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James Taylor, blogging for Forbes Magazine has a great article entitled, “New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism.” It is short and well worth the read. It concludes with:

In short, the central premise of alarmist global warming theory is that carbon dioxide emissions should be directly and indirectly trapping a certain amount of heat in the earth’s atmosphere and preventing it from escaping into space. Real-world measurements, however, show far less heat is being trapped in the earth’s atmosphere than the alarmist computer models predict, and far more heat is escaping into space than the alarmist computer models predict.

When objective NASA satellite data, reported in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, show a “huge discrepancy” between alarmist climate models and real-world facts, climate scientists, the media and our elected officials would be wise to take notice. Whether or not they do so will tell us a great deal about how honest the purveyors of global warming alarmism truly are.

The AGW alarmists are going nuts in the comment section, and he is having a blast swatting flies. I love his spunk and sarcasm:

I allow myself the pleasure of responding sarcastically to ad hominem personal attacks. I think I can hardly be faulted for that. If you don’t want sarcasm, don’t make ad hominem attacks.

My favorite was:

I am always amused at how often scientists at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, MIT, NASA, NOAA, etc., are called “deniers,” “science deniers,” “denialists,” etc., by non-scientists or fellow scientists with weaker scientific credentials, and then how these same people who brand others “denialists” lose their minds when referred to as “alarmists.” How ironic, isn’t it?

Indeed, the central point of your argument is that humans are causing alarming global warming. If that is not what you are saying, then what are you saying? If you have a better, more accurate, more congenial term to use, I will be happy to use it.

By the way, anybody who has gratuitously used the term “denier” or “denialist” instead of “skeptic” forfeits any right to express indignation over the term “alarmist.”

…especially that last line. If the subject interests you, go check it out. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy says:

    It is all part of the perversion of language that I sometimes rant about.

    AGW, like every other thing Environmentalist actually has nothing to to with the environment. It is about control and the growth of the police state. Thus we have a War on Drugs in which no drug has been killed or wounded (although a few have been taken prisoner); we have a War on Poverty that poverty has clearly won; we have a War against Terrorism that is, itself, far more terrifying than whatever the hell we are supposed to be at war with.

    We “give” money to American taxpayers by letting them keep more of what was theirs to begin with.

    We practice “nation building” by blowing nations to shreds.

    We print additional dollars with no corresponding increase in our national wealth then act surprised when those dollars will not buy as much.

    In a word, we have become “brilliant” (which is new-speak for “insane”).


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