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In the post A New Ottoman Empire, I offered the prospect that what has become known as the “Arab Spring” (or some-such) might actually be the start of the reformation of the Islamic Caliphate rather than the blossoming of democratic republics all over the region.

With Moammar Gadhafi (or however the hell you spell it) now dead and our pending exit from Iraq, it seems a reasonable time to pause and take score.

So far, the best I have seen is a military dictatorship in Egypt that makes promises of democracy somewhere down the road. In every case where a sitting dictator has been removed from power, the void seems (to me) to be being filled by Islamic rule. After Iraq disintegrates, with Iran taking over the major portion, it seems to me that the real question will be which of the major flavors of Islam will take over the region.

Given what is happening so far, I stand by my earlier prediction. Whether they actually call it a caliphate or not will be beside the point. The monster that results, will be the point!

A new empire in the formation stage while we drift toward 3rd world status — not a pleasing prospect.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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