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Obviously, this is a line from the famous “Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson” from the movie The Graduate (no relation). The statement is made in reference to listening to presidential candidates debate.

I watched as much of the latest GOP debate as I could stomach, and, I came away convinced that NONE of these people, including late entry Rick Perry, represents the solution to the massive problems this nation faces.

I like Dr. Ron Paul a lot and I especially appreciate his ongoing efforts to inject some rationality into the national dialogue. But I know he is not about to become president and I go so far as to doubt that he should. Despite being so right on so many issues, Dr. Paul lacks the leadership style that the situation demands -and- he lacks executive experience.

Once again, I was saddened by who was not there. Ex New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is the only candidate with an actual record of helping pull a failing government out of its mess and get it up and running again – exactly what we need at the federal level. Plus, he has advanced ideas for real change. Not the BS “change you can believe in” but real change. Like listing the entire departments of government he would try to eliminate. Like supporting the elimination of the current, totally corrupt tax code and replacing it with a simple consumption tax. A method of taxation that allows government to collect the money it requires for its legitimate functions, without the equivalent of a body cavity search into our personal lives. A method of taxation that would also severely limit the ability of corrupt legislators to sell tax indulgences (I know, corrupt legislator is redundant).

But, whether or not you support governor Johnson and his approach to government, there is one thing all of us should be boiling mad about. The media, including FOX News, have conspired to muzzle Johnson so that he can’t get his message out as easily as the chosen few. Indeed, the media have given more media time to Donald Trump, a man who is more TV star than serious candidate.

This is an outrage. Yet, we sit here and let it happen every election. The media, in concert with the guys behind the curtain, narrow the field of candidates they will allow us to choose from, before we get a chance to cast a single vote. They even engineer minor miracles when needed. Remember last presidential election when John McCain was out of money, his staff were deserting him, and the GOP in general had indicated a distinct distaste for his demonstrated ability to act like a liberal Democrat? Yet, in a flash, all that turns around, masked by a cloud of mystery, and voila, the GOP chose a candidate guaranteed to lose the general election.

I sense the same thing happening again. We are being herded as surely as if there were mounted cowboys with whips and guns driving us wherever they want us to go. All the while assuring us that it is what WE really want.

Well, let me tell you what this American wants. I want these manipulators out of our government, out of our media, and out of this life. I am sick of being herded.

Troy L Robinson

3 Responses to “Any Way You Look At It, You Lose”

  • If Paul doesn’t get the Republican nomination, which I doubt he will, then unless something changes with the current crop, we are either going to have more of Hussein or another neo-con as there is sure to be a third party run, probably by Paul. He could take enough independents away to make it interesting. We are certainly living in historic times and I have Dixie spend much more time on current events in her homeschooling than normal precisely because of this.

    • Troy says:

      Then there is the chance that the Libertarian Party makes a really good candidate choice.

      Sadly, any significant third party run will only help ensure the Obamanation’s re-election.

      There is another angle though — a serious nomination challenge to BHO from within his own party. I really expected Hillary would go after him this time around. Time will tell.


  • RR Rocks says:

    “Our Constitution wasn’t designed to operate with evil, villainous men occupying the halls of power”

    Good write up Troy. The GOP constantly tries to woo the far right preachers and it flat out kills them at the ballot box.

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