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Please pay very close attention to what is happening in the UK because it is the fate that awaits us. And, Obama can hardly wait for it to begin because it would supply the long awaited excuse to spring the dictatorship trap via a declaration of martial law. The greater the chance that Obama might lose the 2012 election, the more pressure on him to declare martial law before that election.

I wonder if participating in all those wars and having so many troops stationed overseas is partly calculated to have them out of the continental United States so that they will be unable to help WTP once the dung hits the whirligig?

Troy L Robinson

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  • We become so accustomed to thinking of Europe as a bunch of foolish socialists, that we can forget that there are plenty of conservatives there, fighting the good fight for home, hearth, and their native culture. The riots and fires in London have really got the country in an uproar. How soon before the riots come here? Are we ready to deal with them? Should we sit in the comfort of our homes, and watch neighborhoods go up in flames on TV, because the authorities are overwhelmed, like in London?

    There is a lot to ponder in the attached article, and the comment section at the end of it, on many levels. Not the least of which, is to realize it is written by a  politician. When was the last time you encountered an American politician with the stones required, to stand up on his hind legs like a man, and bellow at an outrage?

    Do review the comments if you have the time.  ◄Dave►

    • Troy says:

      I just hear an interview with a British politician (whose name I missed). Obviously, the guy is a conservative because he summed up the mess in the UK as being the result of massive something-for-nothing schemes, intentional dumbing-down of the school systems there, promoting a culture of irresponsibility, and disarming honest, law-abiding citizens.

      In other words, he blamed everything that Obama and company are trying to do here.

      For the entire extent of my life, it has been the case that you can pretty accurately predict our future by watching the Brits.


  • RR Rocks says:

    Making a declaration of martial Law is oe thing, but when it’s already out of hand in the USA? We gots guns and will use them!

    That usurper SOB in the WH had best take note of it too!

    •  Agreed, RR. Any order to confiscate our weapons under martial law will start a civil war. See my Gun Collecting essay. â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      RR, Yes, a number of us, me included, will shoot back. But we are hopelessly out-gunned. The outcome of any armed conflict within our nation will depend entirely on what the military decide to do.

      Besides, how many guns and how much ammunition WTP have is almost beside the point. Once something akin to civil war starts, our infrastructure will tend to stop in its tracks. How many of us are in a position to feed ourselves without stores? To get vital water when the taps are dry?


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