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Today I return to one of my favorite topics, that of Equality in America. In past articles, I have repeated the dictum that Equality is the opposite of Liberty (or, vice-versa if you prefer). However, this is actually true only in certain contexts of Equality. This is because, in present-day America, the notion of Equality actually presents itself in three different contexts. These are:

→ Equality Before The Law

→ Equality Of Opportunity

→ Equality Of Outcome

Let us examine each in more detail…

Equality Before The Law

Equality Before The Law means that every citizen of the United States should expect and receive equal treatment in all dealings with the various levels of government. This is true whether it means dealing with law enforcement and the judicial system over alleged infractions of civil or criminal law –or– benefiting from the collection or expenditure of public funds. This form of Equality could and should be REAL. Sadly, that is not the case in present-day America where corrupt politicians at all levels of government offer special treatment in exchange for votes, contributions or outright bribes for the myriad special interest groups in the nation, both commercial and social. This is especially obvious in our federal tax codes.

Equality Of Opportunity

Equality Of Opportunity means that every citizen of the United States should expect and receive absolute Liberty and Equality in their right to live their lives as they deem fit, so long as they do not trample the rights of others. This applies to their lifestyles, their means of supporting themselves, and to all other aspects of their personal lives. In other words, we are all free to “pursue happiness” by our own individual definitions of “happiness”, again, assuming we do not trample the rights of others in the process. This form of Equality could and should be REAL. To the extent that it is made operational in present-day America, it all too often becomes a subset of Equality Before The Law because our frequent seeming inability to deal with each other in a rational fashion too often begs the application of governmental power to right what would be a natural state among truly rational beings.

Equality Of Outcome

Equality Of Outcome means that every citizen of the United States should expect and receive an equal share of the resources resulting from production, regardless of their contribution (if any) to that production. This form of Equality is a total MYTH and is based on the essential lie behind the Marxist/Progressive movement. The lie in question is the notion that resources exist in infinite quantity and can be produced by minimal means, the bulk of the effort involved being assigned to those most willing and able to provide said effort. Despite over 100 years of clear proof that this system does nothing but destroy once viable societies, far too many of our “leaders” still persist in foisting this cruel myth on the most ignorant among us – at the same time that they spread ignorance through the intentional destruction of our public education system.

Why do they do this despite the obvious destruction? Simple. The Marxist/Progressive movement pushes ALL decision making upward in the governmental hierarchy. This means that, the higher a “leader” is in this hierarchy, the more their decision making power. Note the operative word here is power. And, make no mistake about it – their lust for power trumps your desire for liberty every time. Therefore, this is the context of Equality in which Equality is the opposite of Liberty is true.

Like many of my rants, this one ends with the same conclusion. If there is a long-term solution to the problems that plague this Republic, it is education. Real education, not the sociopolitical indoctrination being spewed out by our public education system. The days I spent working on the Apollo moon project taught me some very essential things. Most important among them, if you want to plot a course to get someplace, it is not enough to know where you are trying to go – you must also know exactly where you currently are. Far too many of our fellow citizens simply do not know where we currently are, therefore they are unable to understand the error of the course we are following.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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