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Frequenting the many forums spawned by Glenn Beck’s 9/12 project, It has been gratifying to see the huge number of Americans finally awakening to what has happened to the principle of Liberty in our country, and pining for a return to the minimalist government and the rule of law enshrined in our Constitution. Most of these folks would be considered moderates rather than ideologues, and come from both camps of the Incumbrepublocrat duopoly. Unfortunately, the faith-based ideologues control both of those camps. Since the oligarchy has rigged the game to make it exceedingly difficult to mount a Third Party challenge from the individual Liberty perspective, it appears that we need to take over one of theirs, if we have any hope of ending this nightmare without a bloody revolution.

I am sure my use of the term “faith-based” caused immediate heartburn with some readers; but I was not picking on one side. To me, for example, the environmentalists on the Left are every bit as irrational in their blind faith in the junk science underpinning their causes, as the religious fundamentalists on the Right are in the sanctity of their holy writs. The fundamentalists on the Left idealize Robin Hood every bit as much as the fundamentalists on the Right revere their various prophets. The socialists are just as religiously invested in their dogma as are the godly activists they so despise and/or fear.

As I pointed out in an earlier post, Beck’s 9-12 Project, Glenn made a regrettable and serious mistake to include belief in a god in his list of nine principles. It would have been infinitely better to have made Principle #2:

I cherish the original Constitution of the United States of America, and pledge to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I recognize that some imprudent Amendments and unconstitutional statutes have been enacted in and since 1913, which need to be repealed to return our Federal government to its rightful limited role in our lives.

I mean no disrespect to anyone when I assert that the god fearing activists are part of the problem, not the solution, for what ails our body politic. Our Constitution was crafted to maximize individual Liberty by minimizing the power of the Federal government in our republic. It was never meant to regulate the behavior of citizens in any way. The Incumbrepublocrat Party has corrupted this nation into the mob rule of a democracy, which our Founders labored mightily to avoid.

These professional politicians actively encourage, and benefit from, the endless battle between the Politically Correct altruists on the Left, and the Piously Correct altruists on the Right, who are constantly struggling for control of the levers of coercive government, in order to impose their own brand of altruistic PC morality on everyone else. Everyone’s Liberty suffers from the effects of what is essentially a competition between two religious dogmas over matters of morality that have no relevance in the affairs of state, and damned little in the public affairs of freemen.

Most Americans are nominally religious, nominally compassionate for the underdog, and are nominally concerned about the environment; but they are not dogmatic about these affairs. One can generally care about clean air and water, wildlife, and pristine vistas, without abandoning man’s need to exploit the environment for fuel, food, clothing, and shelter, or lose any sleep over inconveniencing a few caribou. One can be compassionate without choosing to plunder the more productive members of society, to support one’s charities. One can worship all manner of gods, without forcing one’s beliefs and moral codes on disinterested citizens.

From the perspective of our Constitution and individual Liberty, all these PC ideologues are problematic. It is a perversion of its intent for any of them to co-opt government to enforce their PC standards on the rest of us. It is an outrage that, given the two-party system, sovereign individuals are forced to align ourselves with the less egregious of two tyrannical ideologies, to quash the agenda of the more offensive one. We need an organization solely focused on Liberty, which rejects all attempts to regulate the behavior or plunder the earnings of individuals, for whatever cause

How much more effective this 9/12 Movement could be, if those awakening and pining for a return to the Liberty afforded by our original Constitution, could firmly reject sanctimonious proselytizing by PC ideologues, while attending to political matters regarding our decidedly secular government. This would open up our ranks to independents and moderates on either side. Nominal Democrats would not then think they had to stick with the onerous socialists, just to protect themselves from the oppressive agenda of rabid fundamentalists; and nominal Republicans would not think they had to stick with the onerous fundamentalists, to protect themselves from the oppressive agenda of the rabid socialists.

Since we would be focused on changing the behavior of the Federal government and lightening its purse, rather than the behavior and purse of individual citizens, I predict our ranks would swell far beyond those of the ideologues, who heretofore have gotten away with counting us among them. Then, we could simply take over one or both of the Incumbrepublocrat wings, or force them into minority party status, in the face of our growing numbers. All that is required to pull this off, is to reject the guilt trips these PC groups use so effectively to keep us from speaking our minds openly and forthrightly. Think about it. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Ann says:

    We need fundamentalists, they need us. We have to quit the nit picking on this and keep our goals in mind, ever moving towards less government as stated in the constitution.

  • The SGT says:

    Well said Ann.
    I am a born again Christian who believes that many of the rights laid out in the Contitution were laid out long before in the Bible but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be proud to man a fighting position with my fellow American, be they Jew, Buddist, Athiest, etc. I would be happy to engage in friendly debate with them too. As long as it doesn’t ruin our ability to guard eachother’s back in a tight spot. Ie. Treat eachother with respect and there won’t be any hard feelings. The Bible teaches that too .. even if some of the more legalistic have forgotten it. ( ;

    • Well said Sarge, and I will be right there behind you when duty calls. A friendly debate is always enjoyable, and I am game; but I am not sure there is much point in debating the existence of gods, or your particular choice of one. We are unlikely to change our minds, now are we? 😉

      If you are inclined, have a go and I will certainly be respectful… with one caveat; please don’t quote scripture, as I have read both the King James and Revised Standard versions of the Bible, and do not personally consider them authoritative on anything.

      I do think a debate over the issue of mixing religion with politics is in order. Can you see my point in the article above? From the perspective of politics, I somewhat disagree with Ann. The insistence that elected officials must declare their personal views on the abortion issue, for instance, causes them to tie themselves in knots trying to be all things to all people, on a subject that shouldn’t even be addressed at the Federal level.

      Roe V. Wade was a terrible decision on the State’s Rights issue, and should be addressed on that issue, not any moral one. Can you see that those who disagree over the morality of abortion, are encouraging government to regulate it, one way or the other, and all our individual Liberty suffers as a consequence? If one lives in Texas, why get one’s knickers in a twist over someone in NYC aborting the spawn of her rapist? More importantly, where in the Constitution is the Federal government granted the power to regulate a woman’s reproductive behavior? â—„Daveâ–º

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