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Mark Steyn has a piece worth the read at NRO:

The Home Secretary is best known for an inspired change of terminology: Last year she announced that henceforth Muslim terrorism (an unhelpful phrase) would be reclassified as “anti-Islamic activity.” Seriously. The logic being that Muslims blowing stuff up tends not to do much for Islam’s reputation — i.e., it’s an “anti-Islamic activity” in the same sense that Pearl Harbor was an anti-Japanese activity.

Anyway, Geert Wilders’s short film is basically a compilation video of footage from various recent Muslim terrorist atrocities — whoops, sorry, “anti-Islamic activities” — accompanied by the relevant chapter and verse from the Koran. Jacqui Smith banned the filmmaker on “public order” grounds — in other words, the government’s fear that Lord Ahmed meant what he said about a 10,000-strong mob besieging the Palace of Westminster. You might conceivably get the impression from Wilders’s movie that many Muslims are irrational and violent types it’s best to steer well clear of. But, if you didn’t, Jacqui Smith pretty much confirmed it: We can’t have chaps walking around saying Muslims are violent because they’ll go bananas and smash the place up.

Anti-Islamic Activities? That has to be the crowning achievement in Orwellian Politically Correct Speech. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Wow. Well, I’ll be interested to see how it turns out. I’m betting it will be about as successful as freedom fries. There are times when re-framing the issue can sway the ignorant, and there are times when they just look at you like you are the idiot.

  • MikeS. says:

    When, if ever, are Western Democracies going to wake up to the fact that Islam is not our friend? Thomas Jefferson knew it when he sent our Navy and Marines to the Med. to battle the Barbary coast pirates. The Koran has several passages where Allah instructs the faithful to slay the infidels. Western Judaeo/Christian societies ARE the infidels. Islam wants to destroy our way of living.

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