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The question is, to what extent are our minds, whatever they may be, able to exert executive control over our body’s autonomous systems? We know we can hold our breath, relax tensed muscles, resist urges, avoid flinching, and consciously “suppress” body language. But, what about our immune system and the healing process? Is there any validity to the idea that the “will to live” plays a part in recovery from a life threatening trauma or illness? Specifically, could our minds have any effect on the progress of a cancer or be in any way accountable for scientifically unexplainable “remissions?”

I have usually written off the anecdotal evidence for the “power of prayer” in medical miracles to the power of one’s own mind. Now, I find that there are skeptics who seriously doubt even that. Apparently, since they cannot explain them with hard science, they are simply dismissed as random and unremarkable occurrences that are best left to mystery. That seems odd and devoid of intellectual curiosity. These things do happen. Why wouldn’t a real scientist be curious as to why and at least propose a hypothesis to explore?

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