PostHeaderIcon Coming or Going?

Or, did she just put her head on backwards? 😯 â—„Daveâ–º

7 Responses to “Coming or Going?”

  • OMG … ROFL!
    I am definitely ripping this off Dave 🙂

  • Chris says:

    Well there’s something that can’t be unseen.

  • Chris says:

    “The struggle is real”? I’ll admit there is something working real hard to get out of those pants.

    • LOL… just imagine the struggle she endures to get into them. Truth be known, her real complaint is probably that there isn’t a single male chauvinist pig anywhere in the world, who would have the slightest inclination to try it. 😉

      Say, that reminds me… have you ever pondered how two fat people ever manage to mate? ❓ â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        I try not to but I think I smell a punch line coming. 🙂

        • Actually, it wasn’t meant as a setup for a punch line; but something I once honestly pondered as a young man. However, since you bring it up, I do have an amusing anecdote I could share. Back when I was in my early thirties, I got involved in the rollicking world of super salesmen and high-rolling investor types. One memorable investor was a rolly-polly wildcatter oilman from Colorado, who was a riot to party with and always joking.

          His waist was even bigger than the critter above, and one night over drinks in Vegas, I jokingly asked him that question. He had a quick mind, and immediately responded, “All you short-peckered SOBs ask that question.” 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Say, that reminds me… have you ever pondered how two fat people ever manage to mate?

        I do wonder what kind of bed frame would not collapse. Or what if someone rolled off the bed would they need a crane to get in a standing position again?

        Well at least they both have sturdy shoes. 🙂

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