” might not approve.

I suspect there may soon come a day where many of you will begin to understand and will try to speak up. I fear that, by then, nobody in power will feel the need to listen.

The wolf is at the door NOW and time grows short. Will we all simply sit here and whine while the political and economic systems that have give us such a good life are destroyed?

For sure you can register your protest with a vote for Governor Johnson as Dave suggests, and I encourage you to do so. And, while that will surely encourage others to join us, it will not change the course our Republic is on. Indeed, in my opinion, at this point nothing will change our course. What all of us must do is prepare ourselves for the fall, be able to survive it, then lead in the rebuilding of our Republic. The same blueprint used in the initial founding will still be there and will be as good as it ever was. All that is currently missing is the will to do what we all know must be done.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Daedalus says:

    Troy said “I am a committed Libertarian and will support Governor Johnson out of principle, irrespective of any realistic chance he has to win the election.”
    If one acts in a manner to ensure the speedier demise of the Republic, one might call that acting on principle. The question is, what principle? If you have an alcoholic friend, who is about to walk in front of a speeding car, will you let him keep walking on the supposition that he is a dead man soon in any case. The Republic isn’t totally gone yet, I think fighting for every inch of ground, to protect it, is worth while. Voting for Johnson is capitulating to the expectation that its death is inevitable so why bother doing anything.

    “The wolf is at the door NOW and time grows short. Will we all simply sit here and whine while the political and economic systems that have give us such a good life are destroyed?”
    Missed out of this quote is the fundamental system, the philosophical system, that acts as a base to the two others mentioned. The Founding Fathers were a mixed bag when it came to philosophy, which I see as the reason for our present debacle. Johnson is a Christian, does he think altruism is a noble ideal? That it is noble that one should suffer for the benefit of others? Those are not principles I would support. Of course I am setting up a straw man here, since I do not know what he does espouse. Fundamental to Christianity is that Christ suffered to redeem our sins. What miserable god would require that ?

    • Well, well, well… Look who’s advocating pragmatism over principle, now! Sorry, John… I couldn’t resist. 🙂

      The truth is, of course, that unless one happens to live in one of the few ‘battleground’ States, it matters not a whit who one votes for. Even if I were inclined to prefer Romney over Obama, since I vote in California, it would be pointless to waste a vote on Romney; because Obama will win this Progressive State’s electoral college votes hands down. Thus, for me as a libertarian anyway, the only pragmatic choice is to vote for Gary Johnson. He can’t win either; but at least I will be helping keep the Libertarian Party’s viability as a legitimate Third-Party alive for the future… if there is one…

      If I voted in Ohio, et al, I might very well find your argument persuasive and take a clothespin to the polls for my nose. Not that it would ultimately make much of a difference; but at least Romeny would slow down the stampede toward the cliff. It might buy some time for more sheeple to awaken and bail out of the herd; but I fear there really isn’t much hope of avoiding the completion of this slow motion crash and burn.

      It is the kids’ problem now. I did my time trying to awaken Patriots, and I am weary of the pathetic ignorance of the sheeple. The fact that Obama even has the slightest chance of being reelected, tells one all one needs to know about the condition of America. I haven’t even turned on the TV for over a month, and don’t miss it a bit. Now, if I could just wean myself from the Drudge Report… â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      Thanks for the response. However, I could hardly disagree more.

      My “principled” vote will be more for the Libertarian Party than for Governor Johnson (although, were he able to win, I think he would be a good president). If, by some miracle, the Republic survives a few more years, I think the Libertarian Party could move into a position of dominance, especially if more people vote their principles. For instance, Speaker Boehner just made the public statement that there will be no more raising of the debt ceiling unless there are corresponding cuts in spending. Surely even the stupid realize that this is the same thing he said last time and we still await those cuts. How many times will people buy the same lie? I sense that, while few truly understand what is going on, a growing number now realize that something is going on and that it is not in their interests.

