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Well, how is this for synchronicity? I am still adding old essays to the main THOUGHTS ALOUD website, and only this morning added URBAN VARMINTS that I wrote over a dozen years ago. I was just over at Powder’s Blog to see if she had added anything today. She hadn’t, but I decided to follow her link to “Google News” to see what was happening today and look what popped up!

Court to D.C.: Bring on the Guns

Basically, they struck down D.C.’s ban on private ownership of firearms. Better yet, while doing so, they finally made a Federal ruling that the Second Amendment protects a right of individual citizens, not just a Dead Letter right of individual States to have armed militias. Stay tuned, this one will go to the Supremes. Let’s hope they bite; it would be nice to have that simple understanding as precedent for future rulings. It is good to see that there are at least two Federal Appeals Court judges who don’t have visualrectumitis. -Dave

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