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Why should I care what others think?
Too many can’t and don’t.
And more who could and clearly should;
Believe or feel and won’t.

If this little ditty of mine resonates, you may like it around here.  Rational thinkers, who might enjoy a respite from the ubiquitous emoting do-gooders, are welcome to come inside out of the cold.  Other thinkers and I are anxious to meet you and mull over your interests.

You’ll enjoy the open and unfettered atmosphere where we share our ideas, not our feelings.  We can use your help in the forum where we BBQ all sacred cows that wander in.  This is a temple for the rational mind, and nothing else is worshiped hereabouts.

You will find mine uncommonly open.  All my ideas and opinions are open to challenge, and few things give me as much pleasure as having my mind changed by a cogent argument. –Dave 

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