      The truth is that whichever “side” of the left/right duopoly wins, nothing of substance changes. For sure, a different set of cronies profit with a change from one side to the other, but this means nothing to the common citizen. The fact that your property has been stolen is what matters, not who received it post-theft.

      You seem to be making the same tired old argument in favor for voting for the lesser of the evils because death might be postponed a bit longer if smaller evil wins. You are correct in guessing that my attitude is, if death is the inevitable outcome, lets kill the thing NOW while there are still enough folks to fight for a resurrection.

      Voting for the lesser evil has done nothing but perpetuate the sorry process that now passes for government in this once-great Republic. yet, so long as you can convince the sheeple to make that stupid choice, you are guaranteed that evil will win. And, I claim that those who would be our masters are not that particular about which of their evil offerings we choose.


      • Brent Hite says:


        I agree with what you have written, and am proud to see that there are people on this thread who clearly see through the clouds and illusions that are before us.

        The whole Democracy concept in America is simply a joke in the day and age that we live. We’ve been encouraged to vote, and to try to use sound judgement as we cast our vote for the man/woman, that we feel will best carry out the tasks leading to betterment of “We The People”. Hogwash! This country is not run by the leaders of our country, and we do not decide who the next leader is. We are not working towards a Global Government, it is already in place. The leaders at the top of our country are far from the top. The people that call the shots are not even known to the public. We are being conditioned, and little by little we loose more and more freedom. Our News media has become a propaganda pump that divides us, and breaks us down, and makes us willingly let go of the freedoms that we once had. A quick Google search will shed light to the fact that most Democracies in history, ended up becoming Dictatorships. United a country stands and divided it falls. Our two main parties are very far apart, and the current administration has proven how divided we are. The two parties can not even agree on a date to talk about the budget or any other concern. This is by design. The United States and the Dollar are the very things standing in the way of a Global Government. The people that seek Globalization, seek to destroy sovereignty. If the USA is torn down the rest of the world will rapidly follow suite. We will then have a New World Order. Bush I, was the first to openly use the the phrase “New World Order” in recent times, but the concept has been around a long time. Prescott Bush, was a contributor to Hitler’s vision of a New World Order. Hitler drew his conclusion on why there should be a New World Order, based on his belief that some races on this Earth are not as evolved as other races, therefore some should be eliminated. The ones that were left needed a supreme leader, namely, “Himself”. Hitler’s plan was originated in part, by his belief in the writings of Darwin’s book, “The Origin of Species”. It was this concept that enlightened him to the fact that he needed to kill six million people. I brought this up, about Hitler, to illustrate, a recent historic event that we can relate to, to show us where we are headed again. Many events like this have also happened in history before Hitler. Our current president simply calls this kind of Domination, “Change”. Whatever name is given to this type of thinking is not good. We have a bigger problem than getting a president out of the office and ushering in a new. If we spend all our time arguing about something that isn’t real, that makes the job a whole lot easier for the people who want us to believe that what I am discussing, is a Conspiracy Theory. If you are new to what I am talking about I will give you a starting point, and there are many places to start, but this is one. Go to Google and type in “Georgia Guide Stones” This is a monument set upon U.S. soil modeled after a ancient monument that is well known. The people that erected this monument are the people that are working to rebuild an age old concept that has been defeated over and over again, and will eventually be defeated again, but not without hardship. I personally believe that there is nothing we can do to stop the madness that we have before us. It will have to play out, because the powers that are reaping the havoc are of a different realm than the one we live in. We do not wage war against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities. We can have comfort in the middle of chaos, if we read the end of the story. In the end, here in the real world, the Light side of the Force wins.

  • Troy says:

    While I appreciate your comments, I am not sure I totally understand what you are getting at. To being with, the United States is not a Democracy and the people we are encouraged to vote for are supposed to work to preserve, protect, defend and adhere to the U. S. Constitution, not to work toward the nonsensical notion of a “common good”. Indeed, “common good” is one of the catch phrases progressives use to mask their true intentions (along with “justice”, “fairness”, and many otherwise decent English words which once had real meaning.).

