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Here is an interesting address by Ron Paul to the Von Mises Institute, discussing the need to end the Federal Reserve system. He discusses what is happening in the world economy, and predicts that a new world central bank will emerge to take control of the world’s reserve currency away from us:

It is interesting that some of his congressional colleagues are starting to take him seriously. His enthusiasm for the awakening on college campuses would be encouraging if it weren’t too late already. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • I don’t think it was one of his better speeches, but I agree that Libertarian thought has been taking off lately. It think it stems from both the Democrats and the Republicans both subscribing to the same Keynesian economics. They differ on who to tax, but not much else. Those who don’t like the idea of spending our way out of debt naturally come to a more Austrian approach. It’s too bad that as soon as these people walk into the booth they just vote for whoever they think will win. The major networks have been interviewing Libertarians, since they are about the only ones against the bailouts, nationalization, and stimulus. The neocon Republicans are just posturing in opposing it, it isn’t much different than what they would have put forward.

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