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The recent Federal Grand Jury actions brought to my attention a blog entitled, “The Steady Drip,” which I have found interesting to peruse. Beyond the cool graphic:

…I was particularly struck by Sewell’s assertion in his guide for newbie readers:

This blog was started to give people a source of information they can trust. I almost never make the mistake of including scams, false rumors, or poorly researched items. I encourage readers to alert me if they spot an anomaly. It will be quickly corrected.

The search function is in the upper left hand corner. Readers are invited to cut and paste from this blog to your own emails. Each subject title has an embedded link so cut and paste the title and the first few lines. That will direct a person back to this blog.

That is an admirable goal and a standard I have not always met. 🙂

Today’s entry, “Exposing Obama’s PSYOPS Agents and Tactics,” is well written, informative, and thought provoking:

Patriot Lisa and All American Joe are “false flag” agents who feign loyalty to the cause they are attempting to harm,

Patriot Lisa will post a message on a conservative blog similar to this, “I want to get rid of Obama as much as the next person but all I see here is racism and hatred. We are never going to get rid of Obama with right wing rants and tin foil hat conspiracy theories. There is no use in even trying. We lost and the best thing to do is just adjust and wait for the next election.”

All American Joe will post, “We need to get torches and pitchforks and march on the White House. Obama is a Muslim Black Power Manchurian Candidate for everything that is evil in the world. If I had my way his own Secret Service detail would do America a favor and take Obama out.”

Then Patriot Lisa and All American Joe will get into an argument that detracts from all serious debate, ruining the experience for reasonable people, and giving the forum a bad reputation. Patriot Lisa and All American Joe will share private messages to compare tactics, chuckle, and congratulate each other at how good they are at their jobs.

Ask yourself if the message you are reading serves the goals of your cause. Not all misguided people are Obama’s PSYOPS agents. However their activity can damage your cause even if that is not their motive. Confront these attitudes and offer suggestions about what kind of thinking does make a contribution and is part of the solution. If they insist on posting damaging comments they probably are Obama’s PSYOPS agents rather than simply misguided.

Yep, we sure have encountered these folks a lot lately on the 9/12 Project forums. The rest of the post discusses Obot Agents and Logical Fallacy Agents, with some basics in argumentation, logic, fallacies, etc. There is a great put down for ad hominem arguments, and a few interesting links. I think you will find it an enjoyable read. â—„Daveâ–º

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