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Now that it has been revealed that the Obamunist himself was the very first ‘birther,’ the burning question seems to be, was he lying then, or is he lying now? It is the wrong question, of course, but I reckon the answer is: Yes! This two-bit hustler lied when he claimed he was born in Kenya, and he is lying when he now claims he was born in Hawaii. Personally, I think he is lying when he claims Obama Sr. was even his father.

I have studied this issue more thoroughly than I like to admit, and I have never believed he was born in Kenya. No narrative that attempts to place his mother in Kenya at the time of his birth ever made any common sense. This is especially true, when State Department immigration records show that his supposed father was in Hawaii at the time, and did not return to Kenya at all that year. Are we seriously being asked to believe that his 18-year-old mother traveled alone to Kenya at an advanced stage of pregnancy to meet his relatives?

Yet, she disappeared from Hawaii early in her pregnancy, and there is no convincing evidence that she ever returned before her child was at least a year old, and his supposed father had already left the State for Harvard. Within a couple of weeks of his birth, she was living in Seattle and enrolled in college there. The sham marriage to the Marxist Obama Sr. was arranged by her Marxist parents, probably more for the benefit of Senior’s immigration status, than to make an honest woman out of their wild, pregnant, Marxist, hippie daughter. There is no evidence that the marriage was ever consummated, or that they ever even dated. They certainly never lived together as man and wife, before or after his birth.

I have always suspected, since long before his election, that Obama was born in Canada, probably in a home for ‘wayward’ girls. I personally witnessed an interview of her best friend from high school on Mercer Island in Seattle, by a Chicago TV reporter back early in the campaign. She described her showing up unexpectedly in the middle of August with a newborn child, which surprised her, as she had never shown any interest in children or motherhood. Moreover, she didn’t seem to know how to take care of him. She laughed about Obaby messing his diaper and mama expressed revulsion and panicked, thrusting him to her to deal with it.

This does not describe the actions of an experienced world-traveling mom, capable of taking care of an infant on long trans-ocean flights. It is more consistent with an inexperienced kid, who had just checked out of a facility with nurses, rented a car, and drove to visit her old best friend, as the starting point in finding a place to live and get enrolled in college, because she was not interested in returning to Hawaii.

I am convinced that Obama’s birth was in fact registered in Hawaii, by her parents, as was perfectly legal and customary at the time, for children of legal residents giving birth outside the State; but he wasn’t actually born there. Neither hospital will claim that he was born in their facility. Doing so not only gave Obaby US citizenship, it also gave Senior a citizen son for immigration purposes. This would have been unnecessary had he been born in Washington State, which is why I suspect Canada.

The reason the Obama team had to forge a birth certificate, rather than just present his real Hawaii one, is that it probably reflects the off-shore birth, just as those for children born in Japan, et al to traveling Hawaii residents. This was not a nefarious action of her parents, it was a perfectly legal practice coded into Hawaii law. It only appears unseemly, because they must hide the truth of his out-of-country birth.

Nothing in today’s revelation changes my theory in the slightest. It does, however, explain all the references in the media over the years to his being ‘Kenya born,’ and his wife’s repeated reference to Kenya being his ‘home country.’ After all, that was the lie this low-life hustler was peddling for years, before he was chosen by the oligarchy to run for President.

BTW, I seriously doubt that Senior was even his biological father. There is much more evidence available to suggest it was her parents’ even closer black Marxist family friend, Frank Marshall Davis. All one needs do is view a picture of the three of them side by side, to come to such a conclusion. Davis, of course, was described in “Dreams” as Omarxist’s ‘mentor,’ who he called “Pops.” There are nude pictures of his mom on the internet, which were taken in Davis’ apartment, and he wrote in one of his books about his sexual exploits with a wild young Marxist white chick, who refused to use protection, because she would be proud to give birth to a black child.

All of this is just interesting details. Even if Ohustler had been born in Hawaii and Senior was his father, he is still not a Natural Born Citizen, because his father wasn’t. One thing is for sure… anyone who now believes a word the man says, is guilty of willful negligence. Nothing appears to be true about his version(s) of his past, and he will automatically lie, when the truth would sound better. He is so used to guilt-ridden white Progressives lapping it up, it just comes natural to the man to say what he thinks they want to hear. â—„Daveâ–º


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  • Troy says:

    I doubt there is any “grand” conspiracy here because human nature makes large and complex activities virtually impossible to keep secret. Having said that, a picture is coming slowly into focus of the rise of the Obamanation having been planned for years. Who is (was) the mastermind behind it all? No idea really although it might have been Davis, later supplanted by Ayers. What is amazing is the success they have enjoyed and continue to enjoy. And, as the Obamanation consolidates his power, there is less and less reason to hide anything so we should soon know the real story. Indeed, I think they will be proud enough to boast about it — in time.

    Meanwhile, the Congress remains about as useful as a tree stump. It is clear to me that our legislators are afraid, and not just of the voters.

    We desperately need for this mess to come to a head, soon, while there are still people able to survive and lead the restoration.


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