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What is a good libertarian (like yours truly) to think when two despicable organizations, both dedicated to controlling the lives of others, get into a urinating contest?

I refer, of course, to the current urinary battle between the Obama Administration and the Catholic Church. Who does one root for? Is it too much to hope that they ultimately destroy each other? Yeah, it probably is.

In all honesty, if forced to choose a side, it would be the church, not because I have any use for the organization, but because I have even less use for overreaching government.

But, it could be worse (and it has been) – the church and the government could once again merge and bring us a new dark age. Just imagine it: a flat Earth that is the center of the universe, a government mandate that we all attend the church services that we are directly taxed to fund. Oh happy day.

Where does this lust for the power to control others come from – especially in a world where so few exercise any self control?

Troy L Robinson

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