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This was an extraordinary talk, which I missed on TV:

Too bad these brave men were not allowed to tell their story four years ago. I doubt that Obama would have been reelected, and Hillary would not even be in the running this year, if the American people had heard it then. Just watch the tears during the audience shots. Damn any and all politicians involved in the decision not to even try sending them some help that night. It is embarrassing that anyone is even tempted to vote for Hillary for CinC… such men deserve better, America! 🙁 â—„Daveâ–º

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  • I have yet to watch 13 hours. These guys must despise Hillary Clinton and rightfully so.

    It seems the Clinton’s have broken the glass ceiling on many things that no one has charged and jailed them for.

    Leaving these guys to simply die is beyond despicable in my opinion. Another glass ceiling. Simply abandoned the “NO MAN LEFT BEHIND” … what pond scum both she and Obama are.

    Personally I feel both (Clinton’s) should have been hanged or shot for treason a long time ago.

    Christy did a fairly good job of convicting her last night. 🙂

  • Chris says:

    Christy did a fairly good job of convicting her last night.

    Tip off to a possible future AG appointment? Jersey could surely get by without him.

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