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With every new debate, it becomes clearer that the media, FOX News included, is trying to determine the outcome of the GOP presidential nomination race. One way to prove this is easy… simply add up the minutes given to each candidate in the debates. The time preferences and distribution will be nearly the same from debate to debate, regardless of who is hosting the event.

More subtle, but even more powerful, is the choice of questions given to each candidate. Again, the pattern will be consistent from debate to debate, regardless of who is hosting the event.

Outside the debates, there is the overall news misreporting. The most obvious and most egregious example was after the Iowa straw poll when the headlines blared that Bachmann had won and Pawlenty had finished third, omitting the fact that Ron Paul had finished second, less than a full percentage point behind Bachmann in what was a statistical tie.

Since then, Ron Paul’s standing in national polls has consistently been under-reported.

Then there are Gary Johnson and Rick Santorum who may as well be invisible.

The media continue to tout Governor Perry even though he is not even very popular in his home state, and, who, because of his bible pounding and softness on illegal immigration, has zero chance of beating Obama in the general election.

Lately, the media are also touting Herman Cain. I admit that Mr. Cain talks a good line and has much to recommend him. However, his ties to the Fed, IMHO, totally disqualify him, given that the Fed is the root of all our financial evils.

Then there is good old Mitt Robamany who is the presumed nominee even though he is a flip-flopping RINO.

So, what passes for acceptable to the media (and to the big money that owns them) are:

→ Mitt Robamany, the establishment RINO.

→ Rick Perry, the ex-Democrat, Bilderberger, political hack who never met an illegal alien he did not like and whose nomination would ensure an Obama victory.

→ Herman Cain, the ex governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. While I admit a general election contest between two blacks would be interesting, we do not need another on-the-job trainee in the White House and I doubt Herman would get far in the general election process.

In other words, two people who probably would not be able to beat Obama in the general election, and a third who, if he did win, nothing substantial would change (like reigning in the Fed and seriously shrinking government).

Whoever you happen to support, surely you must agree that this is NO way to run a fair election. And, I have not even mentioned the influence of big money in the process.

And now, we have the occupation circus to further distract us from reality. Imagine that – a bunch of misfits who haven’t had a bath in a month get more news time than the group of people, one of whom might be the next POTUS.

And, We The Sheeple (WTS) mostly sit by silently and let them get away with it.

A few years into the future, as you sit in your hovel in 3rd world America and your grandchild asks you “grandpa/ma, what were you doing when America fell?”, how will you answer?

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

6 Responses to “The Media Are Choosing The GOP Nominee”

  • Trial says:

    Who is this Ron Paul you speak of? I’ve never heard of the guy.

  • Ron Paul: The only one.

    18 minutes, 47 seconds.

    & this morning:

    At one point in the first hour of last night’s CNN Republican debate, blacking out almost took on a whole new meaning.

    You see, it can be awfully hard to be on stage for nearly 40 minutes between speaking. Yes, 40 minutes.

    That’s how long the mainstream media tried to keep my views out of the debate at one point.

    Closing statements? Well, some of the candidates got them.

    I will give you one guess who didn’t.

    • Trial says:

      I watched the debate last night. I heard Ron Paul say at the end (the audio equipment picked it up) that he had the best answer.

      Clip here:

      BTW, I think Newt Gingrich has really proven himself in these debates. I just love his Mickey Mouse comments and how he wants the debates to be drastically different.

      Tell me why again that Perry, Cain, and Romney are the frontrunners? It makes me sad inside.

      • Troy says:

        OK, so we agree that it is happening. What can we do about it? Clearly, these antics do not affect those of us who are paying attention. But, what of the multitude of lazy Americans who let others, primarily the media, do their thinking for them? Are we simply doomed to suffer whoever the media choose for us?


      • Trial says:

        Pretty much, yeah. People are apathetic. If you were expecting a different response from me, I’m sorry. lol.

      • More than apathetic, we have some really dumb sheeple in this country. Universal suffrage and the Department of Education were two stunningly bad ideas… â—„Daveâ–º

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