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A devout Christian Fundamentalist on a site I frequent, who has been persistantly advocating that ‘real’ Christians cannot vote for Romney , because he considers Mormanism a cult and anyone who believes their tennants is ungodly, just approvingly posted a link to an evangelist’s write-in campaign… for Jesus? I suppose that is as an effective way of voting “None of the Above” as voting for Micky Mouse, or your sister, or your dog. The trouble is that they won’t be tabulating frivolous ballots for Jesus, so neither the voters nor the politicians will have the slightest clue as to how many Christians protested in this way.

At least those Americans who use the traditional method of voting “None of the Above,” by the simple expedient of not bothering to go to the polls, get a metric of how well their team did from the turn-out statistics. Of course, the politicians simply write these silent protests off as ‘voter apathy,’ when it is very often voter disgust. Even though the game is rigged, not participating accomplishes almost nothing. With half of us not voting, the ‘lessor of two evils’ is lucky to get 25% of eligible voters to hold their nose, yet they still claim a ‘mandate’ for their agenda.

For those so disgusted with the Incumbrepublocrat oligarchy’s two candidates this year, for whatever reason, allow me to suggest a much more effective protest vote. Whether you are a dispirited devout white Christian Republican, a black Christian Democrat, a Ron Paul supporter from either camp, or just a frustrated Tea Party Patriot, why not send the Incumbrepublocrats a real message they can’t ignore, by voting for Gary Johnson.

Since Governor Johnson is a real candidate for the Libertarian Party, his votes must be counted. Were he to achieve anywhere near the results Ross Perot had, the Incumbrepublocrats would get the message loud and clear. No, he is obviously not a Christian Fundamentalist, and I don’t even know what his personal views are on their burning social issues, because I really don’t care. These are not legitimate Federal issues.

I do know that he is a fiscal conservative and small-government Constitutionalist, who came out of the private sector as a successful businessman. His record as governor of New Mexico is arguably much better than Romney’s was in Massachusetts. At least he tells it like it is, and says what he believes, instead of what he thinks you wish to hear. He couldn’t possibly be any worse as President than the Incumbrepublocrat’s two choices.

Even if he doesn’t meet your criteria as someone you wish to vote for, think of it as a protest vote against the establishment oligarchy. Since he hasn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of actually winning, you need not fear any principles he espouses that conflict with your own, or what he might do if elected. He won’t be; but he could sure stir the pot, and change the dynamics for 2016 considerably.

Christian spokesmen could make a big deal out of publicly advocating this protest vote for a legitimate Third-Party candidate, which would get a lot more media attention than a write-in campaign for Jesus ever could. In the end, all protesters will be able to claim more credit for Johnson’s results, than their camp probably will deserve; but it won’t matter. What matters is that the Incumbrepublocrats get a strong message of displeasure from a lot of voters, which they cannot easily ignore. â—„Daveâ–º


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  • Adrienne says:

    I used to tell my students when I taught RCIA at our Catholic Church that I would prefer a good Mormon to a crappy Catholic any day. ‘Nuff said…

  • Troy says:

    What is happening to us has no more to do with a candidate’s religious convictions (or lack of same) than it has to do with their skin color.

    What we face today is a difference of opinion over a single question: is an all powerful government the solution to our problems or is it the cause?

    Clearly (to me at least), both major party candidates see an all powerful government as the solution, especially if they are the ones in the seat of that power.

    Unfortunately, over 1/2 of our population has been rendered so ignorant, so lazy and so dependent that they are willing to trade essential liberty for handouts. So long as this majority of takers has the vote, the Republic is doomed.

    BTW, good article Dave.


  • Daedalus says:

    If you think the Republic can survive another term of O’Bama, go ahead, vote for the Libertarian. Romney at least understands what makes a business succeed or fail, he is not a total economic ignoramus. Voting for Obama or Johnson will have much the same effect, the further destruction of the greatest Republic the world has ever seen.

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