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At the Ft. Hood Memorial Service:


Surely we can find someone who can read that damn teleprompter, with a little more class and respect for America and it’s customs, than this pompous ass! â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy says:

    In a recent speech to La Raza, the Obamanation publicly hinted for the first time (that I am aware of) his aspiration to become dictator of the United States.

    Folks, I have been trying to warn you of this since the imposter took office (or, in the words of an adviser, since he “began to rule”).

    I still maintain that he is trying to use the debt ceiling fiasco to stir up violent demonstrations as a pretext to martial law.

    I distinctly remember reading in Mein Kampf Hitler telling how he spent his idle hours at the Austrian Parliament, watching and listening as the legislators argued endlessly over total nonsense while the Austrian Empire was coming unraveled at the seams. It was then that he began planning his eventual dictatorship. The Obamanation understands the same thing that Hitler noticed then.

    We are soooo screwed.


    • Curtis says:

      Don’t think of it as being “screwed”. Think of it as an opportunity.

      And don’t forget, his predecessors set the stage…

      I don’t believe for one nano-second that no one in TP’sTB knew about this man before he became our usurper president.

  • Saska says:

    [[[Note: The content of this post was a lengthy article that is available at the above link. It was deleted here as way beyond the “fair use” standard, off topic, and the third copy posted to this site today.]]]

    • Troy says:

      Some historians think the Natural Born Citizen requirement was put in the constitution for the express purpose of preventing Alexander Hamilton from becoming president.

      I would like to think the founders were not that petty — but, they were human.


      • Daedalus says:

        Troy, I don’t think that the natural born citizen requirement applied to Alexander Hamilton any more than it did to George Washington. Weren’t they both citizens when the constitution was ratified?

      • Hi John,

        I was going to let him slide on that; because he did say, “Some historians…” and I have no reason to doubt there are such. Perhaps, the exclusion for existing citizens was Hamilton’s rebuttal to the effort. 🙂

  • Troy says:

    Seems I am not the only one who sees civil unrest and a government crackdown on the horizon…

    As for Obama being a known quantity to the kingmakers before becoming president, not only was he known, he was chosen and he was groomed to do exactly what he is doing.

    By like token, John McCain was also chosen to help ensure the Obamanation’s election. Some of the other GOP candidates may well have beaten him.

    On the subject of McCain, he was on FOX last evening, ridiculing the TEA Party people. It got so obnoxious I had to turn to something else for fear I would attack the TV set in frustration.

    The simple fact is, our government was effectively overthrown with the creation of the Federal Reserve. Control of a nation’s currency = control of that nation.



    • It has been that way since 1913, Troy. I am grateful to Dae for bringing me back to this thread. In the flurry of comments I needed to read and answer, I had forgotten to come back and watch your video. I’m glad I did.

      I’d give a lot to find a way to transplant some charisma into old Ron Paul; but that was one of the best messages I have seen him deliver. Now, imagine Sarah Palin delivering it to a crowd with cameras rolling!

      I think I will try to see if I can imbed it as a post. I made a $5 investment a couple of days ago in an app called “Blogsy” for my iPad that makes blogging MUCH easier now. I’ll go see how it does on video…

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