    What the writings of Charles Darwin have to do with Hitler’s madness whet way over my head as well as did any relationship between Stone Henge (and ancient calendar) and the modern quest for a world dictatorship.

    My own, far more simple explanation is that we are under the domination of a worldwide financial cartel, mostly centered in Europe, who seek to rule the world through manipulation of the world’s currencies. Our own branch of these jolly bandits is called “The Federal Reserve”, a privately owned, for-profit company, owned by a cartel of American and European bankers, which has a strangle hold on our government (based on the so-called “golden rule”, translated as “whoever controls the gold gets to make the rules”).

    Please explain your position/key points so that even an old person like me can understand. Thanks.


  • Brent Hite says:


    My point is, on this earth there is good and evil. Evil has always tried to prevail over good and has always failed. When evil puts forth a great effort to prevail it causes hardships. The Hitler era was a great push, it caused a world wide hardships. Darwin’s writings distorted the truth an helped to cause a man to deceive a nation and reap havoc on the world. This was just an example of a continuous cycle that has been going on forever. The facts about what I have just said are debatable, but the truth is out there, if we feel the need to study the cause and effect of things. There is another push taking place now, by the the so called elite, involved with the Guide Stone and Stonehenge type thinking, The Guide Stone and Stonehenge have more meaning than astronomical alignment monitoring. Evil takes many forms and it is identifiable when you know what to look for. It usually involves secrets, rituals, and monuments. The Federal Reserve is indeed an evil organization trying to conquer the “Common Good” in this country, but worldwide, Central Banks and the IMS are organizations that surpass the evil of the Federal Reserve. The evil that is happening is a worldwide epidemic. My position is on the side of good. It seems that we share the same position because thus far, you have complained against things that are “wrong” in the posts that I have read. Wrong is another word for evil. I believe we all seek justice. I believe it is part of our human makeup. Greed and selfishness distort or vision of human justice. This is the root of the problems in the present day world. I believe that there is a father of good and a father of evil. We may differ here, but to me, it a way to rationalize why things seem to be going down hill. I think we miss out on what is really going on if we focus our concerns on what is wrong with this country. We used to be isolated countries in this world but some people want to rule all of the world, not just a country, and our concerns against evil have become more of a Global issue. I have heard you speak about the lessor of the two evils. If we know both sides are evil, than we should not participate at all. I believe you took this stance when your held onto your Libertarian position knowing that your vote would probably make no difference. In all actuality, you took a stand for good, by not deciding to vote for one of the two evils. Lastly, the only place our views differ is spiritually. In other post, you have stated that religion is of no effect on society today. I agree with that even though I believe that there is a God and a Christ. Religion is man’s distorted interpretation of the word of God. A distorted interpretation is indeed of no effect. To sum this all up, I believe the big picture, is what we need to focus on. The real problem is that Greed has caused a worldwide problem. Until we can control man’s desires, we have no fix to the problems at hand.

    A Texas song writer, named Peter Dawson summed it up well with these words: “I can’t make the hard truth softer, spread my hands and part the waters, the way we’re living is getting out of hand. I can grab the world and shake it, it’s not up to me save it, after all I am just one man… I just live my life to change the things I can.”

  • Troy says:

    Sorry Brent but you are making statements (such as the supposed relationship between Darwin and Hitler)with no evidence whatever to support them.

