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This is really thought provoking:

No wonder Iran got so indignant about this latest lie, which had some of our politicians beating war drums. When do they start inciting Patriots to do criminal acts they are fully prepared to do if necessary; but sincerely hope will never be necessary? There are a lot of angry folks out here in flyover country, who could easily be enticed to join a false flag operation to take back our country from the Marxists in the White House.â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy says:

    I use Judge Napolitano’s show for my daily dose of reality. One has to wonder how much longer the folks on FOX Business will be allowed to follow their Libertarian line before they too (like FOX News) are forced to head toward the left.

    One thing is clear. Our so-called government has become so corrupt in all its aspects that it poses by far the greatest threat to our people. Much greater than terrorism, drugs, global warming, and all the other BS our government visits on us in its never-ending attempt to keep WTS confused and afraid.


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