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I cannot help but notice that the progressives and their media lackeys are inconsistent in the way they choose to express things.

For instance, a year or so ago, they were wailing about the “obscene profits” made by energy companies, in particular Exxon-Mobil. They consistently made their “case” by stating the profit in question in total dollars. Measured this way, the total (in the billions) was indeed impressive. However, when that same profit is restated as a percentage of return on equity, it turns out that the energy companies are really not all that profitable. The “obscene” profits turn out to reflect the size of the companies, in other words, the amount of dollars they are putting at risk in the conduct of their business. No bank or pharmaceutical company (for instance) could exist on the profit margins produced by the energy companies.

Now, the issue of the day is “tax fairness”. So, are the progressives consistent by measuring “fairness” by stating the issue in total dollars? No. Instead they use the nominal marginal tax rate, stated as a percentage. Stated such, we find that Mitt Robamany paid just less than 15% last year while “hard working people” might have paid as much as 35%. Clearly unfair – right? However, if we study the same issue using total dollar amounts, we find that Robamany paid over $3 million in income taxes while about 47% of workers paid $0. Clearly, Robamany (and other wealthy people) are each carrying the tax load for hundreds of people. But the progressives find nothing at all unfair about this because we all know that the wealthy need to be punished for their success.

Indeed, the basic mantra of the progressive movement is Reward Failure, Punish Success. How then can anyone be surprised that we are evolving into a nation of failures who are reduced to dependence on government?

PS: Please do not interpret anything said here as support for Robamany. What I support is truth.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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