    Please remember the dictum: All claims require evidence — extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


    • Brent Hite says:

      In United States legal terminology, a dictum (plural dicta) is a statement of opinion or belief considered authoritative though not binding, because of the authority of the person making it. The Authority in which I speak is foreign to you, therefor the things I say do not register as truth. The truth is regardless of if we can or can not prove the connection between Hitler and Darwin, in the cases of the two, distorted truth resulted in evil. DNA proves Darwin wrong, The Allied Forces proved Hitler wrong. And is our current day form of Government really a Republic? I realize that it was set up in that way and blogs like the one you have created were meant to try to reform it and that is noble to put forth an effort. We both seek justice, but through all of this what I am stressing is, that in order to solve anything in this country or in the world, we have to get to the root of the problem. Distorted truth (Evil) is deeply rooted worldwide and it will take an Act of God to straighten it out. Through various occult symbolism and hidden powers that I have illustrated, I am trying to point to the fact that it is not man that we war against, but rather a dark force. Our problems in Government are due to lack of light (wisdom) or you can call it Greed if you want. When we get to the point that we can’t vote a good man in, we need to look for help.

      • Brent, I am going to presume you to be a Christian, from some of your comments. If not, please correct me. Some Christians say we need to get down on our knees and pray for God’s assistance, in our struggle with the evil abroad in our land. Others claim that God is punishing the whole country for the evil ways of some, by withdrawing his protection over America, which they claim was only created through his divine guidance. I would regard the latter as an evil act, by a petulant and rather petty deity, against innocent folks. Any idea which it is, or how we would know? â—„Daveâ–º

      • Troy says:

        Sorry Brent but much of your “logic” is illogical. I will offer two current examples:

        DNA proves Darwin wrong

        Actually, the science behind DNA supports Darwin’s theories in that it clearly shows how trivial genetic mutations can lead to minor adaptations which, in turn, and over great expanses of time, can lead to life forms that have little in common with their ancestors. If you have some “real” evidence (as opposed to mere belief), to dispute this, please share it with the rest of us.

        The Allied Forces proved Hitler wrong

        For certain, the Allied Forces proved Hitler’s military strategy wrong, just as Grant “proved” Lee wrong. Yet, I propose that Lee’s cause was more in keeping with the intent of the Founders, despite the Confederacy using the worst possible basis (slavery) to contest the point. So, was Lee really wrong?

        The Allied victory did nothing whatever to prove Hitler’s racial theories wrong. The fact that those theories were abhorrent to standards accepted by rational people all around the world suggests (not proves) Hitler’s error.

        The unfortunate truth, as I perceive it, is that deity worshipers are just like political progressives in that they are so desperate for their mistaken belief system to be true that they renounce and reject any evidence to the contrary, no matter how rational that evidence might be.

        The Creationist view, if I understand it properly, posits that everything in our universe was created, just as it exists at this moment, by a deity that the Creationists call God. I find this so implausible that, were its effect on humanity not so tragic, it would be hilarious (and I do not say this to insult your belief system – merely to let you know how it looks from the outside).

        You may ask me if I am sure that there is no deity and I will respond with the only honest answer anyone can have to that question – I simply do know, can not know. The reason we cannot know is this… Assume for argument that there was, in fact, a creation of our universe (a “fact” yet to be proven scientifically). Assume further that this universe creation was caused by a deity. It logically follows that the creating deity must have been external to the universe it created (in other words, how could any creator exist within that which is not yet created?)

        Therefore, I conclude that the creating deity, if such exists, MUST exist outside any universe it caused to be created. This being true, there is no basis to assume that its attributes have anything whatever in common with the attributes of the universe it created. Therefore, there is no way an entity existing within this universe could have any notion whatever about the nature, intent or any other attribute of an entity existing outside that universe.

        Bottom line, if such a creating deity did, in fact, exist and further, if it did, in fact, create the universe we currently inhabit, there is no possible way for us to describe that deity or to ascribe any manner of intent to it. To attempt to do so would simply be irrational. By extension, the very belief that such a deity might exist is irrational. (Irrational in the sense that no rational statement can be made about it and no rational attribute can be assigned to it, therefore no rational belief system can speak to or about it.)

        In closing, let me remind you that this is a critique of your ideas, not of yourself. The fact is, such exchanges as this are exactly what gives this Blog its value because it challenges all of us to refine our thinking. Thank you.


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