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The prices on the market go up and down
up and down, up and down
the prices on the market go up and down
day after day.

This is almost comical. It is like a herd of animals, caught between a range fire and a cliff. The fire scares them, they stampede toward the cliff — then the cliff scares them and they stampede toward the fire — then… and so on.

Meanwhile, the brokers are laughing all the way to the bank because they make their $$ off trading volume no matter which direction prices are headed.

I just wonder how long this can continue.

One is reminded of the fellow who got so confused he did not know whether to crap or go blind. So he closed one eye and farted. This makes about as much sense.

Troy L Robinson

3 Responses to “New Words To An Old Children’s Song”

  • LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

    For grins, here is another chuckle I just had. Alan Keyes always did have a way with words, and I loved the cop’s final remark:


  • Troy says:

    On a serious note, this is almost like we are watching a movie about a sleeper, whose life is a fictional “legend”. Is there anything true about Obama?

    The biggest question I have is why are so many otherwise intelligent people covering for him? Don’t they realize that the traitors are always the first to go after a takeover? All tyrants know that the people who would betray their own country cannot be trusted. No matter how useful they might have been during the takeover.


  • RR Rocks says:


    Today excuses make all the difference in the world. The list of them will be piled higher and deeper than any PHD could muster.

    I could probably with a little uncontrolled depopulation of the states for a bit. Sad but now and again even the gene pool needs cleansing.

    BTW, even with one eye closed, the dude still shat hisself!

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