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No wonder the Obamessiah and his Progressive central planners are in the process of chasing General Motors completely out of the country. They are still holding a grudge:

The other 15 pages of this old tribute to Hayek can be found here. Why does it feel like we white redneck Patriots are being set up for the roll depicted on page 12? â—„Daveâ–º

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  • John says:

    Love it, reposted the original link on my facebook account.

  • The SGT says:

    Idealy the “planners” scapegoat is a group that is already in the way and easy to demonize. In this case the group-think has begun through re-education from sources like National Propaganda Radio and CNN so demonization is well on its way. It is becoming clearer that we are in the way because the harder they push, the harder we push back. Once the re-education process is complete the lines will be more clearly drawn and we will cease to be a country united. We are on the way out, my friend.

  • The SGT says:

    You usually post a response faster. Is everything ok? Did you get hauled off for shooting the guy marking your door on his GPS? ( :

    • No, they haven’t come for me yet. 🙂

      I was uncommonly busy yesterday with other projects having nothing to do with my virtual world.

      I have ceased to be concerned about being a united country. In fact, I look forward to the time when we break apart and the heartland can get on with leading productive lives, without the millstone of feeding the useless ghettos dragging us down. Oklahoma passed their Sovereignty resolution yesterday. More are coming. Atlas is shrugging… and it is about time. â—„Daveâ–º

  • The SGT says:

    Glad to hear u r still kickin’ This might be old news but it is interesting.
    Welcome to the Spoiled Brat Revolution:
    That’s right, Mr. Alinsky has perfected the art of stomping your feet until you get your way. At least that appears to be his method. It explains a lot of the ‘spoiled brat’ revolutions we see today. I am not saying that there are not any causes without substance. Just a lot that seem to follow the same recipe. You know, the victim mentality that surrounds us continuously and the idea that the rest of us are somehow complicit in someone else’s woes.

    Enough of that. There are two chapters that comprise the meat of this book: ‘In the Beginning’ and ‘Tactics’. The chapter on ‘Communications’ is somewhat worthy as well. The rest is just a semantic argument that justifies the authors excesses. We ponder important questions like ‘Does the end justify the means’? Could you believe: of course it does if your the one involved in the means! There is even a chapter on disseminating the meaning of certain words like ‘power’, ‘compromise’, and ‘conflict’. He even quotes Nietzsche and his ‘Tartuffery of words’. Talk about semantics!

    But all is not lost. The book is actually quite informative and fun to read. You might even fancy yourself standing up to authority and saying ‘No Mr. Mayor, We’re not going to take it anymore’. And rules! Yes there are rules! Like my favorite: ‘making the enemy live up to their own rules’. That one never gets tiring and is the source of endless amusement for those of us ‘in the know’. In fact his list of rules is one of the most useful parts of the book. And knowing them can help those having to deal with people like Mr. Alinsky.

    The bottom line is that the authors methods can be very useful although there is no guarantee that someone using them will do so for the common good.

    • Do you know the “Philly Phool?” I have not read “Rules for Radicals,” but I have read a lot about it and Alinsky. If you find Obama’s connection to him interesting, have you heard of “The Cloward-Piven Strategy?” You might enjoy going down that rabbit hole through the links at my Obamacoup post back in early March.

      Thanks for the new word. I had not encountered “tartuffery” before. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

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